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    today i have done to my t7 the following (well, not exactly today, but recently) i am very much involved in the german health system so do not be cross if i do not answer very soon do eventual questions. -rims excel 1,85“ and 2,5“ front and rear. used oem whel hubs, kept my original wheel set with single disc for road work. -sc projects decat full titan system, air filter and injection system not touched. no need to dial into this end as power delivery similar to orignal. exhaust note not louder than akra with db eater. -touratech extreme suspension made by tractive suspension 30 mm more travel around. no more bottoming out riding aggressively off road, but not done any major jumps yet. suspension wise with this set up the t7 needs a more direct, speedy and aggressive riding style like say a ktm 790 adv r to take advantage of this investment of roughly 2800 euros. engine wise it is still the same bike, very forgiving , easy to ride in touring- or knocking-on-heavens-door mode. i like the versatility of this engine more than the 790 engine, it just suits my needs much more. cosmetically my t7 is not yet finished, the perforated panels are not yet to my full liking. maybe have to work on their shape and or paint. next step is a 5cm/2“ higher seat. stay fit and healthy, cheers, wolfram
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    Yamaha replacing my rear spokes under warranty. like for like I can only hope the replacements are as the front they seem ok. They will be replacing them again if the same tarnishing happens. Maybe stainless eventually.
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    Hi everyone, I’ve just about run my bike in and thought it was time to share my opinion of the T7. The short answer is I love it. On the road, for a dirt orientated bike it is amazing I can’t believe how stable it is yet so responsive on winding roads. The more I ride it the more my confidence rises in the bikes ability to handle whatever is throne at it. Alternately on loose surfaces it changes little until you start charging on it. This is when it comes alive and the beast within lets loose. I think Yamaha have done a miraculous job creating this Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hide. Is it perfect? No, but that gives us something to tinker with and the ability to make it individually perfect for ourselves. I have done lots on my T7 as I have done in the past with every bike I’ve ever owned. No doubt there will be more to do and that in my opinion is part of the joy of owning something you are proud of when you step back and think, well Yamaha built it but I have individually perfected it to suit just myself.
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    Hi Mike It’s not the length that’s the issue it’s the depth of the lever Hope the pic explains it better. One is the Oem lever sat on top of the Asv
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    Touratech stuff finally arrived and fitted the skid plate and rear brake pedal extender. I have the footpegs as well but they packed the wrong one for the left hand side, so I'm waiting for them to send out the correct one. Given the current sh!tuation I might get it in time for winter! Rad guard fitted ready for when my Camel ADV high fender kit arrives (currently in Montreal according to Canada Post tracking). And here a picture of the Race Styles graphics I fitted a couple of weeks ago.
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    I went camping over night and this was what the morning greeted me with.
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    The first thing we noticed when I rode the T7 is that the gauge cluster looked like it wasn't even bolted to the bike. Did someone on the assembly line forget some fasteners? Why is the cluster trying to jump off?! Why does the headlight look like a strobe light at night when traveling down a rough road? Great news, they don't need to do that. I designed a stabilizer rod kit called the "Anti-Bobble-Head" (ABH). It ties the 4 rubber mounted gauge cluster/headlight locations together with the GPS mount bar. This stabilizes the gauges, headlight and the GPS mount. Even over very rough terrain, the gauges stay where they should and the headlight is no longer bouncing all over the place. The ABH rods are TIG welded 304 stainless that powdercoated. Install is straightforward (an assistant with small hands will be helpful). https://camel-adv.com/collections/yamaha/products/yamaha-tenere-abh
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    Not fair, all geared up & not allowed to go anywhere.
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    Install video for our High Fender Kit:
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    Think this was the 19mm front axel key for the 990. Sorry for off topic post. Might save someone’s weekend.
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    A slight change in plans as SM-Pro are shutting down I was forced to get hubs back and buy Excel rims which are more expensive but are supposed to be of better quality and more durable. Managed to avoid a bit of drama by bringing the rims and hubs yesterday to a local wheel builder and he is going to do his best for Monday/Tuesday. All fingers crossed now for this to happen. Tyres are in the back of my car waiting so are Michelin tube. Finding a tyre fitter is not easy but managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat and someone private will install them for me. Pictures to follow ...
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    I can live without toilet paper. If I can't get the new bike I'm gonna be pissed!
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    I decided to take the newly serviced bike on an overnight camping trip, just me. Only about 300KM or so round trip, mainly sealed roads but also some nice time riding the tracks in the park where I camped. I found a nice secluded spot on a granite outcrop with just enough room for the bike, tent and a small fire. Weather was nice and the clear night sky beautiful. A few cold beers and warm pasta made for a great, if brief stay. I love this one with the sunrise behind me. The colours of nature complement the colours of the bike I think.
