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    I am super jacked to welcome Rally Raid to our Supporting Vendor program. Rally Raid LTD has many years experience innovating and designing products for ADV, Enduro and Trials riders. They already have some amazing products for the Tenere 700. Check those out here! http://www.rally-raidproducts.co.uk/yamaha-t7-tenere Welcome to the Forum, Rally Raid LTD!
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    Please stop. Look, if you forgot your password and still don't use a free password manager, please go download "LastPass". Then you only have to remember one password. It's 2020, time to catch up. Some of you have created 3-4 different accounts on here, and that shet is gonna end. I'm gonna be deleting a bunch of them soon. If you forget your password, click on the "reset password" link. It will send an email to the email account that you entered when ya joined. ** If you don't get the email, check your spam folder**. Sometimes, one of you forget which email account you joined with. In that case, send me a message via the "contact us" button at the bottom of the forum. I work a day job and have a family , so it may take a while for me to help. Please stop creating multiple forum accounts, that's also a hacking move, and I will end up deleting all of your multiple accounts.
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    To me the T7 is best described as a near perfect crossover of Dual Sport and Adventure riding. Maintain highway speeds for extended duration in comfort - check Putt-putt or haul ass on any Forest service (gravel) road - check Carve curvy secondary roads -check Blast down 2-track, jeep, atv trails faster than most safely should -check Commute daily - check There are plenty of fantastic DS/ADV bikes available, most lean more towards the road, or towards the dirt, or towards affordability, or performance. The perfect blend is very subjective. The T7 hits a sweet spot for me, and it sounds like it does the same for most who get the pleasure to ride one. Considering the fantastic CP2 engine has already been proven as ultra reliable in the MT07 since 2014 (1st valve check @42,000kms), and the purchase price is so competitive, the Tenere 700 is going to sell very well for years. It's not a perfect bike, but it going to be the best bike available for a lot of riders. The torque characteristic and overall power delivery of the T7 match extremely well with what most of us want out of an on/off road motorcycle. In fact I'd say its the best type of power delivery for overall ADV riding of any motorcycle I've owned. That list includes : KTM 790 Adventure S, Africa Twin CRF1000L, KTM 690 Enduro, Triumph Tiger 800XC, BMW 1150gsa, KLR650, DR650, Husky 701 Enduro, DRZ400, KTM 500exc. The chassis is marvellous, the ergo's standing are best in class. So far I've only one complaint: the T7 needs suspension work if your going to ride off-road aggressively. I'm at 88kg ready to ride with tools/spares on board. Got the sag set, played with clickers a bunch, definitely saw some improvement. However, I keep riding the bike harder and harder off road, and today I started bottoming out both fork and shock at regular intervals due to washboard and potholes. I'm gonna try an aftermarket shock (TFX) and Andreani fork cartridges. For many riders the stock suspension will probably be acceptable, maybe with a few tweaks like proper springs and preload. If your heavier or want to get the last 15-30% of performance from the T7, might want to budget for serious suspension upgrades. Overall I rate the T7 as a 9/10 bike. Yamaha will sell many. A rally version with narrower wheels and better suspension would be a great option. CR
