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    Türkiyeden herkese selam arkadaşlar motorumu yarın alıyorum 😊 Hi everbody from Turkey, Ankara I am taking my robocop tomorrow lansman colour ...I have been riding wr250 for six years...it will be big step for me but ı rode 600cc bikes before wr250r I try to be inform you sight of enduro rider not asphalt rider it is important to hear who is ride just enduro ı hope ı will be happy but my concern is gravity center is as high as old tenere xtz660 ??? See you this is my new transformer instagram: gezginendurocu
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    Take a listen from a band that grew up in the Tenere desert..
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    If a picture paints 1000 words - then I've vlogged many more words in my YouTube video below. But video spoken words are as one rides etc. So in written words what are my impressions now that it is fully run-in, e-ha: Ok, here goes, e-ha it run in and here are my 1st thoughts upon getting the bike : Firstly the bike is well screwed together and the quality of the fittings and component parts are good. There are some fasteners are torx on the inside and hex on the outside; that is a nice touch because that provides tool options for getting / using tools to remove fasteners. Ok ok i hear say what it like to ride and own; so moving on to what is the bike‘s ownership is really like to owner and ride. But before that where do we pitch the bike i.e. what category is in ? Ok it’s not an enduro bike nor is it a heavy a weight adventure bike so let’s say it is a capable, versatile mid weight adventure bike with modern engine and nice stock suspension. And there we have the first item to discuss in more detail is it’s weight it is not a heavy 1100, 1200, 1250 cc bike nor is it a tiny lightweight 250 two-stroke or even a light 400 cc trail or enduro bike it’s definitively way better than a trail bike and its not a Bank crushing £13000 bling ridden colour screened done get me dirty machine nor is it a £5000 lowest budget basic low quality old tech slow as a dead dog bike either. What it is and where it is is in a sweet spot it’s not too big or too heavy to ride over an old rickety wooden bridge or softish ground on and it’s not too feather weight or too small to be frighten on motorways or on along long windy road section rides. It is a tall bike in terms of handle bar from ground height and ground clearance which is amble off-road getting over obstacles like logs but the seat height is thankfully manageable for 30” inside leg with the low seat fitted. Video review after my 1st month of ownership.
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    My 2014 MT09 had really bad twitchy throttle and I sent my ECU to @2 Wheel DynoWorks and they were able to smooth the fueling out considerably and got me a decent HP boost to boot. They are in our supporting vendor section.
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    To be honest it was the wind noise along with your accent that was more the issue. Spent a weekend in Bangor recently so I can understand it 😎
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    No plates, it's just like a set of saddlebags you'd get on a horse! Super light and easy to get mounted up. They also have mounting points for a bag in the middle (on top) too. The instructions recommend drilling into a rear fender to mount two strap loops. You can get away with just trying down to the back two luggage bolts where the passenger seat is, but I'm still looking at a better option. I probably will end up drilling into the plastic.
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    Before the van, it was multi day, multi state trips, tent camping or in motels. Now it’s day loops and back to the van for the night. That’s why I’m wanting the T-700 so much. 100 less lbs then the 1200 TÉNÉRÉ. It will be so much easier to get on and off the van.
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    My local dealership put on an evening with Nick Sanders where he talked about himself, the Tenere 700 trip down do Dakar he did and also the round the world trip he is about to set off on with the Tenere. Did a little write up for anyone interested. An Evening with Nick Sanders and the Yamaha Ténéré 700 - 9to5ADV 9to5ADV sits down with Nick Sanders (and 80 other people) to talk about his life and the new Yamaha Ténéré 700. Here's his new bike kitted out:
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    A (Useful Popular Topic) Theme Copied from other forums.... were folk update and or mod their bikes etc. For Example: I've fitted a (Tutoro) auto chain oiler on to my bike; see video & pics below: I like this oiler. Hope video helps 👍
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    Truly Fantastic / Vantastic... Yep, you’ll love lighter 700. What is the plan for the Super Tenere; would have been nice to have a 100,000 miles on her. Van builder likes / had lots of yellow paint. Here’s my Tenere 700 owner review : Safe travels.
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    Yes they did. I installed everything else before I went to Spain on the T7 and they fitted these last parts at the same time as the service. They did a good job.
