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Motoadventureman's long term test

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Michael B
On 11/27/2019 at 6:48 PM, Motoadventure said:

Following my purchace of the T7 in August I had been concerened about long trips and overseas adventures. I have done 18,000 Miles round Europe with a lot of trail riding on my BMW GSA 800 adventure which was without doubt the best all round bike I have ever owned. 

I am 5'10'' with a 30'' inside leg  and 17 Stone so the T7 was quite a tall bike for me but the Yamaha lowering bones for the rear shock and sliding the forks down a bit (12mm) helped a lot. I fitted the Yamaha extras and off we went. 

Following  2700 miles accross france to Andorra and Spain and doing over 500 miles in a day the T7 is definatly more comfortable than ther old GS. 

I fitted the Yam paniers and topbox loading them with a combined weight of 38KG. this made a difference to the handeling and the front wheel a bit light but caused no problems. I increased the tyre pressure to 32psi front and 35psi rear to compensate for the extra weight and would the shock up 7 clicks to lift the back end.   

The Annakki Wilds coped with everything we through at them from mud, snow and tarmac they where faultless. The one problem was the buzzing over 60mph but ear plugs solved the problem.

The bike is like a Transformer you can trail ride, tecnical stuff, snow then tarmac like a sports bike. grinding the centre stand on damp roads. 

This is now my favorite bike of all time.   


I am 5’ 10”and have 31 inch inseam. Ordered my bike and get it March 2020. I notice that you have lowered your bike. Does this affect the centre stand? Cheers

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