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    Good news! I am getting pictures this week and will have the group buy up by the end of the week.
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    Here is the group buy terms: 1-5 seats 15% off 6-10 seats 20% off 11+ 30% off The ending date will be 11-16-2020 at 11:59 PM I will need you to PM me the following info: The seat(s) you want and cover type. You can just copy and paste the sku# Your email, shipping address, full name and rider weight. On the 17th I will reach out to those if I need more info and send out invoices over the next day or 2. https://seatconcepts.com/products/yamaha-2020-t700-comfort-low?rq=yr_2021~mk_yamaha~md_t700 https://seatconcepts.com/products/yamaha-2020-21-t700-sport-touring?rq=yr_2021~mk_yamaha~md_t700 https://seatconcepts.com/products/yamaha-2020-21-t700-comfort-tall?rq=yr_2021~mk_yamaha~md_t700
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    We're 95% set-up in the new shop and finally working on projects again. The Camel Tank is VERY close!
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    the last and updated list: GmanZ900RS lilsumo22 MikeCMP Terry A TennesseeTenere Sigi Zbob wncrider Tooph Tooph 2wheelthrill QUIT_IT_FLETCHE Fuz71 popesimon YamaDog JDCooper Smokeball Spiceman NateTheGreat89 rumrum LoganC135 GPSAT ArkMark DWEL700 Flyingwelshman Firebolter worncog Romiec Barberik gone2seed Greatbuffalo Zippopotamus CGras Yoojizzle beater_bimmer mtaylorcrew tj3089 gebhart_m ClutchXT MileHighTenere REDHORSECA mjhuntsville Teambeer norton73 Treps POLISHADAM82 nordic1 Colddog Divinduck Buba Too Tall Tazmool rfvega Zbob Texerman BLZ2DWL alpha3aax Jeffdraayer Idarex h1seoul EODTenere TimeMachine BRUNO Wiley TimeMachine BMRT7 voodoo child JohnfromDP ShayC5 GreatDistances parkys100 RedDirtADV Kev95GS Baggey22 AdvDave2 John B. w.dschlr@gmail. spike35 UtahJack Jnic Alec Gazc Pozik3085 Iceman SociallyStunted PlagueMask jetdr21 ksmoker2 sracer JoeManny ravenwrx Desert Mariner slakdawg HoboHighlander Xtina nelsonccc starone spike35 hardwater Marc gossmann1 Yukon
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    My garage in August: My garage this afternoon after coming back from the dealer with my new T7: After my 70 mile ride home from the dealer today, I believe that this bike will indeed be the bastard love child of the Super Tenere and the WR250R that I had hoped. Love the engine so far and think this will make a great travel bike for me!
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    We've had a bunch of requests for a Camel Toe replacement kick stand for the T7. People have be asking for shorter versions for lowered bikes and longer versions for bikes with taller aftermarket suspension... and some people simply want a stronger than OEM standard length version. We're just finishing our testing and will have them available soon!
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    I put my bikes in the "family room" for the winter on Sunday and it snowed on Monday. When I did it I noticed something very strange. I'm content with the bikes I have and I'm not lusting after another. Wow I must be getting old, doh! Pics 1/2 In the family room stored for the winter 3 Road bike = ZRX1200R 4 ADV bike = T7 5 Dual Sport = KLX351S 6 Trail Bike = Beta Xtrainer
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    I'm in. Low comfort with OEM rear cover in diamante. PMing. Now time to borrow somebody's stapler.
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    At the ABS connector, which is part of the ABS pump assembly (located on the clutch side above the engine and below the fuel tank), cut the wire that is red with a black trace. Now you will be able to stop the engine with the kill switch without re-arming the ABS. It might be possible to get to the connector by just removing the side scoop and regulator. When I did it I lifted the tank for better access. The procedure is in the service manual, which if you don't already have, should download now!
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    My buddy and I got T7s this week, I just broke 100 miles on mine!! It’s solidly smooth on the road, only a little gravel beside that! I’m SO STOKED!!!
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    Cleaned it after last week's epic mud fest. Ready for the next one.