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    Hello chaps, since I have probably been the first to make this conversion it might be a good idea to write a how to make this happen the way I did it and give people as much information as possible to do themselves if they wish to do so. What is needed: Hubs : stock or aftermarket, I choose the stock ones and they look great. You can either buy from yamaha or sacrifice your own wheels like I did. Spokes : I haven't measured mine yet but I know they are beefier than stock ones on the back and are made out of stainless, the wheel builder has done them bespoke to match the hubs and the rims together. Rims : I have gone for Excel Takasaga (I think that's what their called).. Gloss black. But any supermoto rims will do as long as they have 36 no holes for the spokes. Size for rims: 3.5 inch 17 front 5.0 inch 17 back Nipples : brass or stainless, mine are stainless Tyres : any street tyre will do I went for the: Mitas Sport force plus. 120 70 17 160 60 17 Once you have these you need to find a wheel builder that does it for you. Costs are dependent on where you source the parts. For me it worked out like this : All prices in British pounds Rims: 180 +150 = 330 Spokes and nipples : 150 Assembly : 50 per wheel plus 20 per wheel punching wholes in rims. Total for wheels : 620 Tyres and tubes plus fitting 180. All of the above is not the cheapest way of getting these done if you choose smpro rims and spokes package you can get them done cheaper. Parts that are not on the shelf for the conversion are the ABS rings which I have laser cut and you get an accurate speedo withing 2 to 3 miles per hour and a working ABS. I can make these for people if there is enough interest no problem. Suspension setup needs to be softer than stock on the front to compensate for the stiffer 17 tyre and rim. I have set up my sag and with 90nm spring it now handles great. Forks are flushed with the triples as the bike was a bit twitchy mid corner and I like to tell the bike where to go not the bike to lean into corners... Handles amazing and the extra tyre front and back let's you push the bike more on braking and on corner exit. With these tyres I have yet to reach the limit on public roads but with the 21 front I have had some slippage from the front end... If you are only doing street or can afford both sets of wheels I would recommend this mod as it has transformed the bike. It surprises a lot of bikes on the road and with this engine and a nice set up suspension this is the ultimate carving machine for canyon, mountain and twisty roads. Height of the bike has dropped probably 46mm from stock and I have made side stand but didn't like the lean on it so I use the stock one... Works OK no problems so far. Sprocket has been changed to 16t to get back to stock gearing... With 15t it was to high revving and in my opinion loosing momentum out of corners... Now it is perfect. Front fender is stock and moved one bolt down in the brackets, works OK but needs cutting down on the back. I'm happy with the looks... The brake lines are still attached to the fender as stock but the bracket between the forks on the triple has been spaced out with washers. Once I get some time on my hand I will develop for myself small brackets to fill the holes in the stock fender or if someone on this forum makes the mt10 fender work might go that route.. For now I'm happy with the look. I hope I haven't forgotten anything... Now to pictures :
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    Another nice surprise I had at the dealership today, The mechanic there, thought I would appreciate seeing photos of how the bike arrived and the unboxing process. So he snapped some photos of it and shared them with me when I picked up the bike today. I must say, I really appreciated that. Tazmool
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    Really? A T-700 motorcycle thread is now going to turn into a place to comment on all the polarizing and horrible events happening around the world? Honestly, we can search for whatever angle and agenda you're wanting to hear by tuning into Fox, MSN, CNN, NPR..... at any moment of the day. I come to Tenere700.net to find a place of refuge from all the negativity of divisiveness of it all and just talk about bikes: this bike specifically. If this forum is going be used for that type divisive opinionated purpose, I'm out.
