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    We finally got the patent paperwork back for the hanger bracket. We're officially Patent Pending
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    After a few more e-mails and some failed attempts to call them today I got an answer from the owner of the business tonight. Now he's telling me that the wheels aren't intended for tubeless use after all and that they aren't sold as such either. They do sell complete tubeless wheels but they are more expensive because they use billet hubs and so on. I initially inquired about the exact wheels I ordered and asked if they were intended for tubeless use. I even sent them the link to the product page in their own shop to get rid of any misunderstanding. He told me that they are checking this internally now and will get back to me in a short while.
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    This was actually done over a few days last week because anytime I do electrical work, it is an adventure! First took a lot of stuff off! Then replaced the cigarette lighter with a 2 USB outlet with voltmeter, added a Powerlet 15 amp power outlet in the spare spot on the right side, then installed the Oxford heated grips. I was much relieved to finish, have everything work and get everything back together with no pieces or bolts left over!
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    I have the rear shock out for a 9.0 spring replacement at my friend’s house. He has a spring compressor. The stock fork springs will be replaced when the shock is re-installed early next week.
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    Fitted a Pyramid fender extender about 2 months ago, does a good job but looks awful (to me). So today I decided to do something about it. The pyramid fender extender is very long and has a straight flat edge, it doesn’t follow the curved shape of the front mudguard. So I took about 50mm and shaped the sides to follow the lines of the OEM mudguard, now it looks much better and still adds about 60mm to the length of the mudguard. First photo is the original extender, other 2 are the modded one.
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    Stole this idea from someone else here. Yoshimura clone mid pipe for Suzuki GSX250R link pipe for cb500x Just need to cut the tapered end off to fit. I can also swap out the two pipes to reconfigure. I have a few additional link pipes on order for experimentation. Yo
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    Small trip for taking some pictures of my brand new Tenere North west of Spain State of Galicia
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    Installed today a Yoshimura tail tidy, Kinstecks LED turn signals, Progrip gel grips, SW-Motech kobra hand guards, removed passenger foot pegs and replaced with tire spoons.
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    Fitted up my winter DIY project - 5/8" steel tubing top and side racks and backing plates for my Moose ADV 20L bags and the Shad bag that came with the bike for us LUCKY Canadian pre-orders (I kid, the Shad bag is nothing special). Backing plates are 1/2" HDPE from Grainger's. Ready to travel - once the snow melts and the zombie apocalypse is over!
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    A nice video of me on my Tenere, made by my friend: I think it shows beauty of dual sport bikes
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    I can usually pick it up before my buddies come back to look for me!
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    The response from Excel is a bit disappointing. I can understand their position with regards to the fact the rims are not intended for tubeless applications but, to me anyway, that doesn't address the poor finish of their rims. Yeah, you don't see it with a tyre fitted but we're supposedly talking about the premier company for rims, it can't take much longer to do a neat finish without damaging the rim edge. It kind of makes you wonder if it's then a lottery if you buy Excel rims as part of complete tubeless conversion. The conversion might be fine but it's pointless if the bead edge has been damaged.
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    Forgot the pictures
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    I think this forum should be banned! It constantly gives me tips and ideas on how I can spend my hard earned money modifying my beautiful Tenere to my own taste! It’s also a complete waste of my time. I’m constantly on it looking through comments on how everyone loves their bike. Take it down right now!
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    Ok I was questioning my own advice, so I tried the maneuver with the tank on (and without raising the ABS bracket). From the time I started unbolting the side panel to having two coil packs in my hand was about 6 minutes. The left side coil pack was definitely tricky and slowed me up at first. The area above the left coil pack feels cramped with wires and cables seemingly too close to get it out. So, while holding the loosened coil pack with your middle fingers palm up, push your thumb up into the maze of wires and force a gap between the wires for the coil pack to follow. The wires part ways (with your thumb) and you can drag the coil pack through slightly to the right of forward. It can be done, just a matter of finding the right technique. Putting back in was just as interesting, first needing to start the rubberised end down the hole slightly, then reversing the process at the top by making a little space with your thumb again as you swing the coil pack back into the spark plug hole. None of this will cause issues with the bike. The moving of wires etc are only small and gentle, just prying apart enough for the head of the coil pack to swing through.