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    I was just about to start a new topic with regards to on-road behavior rather than the many topics we see here which focus on off-road behavior. I have done 7k miles over the last 4 months, around 95% on A, B and Motorway roads. The bike is really good and very steady in all conditions in it's factory set up but with a bit of adjustment it is simply great. The front in it's original state did feel a bit light and not as planted as i would have liked for higher speed cornering and the back a bit on the soft side leaving you with a wollowing feeling when you are on the throttle exiting a corner. I spend 4 hours yesterday with a suspension set up specialist and £90 later, after a number of measurements, tweeks and track trials, i am gobsmacked with the difference it has made, without any need for buying aftermarket hardware (a note on this at the end of this reply). This is a detailed list of the final settings for my weight: T7 Suspension settings for road use Fully clothed / 95 kilo Turn everything all the way anti-clockwise Forks raise both forks up 4mm (lowers front by 4mm) Compression (bottom of forks) 11 clicks clockwise Rebound (Top of forks) 11 clicks clockwise Rear Shock Preload Full / all the way clockwise Static sag 20mm (perfect) Sag 58-62 mm (perfect) Compression (top of spring) 18 clicks clockwise Rebound (bottom of spring) 14 clicks clockwise Tyres Front Continental KTC 70 90/90 21 M/C 54H TL M+S Pressure 30 PSI Rear Continental KTC 70 150/70 R18 M/C 70H TL M+S Pressure 34 PSI Note: the preload is no doubt on the limit for my weight and for touring there is a need to change to an 80nm rear shock. Costs around £80-90 and £50 for fitting.
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    Found some cheap bar end mirrors from MZS, same brand as my levers that I liked. Made a little bracket and mounted them up to function as the Rotwieller mirrors. We shall see how they hold up but so far 2 weeks in and they have been doing great for $30 bucks.
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    This evening I installed a tire pressure gauge. But a new kind! Do you remember the car cigar lighter on the left ? There ! Nothing to install, and simply removable, obviously. I found this gauge for car with 4 sensors), and I used only two of them. See photos and enjoy!
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    Once again, I meant to post this quite awhile ago! We've been swamped at the shop all season, and I think we're finally about to have some more free time as the winter rolls in. That should allow me a lot more time to share, and explain more in-depth, the results we've seen on the dyno for these bikes with our custom ECU flash and mapping! So what are you looking at here? Well, let's dive in! Run 1 is BONE STOCK. Stock mapping, stock intake WITH the snorkel, stock headers, and the stock muffler with the spark arrestor out to allow for us to get an accurate AFR signal with our sniffer down the pipe. 64.4hp/44.5tq PEAK output at the wheel. Run 35, almost all of the bike is STILL STOCK. The only things we did here were the removal of the snorkel, because no matter what it truly needs to go. I know a lot of guys are worried about water intrusion, and it honestly is NOT as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. We, and our customers, have performed this modification on THOUSANDS (no exaggeration) of FZ/MT-07, XSR700 and Tenere 700 models without a single issue, ever. For those of you worried about water crossings, the stock snorkel only adds about 2 inches of extra height to the intake inlet, so if you're going to be submerging the bike THAT deeply across a body of water on a trail, we HIGHLY recommend removing the stock intake lid and filter and replacing it with a foam filter that allows for a water sock. There is ZERO difference in performance between the snorkel delete and stock intake and all of the foam filter/intake lid designs that we've seen on the dyno. All that matter is that 90 degree bend and rubber protruding into the airbox is no longer there. 65.9hp/46.6tq PEAK output at the wheel with BIG 4hp/4tq increases at the bottom end AND 4hp/2tq at the very top end. Obviously, as with all of our ECU flashing, the throttle response becomes MASSIVELY smoother and stronger throughout the entire RPM/throttle range, but this isn't possible to display on a WOT dyno graph. Run 9, add virtually any muffler to the stock headers with a snorkel delete and you'll only see very modest gains. With our custom mapping, you'll see about a 1hp/0.5tq improvement throughout the entire RPM range and a 1.5hp increase at the VERY top end. The muffler on these bikes truly isn't a big restriction, which we were surprised to see with all of the chambers and baffling in the stock muffler. We have tested quite a few aftermarket mufflers now, and they all truly perform more or less identically to each other. There's some changes to the necessary fuel mapping for each one, but the final output is essentially unchanged. 67.1hp/47.0 PEAK output at the wheel. Run 13, add headers to any quality high muffler with a snorkel delete and our custom mapping! BELOW 9k RPMs, there's very small gains (less than 1hp), but ABOVE 9K RPMs the power curve is maintained MUCH better to the limiter. You also save 12-14lbs, depending on which aftermarket headers you're using. We've tested a few of them, and once again there is virtually no difference in output between the aftermarket headers. 67.7hp/47.1 PEAK output at the wheel with an extra 4hp ABOVE 9k RPMs all the way to the limiter when compared to the stock headers. From bone stock to a full exhaust system, snorkel delete and our custom mapping, there is a massive 10whp improvement at the limiter (10,250 RPMs). Again, all of this is ONLY showing WOT performance at the wheel. Much of the results that your butt dyno will feel are even more significant than this displays, as the fuel and ignition mapping changes at WOT are actually much less dramatic than the low/mid range and part-throttle changes that we make to all of our custom mapping! Check out 2wheeldynoworks.com and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you guys have any questions. We're always happy to help! -2WDW
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    Met a forum member this morning to do our T700 color parts swap. He got my Black wheels and Red tail section and I got his Blue wheels and Blue tail section. We kept our original brake rotors and cush-drive/sprocket. We took the parts off our bikes the previous day and drove to a motorcycle dealership about half way from each other and did the swap in the morning.