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    Hi All, member Alexander13 covered this off in another thread however I thought it was a significant enough existing issue for current owners plus a definite one for future owners so wanted to dedicate a thread to it with a bit more detail. I’ve had my bike for 4 months (6,600kms) now and the turbulence off the OEM screen was really getting to me. It hit me just under the helmet and all but nullified the effect of even custom silicon ear plugs especially over 90kms/hr. My set up for your comparison: 1. Rally seat 2. 180 cms tall 3. Arai XD4 helmet I experimented with 1. no screen = turbulence, no improvement 2. OEM screen lowered (duct tape) to same level as navigation bar = turbulence, no improvement 3. Powerbronze adventure sport screen (link below) = PURE CLEAN AIR!!! Even though the Powerbronze screen dimensions would come close to lowering the OEM screen as I did in no2 above the end result is like chalk and cheese. This is my new best bang for the buck mod to my bike by a bloody country mile! I know each persons set up is different and the variables involved in their experience on the bike are manifold however if you’re like me 180cms or above (as Aleksandar13 is) then I can say with some personal experience that your turbulent times are sorted! Enjoy! YAMAHA ,TENERE 700, 19-20 (210 MM) 460-Y111 Powerbronze Adventure Sport Screens have a lower profile than the original part for a more "sporty look" - Made from 3mm Acrylic - 17 colours available - Flame polished edges - Uses original fixings - Simple and easy to fit - TUV, ABE approved
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    I'm always looking for discounts and group buys for us forum members. And that's the thing, ya gotta be a member of the forum to get em. We are free to join, so if you are a lurker, ya might wanna take a second , sign up and say hello. If you know a great company who backs up their parts with awesome customer service, and has a website instead of just a FB page, feel free to give em a link to our forum and tell em about our supporting vendor program. They can contact me via the "Contact us" button on the bottom of every page of this website. Yes, we charge em a small monthly fee to be a Vendor. This keeps out the riff raff that don't return emails, and also helps pay for the website hosting, pic hosting, Software licensing and all the features that we pack into this place. They make that money back quick in sales revenue from you guys. If you like discounts and group buys, be sure to try buying from our Vendors when you can, so they stick around and have more group buys and discounts. Our Supporting Vendor section is full of great parts and services. And there are more coming soon.
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    Hello from New Hampshire. Hoping to learn and hopefully offer some experiences to this group. My goal is to set up my Tenere as a long distance adventure bike, as I tend to ride a few miles every year. I am in the middle of a million mile Journey, Chasing the Cure for MS. I ride, write and raise money for charity as I travel the country as a patient myself, sharing my story with others. Yamaha USA is continuing to support my Journey by donating a Tenere 700 to my efforts and inviting me as a guest to national events. I do not work or receive monetary compensation from Yamaha. i do not speak for or represent Yamaha in any capacity. My job, is to wear stuff out! I ride 60-80,000 miles each year and I chose to ride Yamahas because I can depend on them every single day. I'm confident the T7 will be rock solid and reliable as well. I am attempting to survive on the road from speaking at events, selling swag on my website, writing articles and corporate sponsorships. I have yet to break even! Growing my social media helps me secure additional fiscal sponsors. You can follow my story on Facebook and Instagram as well as subscribing to my Youtube channel. There will be lots of T7 content, I promise! My website is Longhaulpaul.com longhaulpaul
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    Great so now everyone is waiting on you with your high claim #. Lol
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    NOTE: This engine is the exact same as the MT-07, the CP-2. Below is a proven list of compatible oil filters that will fit the Tenere 700 . We will update this as things change. I no longer recommend the K&N filters. They used to be made by Hiflofiltro but changed suppliers and now they are failing and leaking oil. Multiple reports of this still occurring with K&N. Hiflofiltro still makes their own filters and they are among the best for the money. This one has the 17mm nut on the end to make removing really easy with a 17mm wrench or socket. HIFLOWFILTRO H204 RC Black Oil Filter YAMAHA Genuine Oil Filter for the T7 is Part Number is 5GH-13440-60-00 get it here cheaper than dealer The following are also reported by FZ07 owners as being compatible. And before