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    After my fail in fitting the handguards I moved on to fitting the Anti Bobble Head which went really well. If you have sausage fingers like mine it’s tight but still doable. I watched the video which shows all the fixings on both sides being removed before installation. I decided to remove only the fixings from the side I was installing. This ensured that nothing moved and it all went back together no problem. I got these from Rugged Roads and I think I was one of the first to get a set as they had just got them in stock. I can recommend Rugged Roads and the delivery was fast.
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    Lots of sanding indeed, and a little filing too! I started with 60 grit paper then to 240 grit to get it real smooth, I didn't want any sharp edges cutting into my new bags. The level is a sort alloy so it's light and easy to work with. It is also quick to remove so can be left in the panniers when they are not being used. hh
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    If you add 2800 for suspension maybe another 1500 for tubeless wheels set up a slipper clutch another 600 in the 3nd you have spent the same amount of money. The T700 seems to be an easier to ride bike for a less experienced rider with very smooth engine and more reliable...Ktm 790 seems less reliable and this is big hit blow for a 15.500 euro bike...Ktm is a better all around bike with more fuel mileage...maybe more aggressive but in the end more bike...
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    and for the orange lovers (or haters...)
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    I went for a 100km ride yesterday, just on some back roads around where I live. It was great because I hardly saw any cars and it made the ride feel like I was in the middle of woop woop away from everybody. If I thought there was any way I could have harmed anybody in any way by going for a ride on my own I wouldn't have done it, but until I find a reason i'll keep trying to go for short daily rides cause this is too good a bike to be left sitting in the garage.
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    Just got back from taking my daughter for a 100 klm bush ride & I agree with you it is social isolation, but if I went with a few other riders & were out in public I think it would be frowned upon. I suppose we need to be seen to be doing the responsible thing. but that small ride I just did was awesome, I love this bike
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    How tall are you? Both these bikes are much taller, and bigger than your MT07. You will need long legs, or be good at handling bikes at low speed, preferably both. Do you plan on any off road riding? The reason I bought the T7 was so that I could explore some rough terrain off road, as well as do big rides on road. I live in Australia where we have plenty of both. If I was just road riding I would have bought something else that wasn't as tall and maybe something more comfortable. I think the Yamaha would be better off road (it is lighter) but the BMW would be nicer on the road, especially touring (it has more power) though I have never ridden one. You really need to test ride these bikes to see, or even sitting on one might tell you they are too big for you? Good luck. Shane
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    My ktm 350 spark plug box spanner is a perfect fit for the t7 front axle so one tool does both bikes.
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    Fitted a set of these too: Yamaha T7 Stainless Wheel Spacers-RRP 635 These are the OE spacers after 1200 miles, showing early signs of scoring where they fit at the bearing seals. And I'm ashamed to admit that those 1200 miles have so far been mainly road miles (I'm working on it!)
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    Hy there, happy to find an international T7 Forum, I live near to Marseille exactly in Salon de Provence a lovely place indeed. I found my T7 two weeks ago, since we are confined all together. Let me a lot of time to read. Thanks to all for what I will learn Frenchie
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    Hi there, here is my idea of a slim luggage rack, consisting of the above components. On the Bumot Rear I removed the two outer handrails to create a tight-fitting carrier that also leaves space for removing the rally seat. greeting Peter
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    Just finished fitting a Hepco & Becker Mini Rack - not without issues which I've posted about here: Also applied an important warning sticker, which in hindsight probably precludes me from riding my own bike!
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    I am secretly hoping my rear spokes start rusting as well so I can have Yamaha replace them and while doing so replace with stainless spokes and a 2.5 inch rear Excel rim from Off-the-road
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    I have just finished fitting a B.&B. off road Engineering Australia tail rack and mounted a Nelson-Rigg tail bag. Very happy with the products and the way they have turned out. I will warn you that if you want regular access to under the seat and you are thinking of ordering one of the Tail Racks specify the one for the rally seat instead of the standard seat. To get under the seat with the one I have purchased you need to remove the rack. (Just the 4 bolts) The Tail Bag is expandable and will hold a full face helmet.
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    Another option; Tenere 700 – FFbyFresco
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    This is my tool box, but for 5 months of travel... ( when possible... ) https://traces-deux-roues.com/pieces-outillage-voyage-moto/
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    Have one on order and will make the "spine adjustment" you recommended prior to a weekend warrior outing! Thanks for sharing Allen!