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    I have used Stegz Pegz for years on my dirt bikes. If you have not used them before, I think they are one of the top things you can do to reduce fatigue and increase control when standing for extended periods. For some bikes, however, Stegz does not make a set. Until they make a set for the Tenere 700, we are on our own. Fortunately, Yamaha made this easy because the rear foot peg mounts are a perfect 90 degree angle from where you want the pegs. I whipped up a set in less than two hours. I hope this helps someone or encourages them to try a set. Adjustment is key here - I know exactly where I want mine for my boots and riding. If you have not used them before, you may want to drill a couple extra holes so you can slide the bumpers fore and aft. Stand on your bike with the bumpers and tape them in place so you get a rough idea, then put a small bit of masking tape where the center of the hole is. Target that area with the bracket and you are good to go. Other than a reciprocating saw, some drills, and a grinder or belt sander, the only items you will need are a 1 foot long piece of 1/4" 4"x6" alum inum stock (available from McMaster Carr for about $20), and a set of rubber trailer door bumpers (4 packs are available on Amazon for about $10). Then a couple of bolts and lock nuts to keep the bumpers on. Here is a step by step guide. First, cut a cardboard box so you can make a model of the part shape. the 90 bend will go to the peg mounts, and the main part can be moved inward so it's on an angle. You can then cut a notch in the piece as shown to get more clearance around the plastic body panel, resulting in a ball shape. If you don't want to do the notch, simply angle the entire piece outward at the rear edge. The bumpers will be more angled than on mine if you do it that way but it will work fine. Next, trace the cardboard mock up onto the 4"x6" stock. Obviously, you'll want the foot peg mount part on the short 4" side and the main bumper part on the long 6" side. Clamp it in a vise and use a reciprocating saw or band saw if you have one to cut the form. Use a bench grinder to further shape it, leaving no flat or straight edges so it looks nice. Then, I used a belt sander to further smooth out the edges and give them a slight bevel. I kept test fitting it to get it right, and reduced the size so it was where I wanted it. Next, use a permanent marker to mark the general area where the peg mounts hit the bracket - make sure you angle the whole thing so it clears the plastics. These will be general marks. Then, use the old footpeg as a guide to mark where the holes go. Center punch the marks and drill the mount holes. Bolt it up to check the fit. You can also use slightly oversize holes, or get fancy and elongate them to allow more adjustability. Next, mark where you want the bumper to go and drill out a hole. I didn't show it here, but I added three holes to the bracket to give me different positions as I want to experiment a bit. Now to the other side - it's only going to take a few minutes because you already have a mirror image model to work from. So, clamp the finished piece onto the other end of the L stock in the other direction. Draw an outline. Then flip the footpeg mount side down, clamp and trade that too. Cut it out, grind/sand, and drill. You now have a mirror image for the other side. Now all you need to do is bolt up the bumper with a 1" bolt, washer and locknut, tighten and then attach to the stock foot peg mounts. You likely will need one lock washer to be added to the stock foot peg bolts to keep them from bottoming out. If you want to keep the stock footpegs, you probably could do so just by getting 1/4" longer bolts. These will be powder coated in a few months. That's it, hope it helps!
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    Today I fitted the barkbusters bars only, with the OEM hand-guards No bending needed for the bars, just unscrew a little the two screws of the mirror bracket and the mirror lock nut and move the bracket towards the bar end. The bars fitted well enough and no need to buy the Barkbusters logo plastics, save some money and keep my hand-guards decall
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    Fitted the Abus holder for the Granit Victory XPLUS Motorcycle Disc Lock recommended by the Lock Picking Lawyer (on YouTube as the best lock ever!).
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    Just dumb luck actually. I'm glad it worked out though!