anyone starts pointing out a favorite, remember that more important than brand of filter or oil is actual Frequency of oil and filter change. AC-Delco PF2135 AMSOIL EAOM103 ARCTIC CAT 3201-044 ARCTIC CAT 3201-451 AUTOEDGE AL6017A Baldwin B1400 Baldwin B7285 CARQUEST 85358 CARQUEST 85365 ChampLab PH2876 ChampLab PH7015 ChampLab PH7028 DENSO 115010-5390 Donaldson P502067 EMGO 10-26920 EMGO 10-82230 EMGO 10-82251 Fleetguard LF3925 Fram PH6017A HASTINGS B7285 HASTINGS LF113 HIFLO HF198 HIFLO HF204 HIFLO HF303 K & N KN-198 K & N KN-204 K & N KN-303 K & N KN-303C KAWASAKI 16097-0002 KAWASAKI 16097-0003 KAWASAKI 16097-0004 KAWASAKI 16097-1058 KAWASAKI 16097-1061 KAWASAKI 16097-1063 KAWASAKI 16097-1064 KAWASAKI 16097-1066 KAWASAKI 16097-1067 KAWASAKI 16097-1068 KAWASAKI 16097-1070 KAWASAKI 16097-1072 LUBER-FINER PH2876 LUBER-FINER PH7015 LUBER-FINER PH7028 MELROE 6671057 MERCRUISER 35-822626 MERCRUISER 35-822626Q04 MERCRUISER 35-822626Q1 MERCRUISER Q03 MERCURY 35-8222626Q03 MERCURY G590000-G760299 MERCURY G760300-1B226999 MERCURY P086824-P325499 NAPA 1358 NAPA 1365 NAPA PS1358 Parts Master 61358 POLARIS 2520799 POLARIS 2540086 POLARIS 3084963 POLARIS 3089996 Purolator ML16817 Purolator ML16819 Purolator PBL14612 ROBIN 2576730111 SIERRA 18-7902 SIERRA 18-7909 SIERRA 18-7910 SIERRA 18-7911 SIERRA 18-7911-1 SIERRA 18-7913 SILVERLINE 21358 STP PH7028 TOHATSU (Marine) 3R0076150M TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLE T1210200 TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLE T1210444 WARNER PH7015 WESTERBEKE 30220 Wix 51358 Wix 51365
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    Hi, Received my T7 a couple of weeks ago, and have spent the last 2 weeks either riding it or working on it adding stuff. 2000kms so far! Happy to be part of the group. So far I have added: Outback Adventure Tech skid plate, pannier mounts Yamaha headlight protector, front crash bars, rally seat Demon heated grips, Rigid Ignite mini spots And soon to be E07 tires, Bark Busters, Kaoko throttle lock and adjustable windscreen mount. Photos to come...
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    Happy to announce that @T7rally.com is now a supporting member of the Tenere 700 forum! T7rally.com is managed by engineers who actually ride! They build some awesome parts for the Tenere 700 and we are very happy to have them on the forum! Check em out here https://t7rally.com/
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    I had ordered the new Tenere 700 in Power Black and optioned it with the following genuine Yamaha parts from our local Yamaha dealer Centretune Motorcycles. ·Akropovic Exhaust Centre Stand Crash Bars Upper spot/fog light brackets Radiator Guard Brand new as delivered In addition to this I added the following aftermarkets parts: GB Racing Clutch and engine case protection Resin 4 bikes Fairing sticker Alltrex Skinz Invisible Glass Headlight Protection Film SW-Motech water pump guard T7 Rally Screen protector tail tidy side stand delete switch Fork protector stickers Off The Road Billet adjustable clutch and brake lever LED rear blinker/taillight/brake light combo frame caps LED front blinkers and adapter plates LED flasher relay Ermax tall screen OTR rear rack Longreach Auto Electrics 11” Slim line LED light bar Anderson plug All electrical work and fitting of the tail tidy Centretune Motorcycles ·Barkbuster hand guards together with DRL and LED Blinkers Racetech .65kg front springs Racetech 8.6kg Rear Spring Anakee Wild rear tyre Mitas MC 23 front tyre First service + grease suspension linkages and head bearings, fit and balance tyres B & B Off Road Alloy bash plate Shock Treatment Revalave front and rear suspension Sunshine Coast Motorcycle Seats Comfort seat 5 mnths and nearly 10 000 kms later Tenere 700 ride impressions The good · The motor – smooth linear power · Handling – particularly in the dirt - very confidence inspiring and if you choose to stand and be more aggressive it responds in kind · LED Headlight – the best standard light I have had on any bike I have owned · Did I mention the motor Could be improved · Fuel capacity – when pushed/loaded and on dirt I achieved only 283kms which is not really sufficient in an adventure bike · Standard Seat – could be more comfortable for those longer days - I have since installed a comfort seat · Wind protection – the standard screen directed wind directly to my face - the tall screen cured this · Speedo – the speedo overreads by at least 10% ie at 100 (GPS) the speedo reads 112 Link to photo album https://sitdownman.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Tenere-700 Link to ride report - Tenere Tragics 2020 Gold Rush Run 4 states and 8638kms https://www.tenere700.net/topic/760-2020-tenere-tragics-gold-rush-run/
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    Excellent news, you may want to re-check your static and rider sag after about 1000 miles because we find the spring will be bedded in by then, so you may need to add a couple of Clicks more of preload.