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    When this comes out and it will probably have 21l of fuel or more people will be happy about the fuel tank and two seconds later they will be sad about the weight ... .
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    Ok, I will post a updated list in a little bit so everyone can be sure they are on it. I have already asked some of you some questions and will send more out if needed. Because there was so many orders I am going to be doing this one different. I will be emailing you a discount code. This will be used at checkout for your discount. This will allow you to make any changes at that time if you have changed your mind on height or cover material. For those of you in small groups to help save on shipping, one of you will need to place that order or each of you will be charged for shipping. I believe TimeMachine is heading up the Australia order and I will work with him on this. If any of the EU guys are going to head up that area let me know and I will work with you. The code will be valid for just a few days so please don't forget to place your order. Some of you might have special circumstances, contact me to see if we can work something out. These seats are all made to order. Right now we are running a 30-38 business days lead time. I have already put some stuff in production to help reduce the lead time on these. I am shooting for a 20 day or so lead time on these but can not guarantee all will go out in this time frame. Please be patient.
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    So is there an award for lamest or dumbest modification to a T7? If so, may I enter my bike... Turned old sleeping pad foam into hand wind-breaks. "Have" to make a 4-hour ride tomorrow in sub-freezing temperatures. Don't have grip warmers (yet). I think these will actually work!
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    Hi everyone! Duje,43 from Split, Croatia is in the house! As mentioned in the title i just sold my 701 and replaced it with the new racing red T7 just minutes after. I've tested it as soon as it came out and although i was hugely impressed, i didn't make the switch. More then one year passed and i found myself not doing that crazy hard enduro trails anymore, so the idea to return to yamaha after 8 years was alive again. After owning the '11 S10 & '12 WR450F , i'm very excited to bring home this gem. Looking forward to share some experiences here and learn few things along the way. Cheers!
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    Some ongoing T7 Gut Guard testing
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    I'd say that's a correct statement. Most of America if not the entire Planet were exhausted with Trump's CONSTANT lies. His endless dysfunctional childish Tweeting. Berating and belittling everyone at the safety of his Twitter from Generals to a 15 year old girl just because they disagreed with him. There were a lot of people who might have agreed with some of his polices, I being one, but out of emotion and love of America decided that America deserves MUCH better than Trump's endless negativity and dishonesty. And as far as inflation? BWHAHAHA!!! Obama was handed a $1.1 trillion deficit in 2008, 9.9% unemployment with a crumbling economy and losing 800,000 jobs a month. That's what he as handed on day 1. In 8 years, he left office with 4.7% unemployment and a $421 billion deficit and record Dow 19,827.25 the day he left. I didn't vote for him, but looking back it's impressive what he was handed and how he left and he did it without insulting 50 people a day from the safety of a tanning bed. Trump came in and within 2 years, BEFORE this pandemic with his tax cuts to himself and his buddies, and then increased spending he increased our deficit to $1.2 trillion. This with being handed a healthy economy. Flash forward a year and saying "the pandemic is a Democrat hoax", "it will end like a miracle by Easter" and telling people to NOT wear masks until we hit 170,000 dead then he says "it's patriotic to wear a mask", he has proven himself to be not only an incompetent President, but horrible human being. So your concern about "inflation"? LOL. Spare me your sudden concern for America's economic wellbeing. The mess we're in is because of a guy with 5 bankruptcies. Today I've seen a celebration, a feeling of relief from Trump's negative grip on Americas heart. I watched people waving Old Glory today and firing off fireworks tonight. So you're right, it's emotional. I for one have leaned Republican most of my life and I'm overjoyed to have Trump thrown out of office. He doesn't deserve the honor of being there.
