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    I had a little time and decide to make a video to show how to remove the fuel tank on the T7. It's easy ! 🙂 Access at spark plug is a little bit more difficult because there's the ABS box to remove , but it's not like on the LC8 ktm.. 😉 sorry it's in French, bit you can see that's easy 😉
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    Few installation. Snow is here and I have time 🥶 Crashbars Outback. Side stand extension Touratech. Brake extension Touratech and ABS protection Touratech.
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    Surely you aren't here on the tenere700 forum telling us that the actual bike may be somewhat ugly? And furthermore, that sports bikes aesthetics are important, or more important than on other bikes? tut tut. Personally I think the T7 is one of the prettiest things I have seen in a long time, well, that of the non human kind anyway. And to think that getting rid of that regulation gag hanging off the back an be replaced with something smaller or more "tidy" could even make the bike more pretty, no, not when you're riding it but admiring it pre or post ride, yep, i'd do that to, when I get one.
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    I'm hopefully getting mine on a set of scales this weekend (Sunday) so can get an accurate weight. I know the weight of all the accessories I've added so should be able to get a good number.
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    I do have a couple bikes to ride for now. All the videos and the write ups on the T7 are like candy for me.....I think I sleep making bike noises.... Cheers!!!
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    I also have an Oxford Adventure, more grip, cheap and easy to install. I do not like Yamaha grips because it is slippery and expensive.
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    Just fitted heed crashbars (bunker) and new s10 hand guards larger in size no heated handlebar grips needed now hopefully.
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    You can't see the back of your head either and still get a hair cut on that half and not only at the front 🤣🤣🤣
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    Seriously have a word with yourself, any weight saving in that can be purely minimal.
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    Once you are there, please let us know TOTALLY what you removed. I love to keep my bike as light as possible... Always had light bike until I got my last GS...it was a learning curve 😅
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    Right, this is going to be a long post, so grab a beer and a bag of popcorn and settle down :-). To start off: contrary to the title, there is no such thing as an “ultimate” packing list, for the simple reason that there are a huge amount of different types and lengths of and physical requirements for trips (a 4 week overland though eastern Siberia does have some different requirements than a long weekend through the Alps). And second: we are all very different (like snowflakes, I am told). Practically, this simply means that we think different about certain items we consider necessary or luxury, how much we want to be prepared for eventualities, and whether we buy the most expensive stuff sold to us on YouTube videos or find pride in hacking together our kit from dollar-store items. The packing list below is therefore my current personal optimum for a two week camping holiday in southern Spain, planned for the end of May 2020. If my destination changes, the time of year or my plans for cooking and overnighting, the entire list (or large portions of it) may change. I do as a general rule optimise in weight and volume. Weight for a relatively simple reason: too much reduces handling, puts more stress on the frame and suspension. Increased volume (bulk) causes the weight to be distributed less and less optimally. So the same weight in less volume is preferable. This means partially smaller items, but also items which allow more efficient packing. As I plan to do off-pavement riding, I will opt for soft panniers for riding / crash safety. We won’t be spending time in major cities, so theft is less of a concern. Tent & Sleeping gear (all the stuff you can leave at home when overnighting in hotels or similar) Big Agnes fly creek UL2 bike packing tent. Just under a kilo (2lb 5oz) and packs down really small due to its short poles. It gives me enough room to sleep in with my riding gear and bags. Cumulus Lite line 200 down sleeping bag (+6 comfort temperature). ±350 grams Thermarest Uberlite sleeping mat (regular). 