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    Had my first service (1000kms) done at Holeshot. $330. Will be doing the rest of the services myself. If any T7 riders in the Lower Mainland are looking to ride together let me know. CR
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    Hi All, Hope you are all well, just a quick update as I have not been on here for quite a while now. I know some of you have had some problems with communication and delivery times from us and I can only apologise for any inconvenience that has caused, clearly its not something that I am happy about and implementing the changes required has not been made any easier because of the virus lockdowns but we are getting there. We have recently changed the way we do our emails so our response time should be much better now and things should not get missed. We have also changed our Shipping company, out of the first 200+ deliveries they have done for us only one went missing for a few days that was then promptly found and delivered to the customer. So overall I am happy with that and its a vast improvement on the previous delivery option. We are increasing stock levels to help prevent back orders in the future, we are almost there with that. Some of the OEM parts are on back order with Yamaha as they stopped taking deliveries into their main european distribution centre for a while but that is underway again now. The paint plant we use for the Tail Tidy parts has been dedicated to producing hand sanitiser units for the Health Service, they added one hundred thousand units to their existing order so priority had to be given for that for obvious reasons, they are all finished in white as well so we cant change the powder half way through. That should all be done this week and then we can run the tail tidy batch through next week as I have them cut, folded and welded up already. Overall moving forward I hope that this solves most of the issues however we will always work towards providing a better service. During the lockdown when not working on improving things and dealing with orders I have managed to spend some time on the new products, the additional fuel tank option in particular is much further on now and into testing on one of our test bikes. I am still working on the exact details and final specs but expect an additional 10.2L of fuel can be carried with no changes to the external dimensions of the bike. There are a few more smaller parts on their way as well as some improvements to existing designs. We are also working on the website to include any lead times that might be applicable if there is a backordered part, as well as a system for dealing with any after sales issues that might occur. Hopefully all of this results in my fellow T7 owners getting a better service whilst also freeing up some time for me to continue developing the new products. Lets hope we can all get out and enjoy our bikes soon, stay safe. Ben
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    Well now that I have an actual claim number assuring me a bike will be mine soon I would love to jump in on all of these parts for a Round 2 group buy. I would imagine I am not the only one.
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    Simple seat mod, I saw this on a Aussie site so not my idea. Like most of you probably, I hate the way the front seat screws in to place. It’s a pain just getting the Alan key out. All you do is drill four small holes for a cable tie and two small pieces of rubber hose. As you can see in the picture. The rear seat fits as normal and it locks the front section in place. Job done.
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    Just joined in the group here. My first post. I just got an update call from my dealer. He said maybe this week! That would surprise me, but I'll let you all know when mine is home. I've owned a lot of bikes, but the older I get, the more I look forward to a new motorcycle. Come on Yamaha!
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    I have fabricated a 42 window ring and will be testing it today, if it’s not raining. will post results as soon as I can. cheers, Disco.
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    My right leg would get hot from the motor casing on the right hand side of the motor. I removed the plastic shield and glued aluminium foil on the inside of the shield it’s a lot cooler now and I don’t have a hot leg. Each plastic side cover has a distinctive yearly calendar stamped on the inside, I’m not sure why but some of the months are marked perhaps it’s the manufacture date.