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    I have unfortunate news about the three in one tool. I loosened both the front axle hex bolt and the rear with a breaker bar and socket and then tightened them back up with the Rally Raid tool. Unfortunately I found that I needed to use it the other day out on the track and because of the angle of the bike the only way I could get pressure on the tool to release the hex nut was to use my foot. The unfortunate part of this was that because of the angle I was on once I put pressure on the tool which was slightly sideways the shaft of the tool bent. Not badly but bent just the same. There is an easy fix to this I think and that is to weld a small metal spine along the shaft to the hex socket and tacking it to the hex socket as well. This I will do over the next couple of days and post up the results.
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    I went out on my bike for the first time in ages which was tremendous with the sun out and quiet roads but i made sure I was protected the best way I could against the virus. This included wearing my Arai full face mask and Klim body suit.
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    thanks for all your support from everyone here at Rally Raid Products, the 3-in-1 spanner was the first thing we made for the T7, I couldn't believe Yamaha don't supply anything to remove wheels. As a tip, undo the front spindle & rear axle nut in the workshop, even using a socket &bar as they can be very tight from the dealer, then re-tighten both axles using the new tool, to hand tight(I use my boot to lever the tool) and then on the trail if you need to remove a wheel, it will be possible to undo them.
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    If you combine a single 320mm disc with steel brake hoses i think you'll be fine! Maybe use a Brembo radial master cylinder:
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    Looks nice... Keep us posted if you find anything
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    Hi to all, This is my first post on any forum, so sorry if its not quite right. In relation to the GPS mount. I found the ebay sells these 12mm guide rail supports at £2.50 a pair. Then I just made an aluminium plate to mount the Garmin zumo connection. Took about 2hours from start to finish. There are power points under each side panel that come from the accessories fuse. Pictures attached I hope.
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    Haven't seen it posted yet so here you go, enjoy!
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    Io ho contattato anche enduristan e mi anno detto che le misure sono le stesse cambia solo la profondita ma mi piacerebbe vedere la differenza sulla moto
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    My first and only serious get-off was on the short track, a friend of mine and I had contact, he was on his frz600 and I was on my tls, tried to save the bike and held on (bad idea) things went from bad to worse, and I remember seeing red-gree-blue-red-green-blue, (red was the bike, green was the grass, blue was the sky, all spinning by) The damage was not bad to the bike, actually got it back on the track later that day, but my left ankle was quite beat up, I remember a sharp pain as the bike pinned the leg to the ground and I got peeled off. I also drove home that day, it was an old Chevy S15 with crappy brakes. My left leg was so sore I had to double foot the brake pedal to get the truck to stop (my buddy was too shook up to drive, but he did not go down!). I hopped around on one leg for a month, too young and dumb to have it looked at lol. Never been to Calabogie, heard of it, but never went. My fzr buddy got himself a SV650, and I later had an R1 that I did track days on. MoSport, Cayuga mainly (it was closest) and Grattan in Michigan (my buddy is from the US) All this was in the early 2000s too, maybe we saw eachother at some pont! We had a small crew that would meet up at the track, don't remember their names any more.... There was one guy on a old FZR600 (he later got an R6) he was very fast, he'd lap us slow-pokes on our new machines, and he only had one eye! we did not know until one night before the track day, we were camping out at the track, he got drunk and lost his eye, we helped him find it... thats how we found out he had one eye.... how he was that good on an old bike, with no depth perception, I'll never know it just tells ya, it 90% rider! I've had this R6 sitting in pieces in my garage for 2 years now.... bought it to do a track day.... I agree, once all this silliness out there ends, things to back to normal, I'll have to try it again... There is another project that is taking up most of my time however, it takes precedence for now, but once its done, it will have wings! And, ofcourse there is the T7 that will arrive.... hopefully this year..... but honestly, with everything going on, I'm in no hurry. Tazmool
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    With plenty of time on most of our hands just looking at options on bars. Have any of you changed from the standard ones to Renthal, Pro Taper etc
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    I like tracks like on your video, the biggest danger while riding fast through the forest are wild animals. Once when I was riding quite fast a big deer crossed the track just a few meters in front of my bike. I was lucky.
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    I'm not a fan of the cracking and popping on decel, I prefer a deep throaty decel growl. (Different strokes for different folks) I hope mine doesn't pop and crack on decel, if it does I'll have to look for something else cause it drives me nuts. I got my pipe made up and fitted, I just have to make up and weld some tabs to mount the genuine heat shield then it's testing time for the Akrapoverty. It cost me $104 AU all up for the muffler and pipe, the genuine Akrapovic system here costs around $1200 AU. There are other T7 systems over here that cost almost $1400 AU !! Coming from an exhaust background I can tell that the motorcycle exhaust system business is a complete rip-off.
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    That looks really impressive and good quality! Congratulations for the result! Would you mind to give me the measures of the bars? I'd like to print them with my 3D printer and see if I'll have a similar result

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