240 grams and the size of a can of coke. Rab sleeping bag liner 100 gr. Keeps the bag clean an adds about 2 degrees in cold weather. When it’s hot I’ll sleep in it and use the sleeping bag as a duvet, making it a flexible combination. Pillow Sea to summit Aeros premium pillow 80 gr Cooking system Soto Amicus burner Toaks 750 ml titanium pot Jetboil coffee press (30 gr) Gas canister stand 100 gr gas canister + 230 gram reserve Lighter, sponge (not Bob), small towel wooden spoon (diy, another hobby of mine) I think sporks are a neat idea, but worthless in practice Small knife Gerber dime mini multitool (not really part of the cooking system, but due to its size I carry it in the pot) Cup Everything except the additional cup and extra gas canister fits inside the titanium pot. This is an ultralight and ultracompact system. It does mean however that it’s best suited for just heating water. If you want to cook pasta or rice for 2 persons, the pot is too small. Clothing (non-riding gear) 1 pair of summer zip-off outdoor trousers (Fjallraven) 1 Cumulus Acomay down jacket (packs really small) 2 Icebreaker merino t-shirts, 1 short sleeve, 1 long sleeve 2 pairs of underpants (longshorts) merino, icebreaker 1 pair of slippers (Decathlon) 1 pair of ultralight shoes Rev’it rain trousers & rain jacket (I prefer these above the inner water resistant layers. If it rains, you’re stuck with a thoroughly wet outer shell which you don’t want inside your tent if you can avoid it. The wet rain jacked & trousers you can leave in the vestibule if necessary. Toiletries Toothpaste & brush Hair shaper (yes, I an slightly vain - baldies have an advantage here, but will require a hat or more sunscreen) Alcohol based hand cleanser Contact lenses Toilet paper Wet baby wipes Contact lenses Soap leaves Sunscreen Sunglasses While I probably take the same items as most people, I do take only amounts what I’ll need during two weeks. 15 ml of toothpaste, a small travel toothbrush (alternatively cut off half a normal brush), mini 50 ml deodorant. You can buy small fillable tubes or plastic bottles in the size you need. You’ll be amazed at the difference in weight and particularly size you can achieve by bringing just what you need. First aid We’re still in Europe, with telephone reception and shops in every town, so its just the convenient and essentials Plasters, quick-bandage, disinfectant, pincer, tick removal tool, Paracetamol and/or ibuprofen When doing an overland in less civilised countries, this list will be significantly expanded, but that is something for an entirely different discussion thread. Electronics Phone, mini charger and 5 cm cable 5500 mAh battery pack. During the day my phone is off. The power pack is charged during the day. 1 Gopro with, remote, 4 batteries and charger. Kobo e-reader to read something in the evenings. Food This is primarily meant so that we have something to eat when we run into a fantastic wild camping location, but haven’t done shopping yet, or in case we get into a fix. 1 expedition meal (just add water) 2 packets of Hardkeks (energy rich cookies. Alternatively powerbars) 250 grams of good Coffee (life becomes so much better when sitting at a remote campsite with a nice brew) Luxury items Only item I’m still thinking about is a chair. When I ride with hard luggage, the case acts as a chair. I’m now considering and ultralight camping chair (0,5 kg). Only downside is that it adds considerable bulk Tools & supplies I’m still getting to know the bike and what I need for service, and there is already a thread on tools developing, so I’m not going into that here. All this packs down to about 40-45 liters and should weigh roughly 10-12 kilograms (I’ll put it on my scales when I’ve put everything together). Fits easily in two 27l bicycle bags which I plan to mount, with room to spare for food bought along the way. That’s it! Looking forward to your comments, experiences, recommendations etc.
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    I'm hoping you sleep twice a day! I will be damn anxious if I'm not riding by mid June.
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    When we get our bikes in the USA if there is not a front brake line kit Availible , I will design one and sell em here on the forum. I already have a few ideas from the pictures. I wish I could get my hands on one of the USA test bikes.
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    Ordered this rack with soft luggage plate from bumot, and no, I don’t know how much it weighs, with a view to re using my monsoon 3s. The handles either side looked a little higher to keep the bag off the exhaust,so close, more thinking required. Anyway, oxfords this week, had enough of my 8 quid mitts, they work great, summer gloves on, waterproof....but, well you know. 650 miles, service all done 118.00 squid. BRAAAAAAAAP, WOW, like Shet off a shovel,such USEABLE power, a complete joy to ride, I’m loving this bike😀
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    It's 12mm diameter.
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    Take a listen from a band that grew up in the Tenere desert..