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    Race Styles makes just the kind of stickers you want. You can remove a Sponsor, or add your own Sponsor. Race Styles sticker is very high quality and good fit. They make changes if you want and delivery is fast. My bike has Race Styles Premium stickers, I will put more pictures later.
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    I have 2 sets from DecalMoto here though no bike yet. Have decided the Yellow set will be going on once the Matte Black bike arrives. These are the heavier 500 micron set also. Should be very durable and lasting.
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    When I get my bike, I'm gonna take it home and go thru it and check all of the bolts and fluids. Before installing any upgrades, I want to ride it perfectly stock. I want to feel it baseline stock and get to know the stock suspension. First, I break in the engine my way. I always take the bike out on a country road and rev it up to 4500 rpm, then let off gas and let it rev back down. Rev it up, rev it down. Let those rings seat in the cylinders properly, rev it up to 4500, rev it down. Totally avoiding riding at the same RPM. I do this for 20 miles or so. Then, I go home and change the oil and oil filter. This makes sure that all of the initial metal shavings are out of the engine. Then, I'm going to ride the Lowman Loop. In SW Idaho, the Lowman Loop is every riders favorite street ride. Twistys galore. It leaves Boise, up past Lucky Peak dam and follows the Ponderosa Pine Highway 21 into Idaho City. Idaho City was the largest town in the Pacific Northwest in 1864, during the Mining boom. Now, it's only got 500 or so full time residents. In Idaho City, it's common for riders to stop and meet at a place called "Trudys Kitchen" https://www.facebook.com/trudyskitchen/ . The food is good and the Pie's are absolutely to die for. Don't speed thru Idaho city though, the local cops will get you. They get all of us at least once. Once out of Idaho City, it's on thru the Ponderosa Pines, the temperature drops a bit as you climb in elevation and then you start climbing up thru the sweeping curves and switchbacks to Banner Summit, elevation 7,037 feet. Then you start to drop down the summit thru some magical turns and curves while trying not to look at all of the mountains and risk wrecking. You drop down into a tiny area called Lowman. In Lowman, you turn left towards Garden Valley and the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway and experience some fast tricky sweepers along the Payette River. Home to some of the greatest white water rapids in the world. People come from all over the world to raft/Kayak this river. You can also stop at the hotsprings for a warm soak. This is a great area. Then it's time to head back to Boise. But sometimes if it's hot, I'll stop into one of the many Sandy Beaches along the river, strip down and dive in to cool off. Then i head home thru Emmett, squeaking out some more curves along the river before heading home. It's my favorite breakin ride and a good way to burn a few hours. It takes most people on big heavy bikes 4 hours or so to do the loop, non stop. On my FZ09, I used to do it in just under three hours. At speeds that we won't talk about in public. I ride with some really fast guys. But on the Tenere 700 I'll be taking my time, getting to know everything about my bike. By the time I get home from this day trip, I'll know what needs sorted out in the suspension. Later on, I'll be coming back to the Lowman Loop for many rides in the Dirt, as there are tons of awesome dirt forest service roads and ATV trails close by. That whole area is my playground, entrance into mountains that just go and go and go forever. Streams full of trout, rivers that cool the feet and the soul. Forests damaged by past wildfires, but host to Morel Mushrooms in the Spring. If any of you ever come ride with me, you will see part or all of the Lowman Loop. @PNWTEN will be seeing it soon.
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    Doesn't matter to me which part of the world a rider is from. I look at pictures of Earth from space and see no lines separating countries. I believe that there are two species of man on this Earth. Those who ride and those who don't.
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    Thanks for the kind words guys. I love what I do and I'm glad you are happy with the products you are getting! Group buys are a no go for me, unfortunately. Dealers purchase $XXXX a year to qualify for XX% discount. They buy in bulk and hold stock. If we do group buys at XX% discount direct to customers, our dealer get quite unhappy. We will have a T7 bundle that is discounted. I'm not sure what parts will be in it or what the discount will be just yet though.