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    Yep. She cleaned up well. I thought I'd have stone chips on the rims after all those rocks and pebbles, but not one. Must be thick paint😊
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    There is a bit of history with Erik at Twisted throttle. I met him about 5 years ago at a horizons unlimited meet up in Mariposa Ca. He needed a bike to do his demo on and I let him use mine. We’d meet on occasion at IMS motorcycle shows in the PNW every year or so and he was kind enough to host me at his house in Rhode Island when I was on my 48 state ride in 2016. He even joined me on his TT Denali show bike from the house up to Bar Harbor in Maine. Earlier this week he hosted me again as I passed through. A really great guy that’s trying to build a good company. (that vstrom 1000 is the bike that started the company when he was looking for after market parts but couldn’t find any.so he started selling his own)
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    Hi all, I am in the UK for a couple days from the US. We have yet to get the T7, and I was hoping to get to check on out IRL. But I am realizing they are not hanging out on showroom floors. Hoping someone might know where one is. Or willing to show theirs off. I am in Kendal near the Lake District (11/10/19) and fly out of London 16/10/19. I was in Ireland last week on rented bikes from bare naked bikes. I live in jackson, WY near Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. I have been riding a 690 Enduro R the past few summer, ridden a few other bikes, and have a ‘82 KZ750 in the garage as a winter project.
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    Oh dear, I am totally gutted, I’m so sorry to hear that about Ronny and that accident. The pain never goes only changes. Sorry again 😐. Too young to go, hope Ronny lived life enjoying his short years. Lost dad when I was 14; I feel your pain. Glad, as I reckon Ronny would be, that you continued motorcycling. Peace 👨.
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    Well, we dont get the bike until net year. Canada is already taking pre orders for a early summer delivery, but the USA Yamaha reps at the Aim expo had no details an a USA release date and no preorder for us. But, I know a guy who can get you a German model shipped over to you by end of this month, but it will cost. Let me know if interested and I can get you in touch with one.
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    Yeah yes the suspension will be fine for you as I’m the same weight as you. You’ll not need to replace anything.
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    Compression and Rebound fully adjustable on front and at rear. And yes it is good quality KYB suspension. The suspension is the thing that has pleasantly surprised me the most; it makes the bike I think.
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    I have fitted the T7 Rally screen adjuster (they use the stock screen, but allows it to be slid up further). I'm 5'10" and the 'half way' position with the adjusters is a good compromise for normal and motorway 'speed' riding. I found the stock one fired turbulence straight at my helmet around 60-70 mph. The T7 adjusters now lift the turbulence up enough to reduce the wind racket getting to my ears. Well made and easy to fit from T7 Rally.
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    Cabby my box does look big but I can assure you its the smaller of the Givi boxes and I think the bikes small dimensions make it look bigger. I think the 58 would just look too big. Cheers Steve
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    Has anyone thought about putting a much shorter pipe on like FZ/MT 07 pipes. Available from Wish.com Akrapovic? Hang it off the passenger foot peg bracket. Also pipes from Arrow or M4 sound and look the bomb! Firstly cheap and doesnt matter if it gets scratched or dented although less likely being more tucked away. Secondly easier to put large soft luggage hanging down without touching the exhaust. I don't believe deep river crossings will be an issue. Air intake is the critical issue and is way above water level.
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    Bravo! That would have made a great tech tip, though!
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    Folks, I know a lot of Motorcycle Vendors. I only do business with the one's that I would feel comfortable doing business with. And I can tell you that @2 Wheel DynoWorks is the very best in the business. They were the very first to flash the CP2 engine and they have flashed more CP2 engines than anyone else in the world. Their Dyno machines are the most accurate because they do the daily calibrations that many dyno shops never do. Nobody knows your engine's tuning better than @2 Wheel DynoWorks . You can mail them your ECU, tell them what you want done and they will ship it right back to you fast! They are experienced shipping all over the world. Welcome to the Tenere 700 forum guys! Click below to check em out
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    Motocross helmet an issue wind wise. Actually had 2 mics the one for the rear facing cam is better just need it fitted into road helmet.
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    Hi my Givi Outback Trekker in 42 size fits just perfect on the Yamaha rear rack. Cheers Steve
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    Cheers, so need to talk less (Belfast like and more) s l o w e r l y, 'see you Jimmy' that my best Scotish, subtitles needed 😉😀
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    Welcome. Here’s my own review Good machine go for it.
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    So folks, I've been thinking... The MT-07 front discs are exactly the same size as the T7's (no surprise in terms of money saving etc.). So it got me thinking if MT-07 wheels would fit? What a supermoto that would be (and keep the off road wheels/tyres for a quick swap). Two bikes in one😎 The swinging arm will take a 180 rear tyre of the MT-07 I'm sure no problem. So does anyone have any idea if they would fit? If not, I'll get my tape measure out at my Yamaha dealers... The front mudguard might look a bit weird with the smaller 17 inch front wheel, but I'll worry about that after I know they fit. Cheers Rich
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    Ok I'll say something. It was a good review right up until you started riding, after that, could hardly make out a word you were saying, and I'm Scottish so it's highly unlikely those over the pond will understand any of it.