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    So, ok, I can lift my bike now. Did it twice in my driveway just be sure the first wasn't a fluke. My thanks for all the good tips posted by y'all in this thread! That said, I just could not figure out how to make the perky Harley-girl technique work, as inspiring as her demonstration was. The T7 just lies so FLAT, as noted here in this thread. Never could get good leverage facing away from the bike and lifting backwards. I could see that working better if I had metal side cases or something (like 1200GS cylinder heads) to help prop the bike up a bit. Good tip on front brake lock. I had a velcro strap in my junk drawer that's perfect. Next, I used a tie-down strap looped around my down-side handle bar to give me better dead-lift posture. Then I just did a deadlift facing towards the bike picking up the lower handle bar until I could get my thigh against the bike and change my hands to the handle bar itself. I shall now carry these two extra straps in my kit. I can easily see me buying a MotoWinch though, if I end up dumping this thing more than expected... Also, dead-lift training advice during riding season is spot-on. I will add that in, next to my left-hand grip strengthening exercises for two-finger clutch-up wheelies (which I still can't do - but at least I can now lift my bike). I guess whatever works, right? My new New Year's Resolution: Try even harder not to crash .
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    Being a "motorcycle backpacker" I gave it a 95% rating! It's short comings - to me - are not worth worrying about. For you stump jumpers - I guess - you will have different opinions! So what is the 5% I don't like? 1) I really don't like the feel of the rear brake, which I will work on when the snow clears. 2) I need to lower my foot pegs by and inch of two for long days were my knees begin to creak after 5-6 hours. 3) On pavement or dirt, that is a little rough, my old eyes can't make out details on the screen from vibrations (I bought the Camel Adv anti-bobble-head which I will install in the Spring). Well that's it for the serious issues!
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    I'm just testing a switchable ABS delete using a relay switch to bypass the fuse. Turns out you can bypass either the 20amp or the 30amp fuse. Neither affect the dash. It's a work in progress but seems to work so far.
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    I got my Huzzar exhaust mounted up, and finally got the wheel weights from No Mar to balance my rear wheel. I converted both rims to tubeless using the Outex system, had two problems, had a leaky spoke on the front that i fixed, and then the back tire has some divots in the bead area that make it leak. I'm not sure if I did that or if it came that way, but I stuffed the tube in there for now, it will help seal down the outex tape too until I can get some bead seal or something (Maybe even just my vulcanizing glue i have left over from a plug kit) Went with Motz Rallz tires, in stock sizes. They look really nice on the bike and seemed ok in the snow.
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    Mounted lower pegs on my bike, here is the result: https://youtu.be/s-zI1d3PkC0
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    Well I finally ordered the bike after eyeballing it for a long time. I've been riding for 11 years and have only owned 2 bikes, a 1997 XR650L and then a 2012 XR650L which I just traded in. So basically the same exact bike two times. I felt like I outgrew it and I need to go farther distances in better comfort. Living in Colorado I have a lot to see that I just can't reach on the Honda. I went with intensity white, should be here in March or April. This is going to be a tough wait. Now that accessories obsession starts lol. Hello everyone!
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    Also, if you can, do daily squat exercises...trust me, it goes a long way. when i just started out off-road (somewhat), I keep on dropping my GS (thank god for the crash bar). a few time was in the soft mud/sand. after that, I do 20~40 body squats daily. although it didn't improve my riding, it did improve my lift bike stretch
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    Had to pick it up by myself today actually. The first time I dropped it landed on me! So that was a little frustrating... But had a friend video taping the whole thing. Thankfully he stopped recording to help lift it off me. Quickly getting up to lift the bike fueled with adrenaline from the crash works best for me These are not sand tires
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    ah HA!!!!!!!! Found it! https://eastbound.shop/product-info/lifting-a-motorcycle-motowinch-info/
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    I'll have to go out and try again with the Harley girl technique. If I can't do it, maybe she could come along with me on my rides.
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    It seems like chain slap to me. I usually where earplugs, problem solved
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    Finally got my backcountry 35s on Adventure Spec side racks. Saved 6 inches on the width over conventional racks. May not be the sturdiest, but if the do bend, I should be able to pull them back. Plan is to try and install a cross bar from the corner of the rack to the Fram somewhere in the back under the seat. And I didn't have to drill any holes in the rack.