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    It's nothing like that at all. Way better. MT-07 suspension is horrific. You'll be impressed. Only when you start to get a feel and venture properly off road will you notice it. But honestly, miles above an MT-07 and MT-09 for that matter.
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    Translation for those non UK speakers: i.e.: No need to use the higher upper RPM range, no breasts in sight Just upshift up in to the next highest gear, or snick boot in the next cog. @Rich TT Fully agree ride it between 4K and 6K for first 600 miles
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    I call BS on the regional claim number digit code, it is more likely the reservation numbers had codes in it. It appears that it was in sequence starting around 6200 and ran into the 7200 range. I am 736227, and my dealer and I were on it. My reservation # was emailed to me at 12:04 ET, and my dealer emailed my claim sheet to me at about 12:12 ET. I suspect that this is just Yamaha's sequenced claim number, and that range has other orders mixed in there also. If we are lucky Yamaha has a number of these through customs and sitting in a couple ware houses ready to load onto trucks and distribute. (Perhaps we need a spot a Yamaha tractor-trailer thread if we want to spin ourselves up more).
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    UPDATE: maybe Yamaha should reverse the position of the outside R clip on both calipers, so that any force pushes it in, rather than out, that's what I have done for now, but will still lockwire them.
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    Hey Michael..I'm not religious at all however based on the first hand experiences related above and your height I reckon milk and honey will flow...:-)
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    Standard wheel sizes are 1.85x21 front and 4.00x18 rear. If you fit a 140/80x18 tire (which I have done) it will flatten the cross section profile. Possibly good for mileage but can slow down the nimbleness. Some 140 tires work better at this than others. I use the Motoz Tractionator Desert HT and it worked for me, and I have read the Pirelli Rally in 140 works well too. I recently fit a 2.50x18 rim on the rear which promotes the more rounded / tighter cross section, and the handling and nibleness for dirt improved a lot. However, on the road it has made the bike slightly more sqirrelly, which I can live with because I rarely go over 110 kph / 70 mph. There is also a big difference in price between 140 and 150. In Australia for example, the Motoz is about $140 AUD for a 140 vs $240 AUD for the same tire in 150, and I much prefer the handling of the narrower tire.
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    Good Quality and Affordable hardly go together when it comes to personal protection on a motorcycle. I buy Klim gear. It is the best money can buy. I ride the Rocky mountains on dirtbikes and have been caught in numerous heavy down pours and am always dry. It is the only brand of gear I know of that keeps me dry. Klim gear is expensive, but it is of such high quality that it is passed down to future generations. My son is now riding in the Klim gear that I rode in ten years ago, and it still keeps him dry too. We suspect that my Grandson might end up with it someday. Seriously, that good. It is also well protected and full of ventilation zips. Their new 2020 Carlsbad line of jackets and pants are a major upgrade from the previous Carlsbad line. At $1100 for jacket and pants, it isn't for everyone. But in that moment that it start pouring rain, or in the millisecond in a crash right before you hit the ground, you will think to yourself, PHUCK, I WISH I WAS WEARING KLIM! Lol Nobody who buys Klim regrets it. New Klim Carlsbad Jacket Klim Carlsbad Jacket The Carlsbad Jacket is aimed at serious riders needing highly mobile, highly vented and bulk-minimized adventure gear – all while maintaining Klim's h… I also know many guys who call Klim too expensive, but over the past ten years they have bought and gotten rid of 4-5 different Jackets/Pants trying to find that Cheap/high quality waterproof and comfortable gear that simply does not exsist. Meanwhile, I rode ten years in the same Klim garments. They actually spent more money over ten years then I did with my single Klim setup. It isn't just how much it costs today, it's how much it costs you over 10-20 years. And how well it actually works. I also take my Klim gear sno boarding and sno mobiling in the winter. I take out the armor for that.