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    I was going for the yamaha ones but changed my mind due to cost... Spacer is needed as they are not long enough. People are happy with them once they have been programmed for a higher cc bike. I've fitted Oxford ones and I'm happy with my choice. Bought glue separately as I don't trust superglue that much and fitted them myself. They are good and cost less than £50 in UK. You could buy from here are as some companies ship worldwide. Attached a picture to see how they look. Aleks
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    So i have picked up my T7 last week. Its awesome, was originally going with an AT but so pleased i moved to the T7. At the moment i wouldn't change anything! I have only just been running it in on country lanes, motorways, A/B roads etc. No off off road yet but i cant wait for that, only limitation i have had with that is having no time to do it! I went with quite a few of the optional extras and pleased i did. Whilst not cheap i can't fault any of the options. Explorer Pack PIAA Spots(Headlight fitting) Comfort seat Front and Rear Plus LED indicators Rad protector Heated grips Licence plate holder Tool Kit All of these are worth the money in my opinion and just make the bike. Its going for its first service tomorrow then it's off to France. Cant wait! Get in some off road too! For me coming from sports bikes I'm pleased to find that it pulls strong and goes really well. The noise from the standard can is great, instruments are clear. Only thing i need to get is a low profile sat nav mount. The standard garmin 595 sticks out a little to far for my liking from the top tube above the dash. I think SW make one but i have seen a flat mount for sale in US. Im really pleased with my lighting upgrades. The Indicators add some extra safety both front and back and the PIAA just add more none dazzling light up front. One thing that really has surprised me is how good all the lights are! Seems good on fuel, i don't really worry about it to be honest just fill up as and when i need to but it certainly doesn't feel like it drinks it. If anyone has any specific questions then please feel free to ask. So pleased i have one, other than piece of garaged exotica i don't really want anything else, this bike is awesome!
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    I'm not sure which fix you are referring to, but I had come across this in the past: https://safer-turn.com/smart-turn-system/ I'm thinking of trying that when my T7 arrives. (unless something better appears?) Tazmool
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    Black for me as well!!! Come on June 2020!
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    Good protection. 3 connexions between the frame - stronger mount. Don't know the weight.
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    Lupan . All you need is the 39.95 bit for oem indicators, the other option is a cut bracket, in case you don’t want to cut yours. Fitting is straight forward and a good video to help, and yes,my reason is purely aesthetic
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    Beauty is a touchy subject and some of us think that the tail looks much better with a tail tidy... 😁
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    He he. The reason I got it is to get rid of the horrible standard one. The weight saving and the lack of it flapping about like the standard one is a bonus
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    Looks nice... That is my next mod on the list.. Did you weigh the original against this one?
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    it is the ancient law of DOT that "light fixtures needs to reach certain wattage to be deemed legal"... 10 Car Options the Law Won't Let You Have Innovation moves much faster than legislation. Here is a bunch things that we are not allowed in the US/Canada... I can't seems to find the actual law right now. Anyway, sorry for the thread drift. I will be looking forward to your high fender mount mod once it is ready.
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    Great, let us know how hefty she is :)
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    I think mine is about 400kg with all the stuff on it including camping gear etc. Still pulls 130km fully loaded and does not ride bad at all. It makes the front wheel a bit light but you get used to it quite quickly.
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    That is the first official weight I have seen posted by Yamaha. Thanks
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    I thought the main purpose of a rack was to carry things, that Touratech rack has no tie down points ??
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    @Aleksandar13 is winning the ‘protect your investment’ award for sure. How often do you plan on applying this product? Thanks for the guide pal.
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    my old Yamaha XV1900 Rider Norway with my wife Lysebotn Trollstigen / Norway Atlantic road 2019
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    Just saying that it’s: a pity that SW Motech didn’t bend and flare out the rails in to loops to make handle loops like the Yamaha rack has; as handles are real handy for moving the bike around and offering the rear plastic side panel some protection from fall overs and worse.
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    Wow, this photo is amazing. The best T7 advertisement so far :) Great job with the race. Congratulations.
