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I use dark for here and white when at work. Im also working on an excel theme that will look like you are , well mm working. Comes in handy when the boss walks by.  That will be no ads or banners, too. 


Anywho, click theme at the bottom of any page. Im thrilled you found our forum, and even though I own 3 Yamaha forums with tons of visitors, Im a dirt rider and this will be my personal time forum. Alot of cool stuff is in the works. 


This forum software is kinda social media oriented, as in you have your own profile page, upload a cover photo for it when you get a sec.  From there you can post Status updates like you would on your social media sites, tag other people, block people, follow people. 


Only thing missing is the typical American social media experience of politics, harassment or extreme non bike crap.


This social media platform is about Tenere 700 owners, their questions, care and performance of the Tenere 700 motorcycle. 

Sharing ride pics. A dedicated gallery section with full exif settings displayed for ea uploaded image.  


Once you guys get your bikes and have the essentials of this website down, I'll launch Groups.


Groups will have their own invite only forums and sections on the website. 


Put forum software questions below, I'll answer as fast as possible. 


Robert AKA Cruizin 





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