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    Hello from Italy! I'm Stefano, a convinced Yamahist, my previous bikes were XT600E, TT350 (2), Supertenerè 750 '91, XT660Z, and now I have WR450F. I hope to take the T7 shortly. This forum is valuable for all the info!! Thank's to all. See you soon
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    I like to stock up on Filters. I have never paid anyone to change my bikes oil and filter. I take my old oil to the local auto parts store and pour it in their disposal bin. Hiflofiltro HF204RC with 17mm nut Hiflofiltro used to make the K&N filters, but then K&N went cheap and switched manufacturers and their filters have problems now. Hiflofiltro are great quality filters, and this one has the 17 mm nut on the end, you can remove it with a wrench or socket easy peasy. NEVER TIGHTEN OIL FILTER WITH WRENCH, HAND TIGHT ONLY!
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    I've written about it somewhere here. With only 15 or 20 miles on it I took it to the Pyrenees in September. Dry, dusty, rocky and a tiny bit of mud. Honestly fine. You just have to get used to it moving/floating around a lot and the front feeling like it would wash out when a real off road tyre would grip on the brakes. But it doesn't wash if you're sensible on the brakes and the usual keep the power on if you've got the balls works well! Plenty of grip from the rear in these conditions to be honest. Bonus is the standard tyres are just as good as road tyres when really pushing it. I'd do it again with the standard tyres and would consider Anakeee Wilds too for some proper off road grip and we'll behaved in the road. Rich
  40. 4 points
    Seat concept says on there website they will have a seat for the T7 in a few weeks. Im going to wait to see what there seat is like.
  41. 4 points
    It was easier than I thought going from the S10 to the Venture, so I think it will be fine. I'll ride anything that's running! for me, with 1000 mile day averages, ergonomics and storage are big. i have not ridden it, but I am assuming I will add: Custom seat, windshield, hard bags, trunk and extra fuel capacity. (7-10 gallons total works well for 16 hour days) throttle lock, gps, cellphone, radar, spot tracker, heated gear plugs, chain Oiler, tubeless kit, volt meter, heated grips, camera mounts, extra lighting and a big fat horn are my starting points.
  42. 4 points
    Paul, I have been aware of you and your ride for a while. We are honored to have you on our forum! We have a "long ride reports" section and would love to see you start a thread there and update it once in a while. Thanks for joining our forum! Let me know if there is anything we can do to help you.
  43. 4 points
  44. 3 points
    Just wanted to thank Paul @BellissiMoto for taking the time to talk to me the last week and for helping me get some awesome parts coming for the T7. He knows his products and uses them on his own bikes. Now if we could just get the bike...lol.
  45. 3 points


    I just fitted a 95Nm spring from Rally Raid and I am 220lbs with gear on ans I have crash bars skid plate and a bunch of other accessories and I have proper sag at 0 clicks. I also installed the adjustable caps from above and they help. I installed one 5mm spacer and found myself maxing out the adjustment trying to set sag on the front. So if you are similar weight to me put all the spacers in the first time . With all in now I can set sag at 4 clicks.
  46. 3 points
  47. 3 points
    Awesome. Bet you rev it past 4500 RPM. You won't be able to help it.... I did, but not rev the tits off it. No harm done and pulls like a steam train now with 1500 miles on it. The bike loves being in the meat of 4.5, 5, 6k. You don't need to go above that to make real progress. Just snick another gear
  48. 3 points
    If you are using your bike for on road only then I would list the supermoto wheels as a top 5 item to have. It is not the cheapest mods to have but now after over 1200 miles on this setup I can just confirm that the bike is so much better for road use... Flickable fun and puts a very big smile on your face.
  49. 3 points
    Yeah, they are using my bike to design it.
  50. 3 points
    @Rich TT this is the perfect setup for you
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