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    Looking at the votes, I think Trump go bye bye now. But he wont leave office gracefully.
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    It hasn't been actually announced yet. Just hang tight.... they'll announce it on this thread with instructions.
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    Totally appreciate the add, been loving the bike since taking receipt in June. For me this has been the closest to the mythical unicorn bike as any I have ever had. Loving the riding here in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of good information here and plenty to follow. Hope to see you all out there.
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    I can vouch for the Heed's bars crash protection and strength. I went over the bars at 70-80kmph and landed hard on a downhill rough dirt track and slid for a good 90-100m. The bars saved me from any damage to the plastics/radiator area, and even the indicator wasn't damaged. The bars have moved inwards about 5mm, but it was a big get off, so I can forgive them for that.
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    Just voted today. Independent voter my entire life, though siding GOP for 70% of the time I'd guess. Former Army (1988-1999 Brainerd, Minnesota). 2016 I voted primarily Republican on local and State issues, but it was the first time in my life I didn't vote for President. Hillary should be in jail for her email debacle, and I couldn't vote for Donald based on his corrupt past. But after 4 years of Trump's CONSTANT lies, 9 of his staff sent to prison for various felonies, berating 17 Generals and Admirals just because they voiced concern over Trump's dishonesty and 71 Republican Conservative former National Intelligence Directors wrote a letter voicing that Donald is a clear and present danger to the USA's safety. We've lost all our allies and are the laughing stock of the world, in 2018 he was fined $2 million for stealing money allocated for Children's and Veteran's groups and his charity was shut down for fraud, he disrespected our own Military in Helsinki, on stage and said he trusts Vlad Putin over our Intel, he said he writes "love letters" with Kim Jung Un the worlds worst Dictator, record farms lost from his trade wars, he took a $421 billion deficit in 2016 (down from $1.1 trillion in 2008) and wracked it back up to a $1.2 trillion deficit in 2019 and now there's 228,000 dead from Covid, the worst in the entire world and a $5 trillion dollar deficit from his inability to lead and he turned this pandemic into political points saying things like "wearing a mask is Democrats wanting to take away your Constitutional rights" which is going against EVERY single health professional. He even berated a 15 year old little girl from the safety of his Twitter. Why? Because she loves the Earth. Today was the first time in my life I voted solid Democrat down the board (with the exception WA State Attorney General). After 4 years of Trump's constant lies, childish and dysfunctional endless Tweeting, constantly blaming others for his faults and bankrupting America like his 5 previous bankruptcies I'm exhausted with Trump as President and willing to give ANYONE else a chance. I hope and Pray the GOP finds someone again with integrity and honesty in 2024. Hard to say if anything will change though with Trump trying desperately to stop people from voting. Thats the only way he'll win. Judges in Harris County, Texas (a predominately Democrat county) now have stopped the GOP twice from invalidating 124,000 ballots. The only way Trump can win is if people don't vote. Or can't. And Trump might have done enough damage to win him a second term. I'm in no way excited about Biden, the guy can barely tie his shoes. But at least he's not a corrupt lying tanning bed queen like Trump. Well, I guess posting on here about politics is really fun! Thanks OU812!!! The one thing though I think most Americans and Trump supporters can agree on is that the last 4 years under Trump have been an absolute disaster. And that unity does feel good.
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    Hi All, Went over everything with a fine tooth comb. Did find some corrosion on my hard wired battery connection under the seat which had joined both pins and was still wet from washing. Have cleaned pins and taken for a ride and ABS light disappeared off display as it usually does. All good now thanks for the input.