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    Yes couldn't agree more, I came off mud and snow covered trails in the Pyranees handeling better than any trail bike I have ever owned streight onto tarmac twisty roads scraping the centre stand. so an allround awsome bike
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    Love it and well done that man. I thought how good it would be laced up to 17 inch rims. Obviously not as hard core, but I had my T7 right to the edge of the front and rear standard tyres in the Pyrenees at the end of Sept on the twisty passes and honestly couldn't have gone quicker on my old Tuono V4R on those roads (all 2nd, 3rd, 4th gears). It really does it all. Rich
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    A short conversation from Australian MCN. Tenere 700 talk with Takushiro Shiraishi | Project Leader | MCNews.com.au Trev talks to Yamaha Tenere 700 Project Lead Takushio Shiraishi at the Australian press launch currently being held in NSW, Australia to find out what went on behind the scenes with the new adventure-touring model's development....
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    Here is my version of how to mount a Garmin Zumo 395LM and power supply over the Tenere's dashboard. Disclaimer: Anything You do to Your own bike, is at Your own risk and responsibility. 1. Some aluminium plate, pipe-clams, Sumitomo mt2 connectors and a few rubber mounts. 2. The power connectors can be found behind both front side panels. I chose the right hand side. I replaced the bike's own connector with Sumitomo mt2 connectors. This connector is with a 2A fuse which is enough for the navigator. There is also another connector (which has a Sumitomo mt3 in it), but it is with 10A fuse, so it's better for grip warmers or extra lights. 3. Had some problems finding a suitable place for the Garmin's transformer. Used a two sided tape and attached it behind the fuel tank, see the blue circle. This might cause some extra work in the future when dismounting the tank. But won't be doing that for some time. 4. The alumium plate in place and wiring (almost) done. 5. The Garmins's cradle in place. 6. A picture from the side, where You can see the rubber mounts (arrowed), hopefully they reduce the vibrasion. 7. All set and done!
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    “Should be” identical from what I’m hearing but won’t know for sure until we see them. There wasn’t any difference between the 2010’s in Europe and the 2012’s in the US from what I remember....
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    It's a matter of taste.......I like it. I mounted Acerbis Supermoto fender and cutted the lower one, so no brakeline need to be changed
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    Then you may be getting the wrong bike. This looks like 450...
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    I don’t really just want to manage I want to feel confident, I’ve done a lot of off road riding and not being able to touch the floor comfortably will result in the bike being on its side regularly.
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    Hey there, ACD Factory is on the line! Yes, we have the skid plate in stock already, both in "raw aluminium" and "black powder coating" options. Feel free to check it all out on our website: Yamaha Tenere 700 T7 XTZ-690 2019 Skid Bash Plate Protection Engine guard Yamaha Ténéré 700 / T7 TenereModel year | 2019 Skid Plate | Bashplate | Engine guard Skid plate designed and manufactured by ACD Racing Parts to perfectly match the Yamaha Ténéré 700 model year 2019 motorcycles. This skidplate brings high levels of protection to the... Any question you have about our products - let me know. I will be glad to answer! 😎 Regards, Pavel ACD RACING PARTS
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    Hi, got this SW Motech seat bag after seeing one on another forum, fits well on the four existing mounting points, 26 litre expanding to 35 I think. by the way I’m in Shepshed if you want to have a look.
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    Glad I don't need to change how I was saying it. 😁
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    Which forum do you own? I ran into that at first on our other forums, and then I went ahead and embraced Facebook and simply use it to attract people to the forum. Facebook is great for sharing pics today, but horrible for finding past tech tips because its all just one thread and posts get buried and lost in a week. Once I embraced promoting on facebook, our MT07 forum's tech tip section filled up with tech tips see for yourself Yamaha FZ-07 Tech Tips - The FZ-07 Forum Got a really good tip on how to install or repair something on the Yamaha FZ-07? Put it here! Pics and Videos are welcome and helpful. When we start our premium member program here, Ill give away a few premium memberships to folks who write up really helpful tech tips.
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    Here's my new Tenere T7 with a new end can, engine protectors, hand guards & personalised number plate! Regards Tony
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    I wonder why we won't be getting LED's? Old bulbs suck , LED should be standard on every bike now.

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