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    Anyone know if the headlight housing can be opened up easily? I wanted to make the silver bits around the LED bulbs black, to match the T7 concept a little in the future, not sure if its possible
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    Yes, huge difference. I've been riding Supermoto for years and don't just want road tyres on the standard rims. If they fit, they'll be nothing to change brake-wise or gearing. A dead simple in and out. Hoping someone might know if they fit. If not, I'll measure up an MT-07 and share with the forum. Rich
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    Sorry, I think you're missing my point. I don't want to have to swap tyres as I will be off roading and roading. The idea was to have a cheap two bikes in one. MT-07 wheels are pretty cheap on eBay. I have a KTM and do exactly that and they make it genuinely two bikes in one. Both are just as much fun. I don't want an MT-07 at all as I'm into true dual sport and love Supermoto. Wheels can be swapped in less than 30 minutes, so no effort at all and I like working on bikes.
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    Or you could buy one and make it look the same, I think there is a company out there selling for £9 a pair.
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    OEM tune is leanish but nothing to worry bout- yes the "lean" nature( stupid EPA regs/Euro shyt lvls) is kinda a small problem... A tune will bring the AFR lvls down a touch but it's rewarded with a smoother/more powerful operation of the motor... Super tight throttle cables, treating the throttle like an off/on switch, etc are usually rider habits that can be corrected... The EU4 + compliance comes from mainly digital/limited mechanical means... pretty soon it would be a common EU compliance solution to resort to "forced induction" after mechanical/digital means are not cost effective...
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    Just picked my T7 up on Saturday, then ran it for 30 miles, fitted the extras, then took by van to the Pyrenees with a couple of mates. Absolutely fantastic bike. Will report back when I have more time, but a couple of pics. Did quite a bit of off roading and it feels great standing up. So pleased. Feel like I can go anywhere on it. I pushed the forks through 10mm and fitted bar risers and the rally seat plus sumo guard and engine protectors. The exhaust (MTC) sounds epic. Baffle out. Cheers Rich
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    Cheers for the advise I will give one a go? Mick
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    I do not usually turn to air filters for power, so Im no help in the air filter performance aspect. Paper filters are fine for street, but if you are gonna be on a dirt road or trail with other bikes, cars, or 4 wheelers in front of you, they will be kicking up dust and as you ride thru it, whatever filter you are using will be tested. In those conditions, I totally suggest an oiled foam filter, with a line of grease on the bottom of the filter where it meets the plastic filter holder. This grease bead keeps dust from getting sucked in under the filter.
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    A few more from today's epic ride. What a bike. Rich
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    Great idea! You can also go on our member map, find others in your area, click on their pins and send them a forum pm to invite them!
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    One of my favorite loop rides. Victoria Australia, the Iconic Great Ocean road that includes the internationally known 12 Apostles This is a full day approx 10 hours 500km ride from home firstly through the Otway National park rain forest through to the back way of a town called Lorne returning for on the great ocean road mixing it up with gravel roads and tracks past the 12 Apostles. It is an absolute cracker of a ride with breathtaking scenery all the way including waterfalls/rain forests/open fields and sea views with roads winding all the way of all terrain. Enjoy Click the link below to watch the ride and scroll down to see the images https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10001943989
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    They are U.S. based, but drop them an email here: 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com and ask them about to see about flashing the ECU.
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    T7 not fully run-in but had to get it off the road onto the loose gravel stuff etc to get a feel... 😉😊
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    Mine has just arrived from Max Torque Cans. Looks the business (same as the pic above, but in carbon). It has a removable baffle and they get good reviews. They've only just started selling them for the T7 and a hell of a lot cheaper than the Akra and removable baffle to boot. I bought mine from eBay. Just need a bike to put it on now 🤣. Roll on September. Rich
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    Me and some friends recently trucked out bikes up to Cascade, Idaho and rode up about 30 Miles to Indian Mountain lookout. It was up about 7,600 feet elevation. The first 20 miles were dirt roads and then last 10 miles were rough rutted out trail. Two of my friends wiped out hard both on the way up and on the way down in the same technical section that is a mix of loose sand loose rocks and switchback trail. Luckily, I was able to keep my bike on two wheels but had a couple of close calls. I ride the ktm 250 2 stroke. It's a 2014 carb model but I installed a lectron carb and the bike totally hauls ass. It's light too. I'm going riding again this Sunday and will take more pics along the way to create a better story!

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