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    Hi, yes, my favourite too...I wanted to do something that was a nod, an appreciation of the Dakar Tenere's of old. The colour is Faraway Blue, from RS bike Paints, and the Decals i had made up by friends at Cathedral Signs in Chichester. I had the panels sprayed in the Blue, fitted them back on the bike and fitted the decals. Then took them off and lacquered and baked them!. A lot of work but it's what keeps me sane and I'm really pleased with the results. I'm just about to spray the wind deflectors and the inner part of my Powerbronze adjustable screen...hopefully it will look ️. Sorry for rambling on Steve
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    Great feedback. I could not tell that the ruler was the full width, plus being in inches confused me. This forum seems a lot more friendly than some of the Facebook sites. Lots of negativity and trolling going on. Think I will use the forum more from now on. Ride safe.
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    Went with Rubberdust for something not too busy. Very happy with how it turned out.
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    To clarify, the performance to the wheel won't change in any significant way from one muffler to another, BUT optimal fuel mapping from one muffler to another does vary somewhat. This is why we have custom mapping built for every single one of them that we've been able to get our hands on (which is most of them that are available at this point)! -2WDW
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    Here is my finished set up with the Huzar pipe (shorter version) and Yoshimura fender eliminator. Luckily turn signals clear the exhaust and overall I’m pretty happy with it. Now all I need is for some warmer weather and my other parts to come in!
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    $1,300 is a lot of hard earned to rectify an initial schoolboy error of pulling the trigger on a red one instead of the killer black...:-)
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    I just purchased my T7. I’m expanding my Range and experiences. I’m an avid dirtbiker but my age is beginning to make me look ahead for my two wheel addiction. I’m in Montana and there are a lot of remote places to explore. (For now)
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    ASV levers and ODI CR high handlebars: I just installed the new ASV C5 clutch and brake levers. These are high quality! Great feel, shorty options, and custom colors. My local shop GP sports in San Jose had them available. GP Sports: Motorcycle, ATV & PWC Dealer in San Jose CA C5 Series Sport Clutch Lever # CRC540 - ASV Inventions, Inc. ASV Inventions C5 Series Sport Clutch Lever I've used these on previous moto's and been really happy. They work well with winter gloves and summer gloves. I'm really impressed with my clutch lever combined with the Camel adv 1-finger upgrades also. The combination feels as good as my hydraulic clutch on my Husky dirt bikes.
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    installed my eBay Akro today... looks, fits, and sounds great. Instead of the clamp that came with it, I used a 2" exhaust band clamp that got it on there much tighter... no leaks or anything I still have to go get some hardware tomorrow to put the OEM heat shield back on over the mid pipe.
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    @Camel ADV what is the width of the tank, roughly? Mike edit to say. No wonder I couldn’t find where I asked this, I meant to ask it in the camel tank thread. getting old is hard......
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    Heck Yeah!!! Great thread DT675!!! Born and raised in Minnesota so its nice seeing pics of the home land. Good to see other riders as well. I LIVE to mtn bike and ski, hence why I moved to Bellingham, Washington years ago and never looked back. Ride and race AM enduro class and a few XC class all summer, albeit this last summer with Covid all sanctioned races were canceled. Mt.Baker is absolutely epic for skiing, and we have a killer mountain bike area here called Galbraith Mountain. It's 2 miles from my house and is world class mountain biking. Everything from double blacks, trials, free ride, XC to pump and jump line trails. It's run by the WMBC, all non profit and us members all dig in to build and repairs trails. Check some lines out on youtube. Just absolutely epic riding and if any of you mags that ride get out to Bellingham, hit me up and I'll show you some fun lines. Here's a couple just fun trails around here. Taking the dogs for a run on a trail called Backcountry Loop, 12 miles of good climbs and fast berms. And then the other coming down Stevens Ski Area, which is new to downhill riding that you throw your bike on the ski lift and carry you to the top and ride back down multiple runs of different skill levels. Some great jump lines and fast banks. Just epic big mountain downhill. Following this thread to see where other people ride. Cheers
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