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    As above and also, It takes quite a bit of time and effort the first few times. Good tools are well worth the money paid. It is very easy to scratch the rims, so use rim protectors. a valve puller can be bought or made out of an old valve and bit of wire. This makes pulling the valve into position so easy and not frustrating. Make sure the light spot is next to the valve to try to balance the tyre as best as possible. I've never balanced a tyre on an adv bike with tubes over the past 10 years. I've never really noticed any problem. One secret I found out only with some horrid experience is to really clean the inside of the rim well to remove shards of old tyre. This makes seating the bead so much easier. lube with the mrs's hair conditioner which is usually easily avialble and gets the job done easily. Pay special attention to the rotational direction arrows on the tyre. It is not fun to finally get the tyre fitted and find it is on the wrong way round and then you have to start all over again. Not that I ve ever made that schoolboy error
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    Please let me know when this seat is available for sale. Ready to buy today.
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    Stuck a set of Mitas e07+ tyres on her. Not today, about a week ago. Initial thoughts are they’re a decent tyre. I really wanted to go for the AX41 but they were sold out everywhere and these were getting decent reviews so said I’d try em. Bloody restrictions are back in full force here in Ireland now though so won’t get to try them much for a few weeks. Got out once on them so far, definitely more of a 50/50. Less traction etc. on the road but still tons of grip with a noticeable increase in the muck and gravel when off road. Can’t wait to get out again and more consistently to test further
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    The Mojave desert weather is getting nice!
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    Called Wonderboy who took a 2.5 minute break from his ZOOM remote school learning, and informed me how simple it is, and I should be able to figure this out, etc etc, dont I know anything about computers, etc etc I hope this link works for ya'll - and I hope it is editable - please feel free to ADD to it Tenere 700 Products List - https://www.tenere700.net/ - Google Sheets Sheet1 Item,Vendor,Model/part#,URL,Price,Comment/Notes ABS Sensor Guard,Xitomer,<a...
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    They're actually the tubed Excel version that they sell. The front is the same dimension as OEM but the rear is narrower to accept real off road rubber. The wheels come complete from Rally Raid and I bought tyres and tubes and @Ktmmitchfrom Rally Raid fitted and shipped them. I just bought brand new front and rear disks plus bolts from Yamaha and @Aleksandar13 machined me two ABS rings. I just swap the cush drive and sprocket from one set to the other. It's literally a 10 min swap. I have a centre stand and front wheel paddock stand. Don't even take the front calipers off. Just in and out. It's a bit of an investment but worth it for me as you truly get two bikes in one. Cheers Rich
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    A few piccies... what makes me smile is that I'm a mechanical numpty... I have been riding bikes for like 40 years (dirt bikes as a kid, through proper sports bikes and back to KTM 990, Transalps and now T7)... 2 years ago I did my first oil change, always never trusted myself with anything mechanical. So when I read some of the posts on here, about 3D printing this, drilling that, proper MacGyver stuff, I'm "wtf? No way man... I have an old Stanley tool box from the 90's, and it once took me 4 holes in brick to realise I had my new drill on reverse "... (if you lean hard enough, it'll go in)... anyways, thanks to you chaps and YouTube I spent a lovely evening and morning 'pimping my ride'... there were moments that should have been filmed cause you wouldn't believe how cack handed I am... but I got there in the end. And nothing fell off on the way to work.
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    I didn't want to put heated grips on so I just use these covers, cost about 30 bucks in Australia & Velcro on takes about 1 minute to install.
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    This guy in Germany makes some cool billet ones. https://www.donner-tech.de/p/haltegriffe-tenere-700
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    I will be standing by for the one piece SC seat.
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    The issue with trying to use several different slip-ons is the height from the inlet's center-line to the mounting hole of the clamp will vary a lot brand to brand. We'd end up having to make several different link pipes... they are a hell of a lot of work to get perfected even with the use of 3D scanning. Initially, we'll be selling them as complete kits.
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    I got bored one day and googled “Tenere 700 3D print” and found this site that had a plan to make an “anti bobble head” plate. So I bugged a friend of mine with a 3D printer and BAM
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    On the way home from picking it up at the dealer today. This is going to be a great bike, I can tell already!
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    Hi, Now 600 Kms and a little walk around Arromanche, Normandy, to try my new Michelin tires !
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    This link was sent to me today, via general forum email from an anonymous email service. Hmm, mysterious! https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mvv8ojzfijx6xf/T7sh.pdf?dl=0 I ran the file thru virus scanner, its legit! Whoever sent this to me, thanks!
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