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    Ohlins installation. No test, no setup. My wheels are on the way for the tubeless upgrade
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    I also started working on a motorcycle 😎
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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and thought I should start posting. I imported a T7 into Canada in Sept. I believe it is the only T7 in North America other than the units that Yamaha themselves have. The bike is here on a 12 month temporary import permit. I also have a 790ADV R and have been able to put a bunch of time on them back to back. I can't do a well-rounded comparison. I don't do nearly as much "ADV" riding as I'd like to. It's been almost 2 years since I loaded up with camping gear and was out on a backcountry overnighter or even rode on the highway for more than an hour. I'll tell you what I can though. They're different tools for different jobs. Riders need to be honest about what their needs really are. Hard Fast Riding: The 790R excels at going fast. It destroys the T7 in rough, open terrain. The 790R suspension is simply better. It's not very plush but when you really start pushing the bike, it starts to work really well. The T7 suspension can't compete and honestly, how could it? You have 790R with 240mm travel and 48mm forks with 25mm cartridges vs the T7 with 200mm travel and 43mm forks with 20mm cartridges. Even with a respring/revalve, the shorter stroke and smaller cartridges/pistons in the T7 forks will be the limiting factor. Even with a respring/revalve from a great tuner, I doubt you'd be able to get the T7 suspension even close to the level of the stock 790R. The T7 will work well for spirited rides for most people as long as you're not too heavy and the terrain isn't too rough. Riders who usually just buy a bike and ride it with totally stock suspension will be happy with the suspension of the stock T7 too. If you're the kind of rider that gets all or most of their bikes revalved/resprung, this one will be no different. Slow Technical Riding: For slow technical riding, I'll jump on the T7 over the 790R every time. The T7 is an f'n tractor, it's a gorilla, it just chugs along. The low-end torque this thing has is incredible. It is very confidence-inspiring off-road. This CP2 motor is perfect for this bike and the gearing is on point. The 790 has good mid-range and top-end power but the bottom end is lacking and it's geared tall. It requires a lot more clutching to ride the same technical terrain. I went down one tooth on the front and up 3 on the back of my 790 and now it's slightly more stall resistant than the T7... that's a huge gearing change. If you don't spend much time on the highway, then gearing the 790 will make a huge difference in its usability for technical. The T7 just works out of the crate. Ergonomics: 790: I feel really cramped on the 790. The footpegs are quite far back so my feet are under my ass, feels sportbike like. The peg location is great once you're standing as you're a bit more stretched out and stable but for sitting, they are too far back. The sitting to standing transition is less than ideal. Even with the KTM PowerParts tall seat, moving up and down wrecks my knees over the course of a couple hours. The bars will feel low for most people. Over the past few years, my preferred bar height has come down a lot. I started with 4" bar risers on my first ADV bike and as I get better offroad, my bars have started coming down. The 790 bar position feels pretty good for me as is. The stock standing position works well for hard and fast offroad. T7: The sitting position is excellent and comfortable for long days. The pegs are a few inches forward so I'm not nearly as cramped sitting. The bars are very tall, most people that have sat on my bike have assumed I've added risers. This creates a bit of an issue for me when standing as I don't have the same "base" as I do on the 790. I need to lower the bars a bit to find the sweet spot. The sitting standing transition is much better than the 790 for me YMMV. The forward location of the footpegs and tall bars means I'm standing taller and having to hold on to the bars harder which puts more strain on my shoulders, back and forearms. This bike is begging for Stegz Pegz. If you don't know what they are, Google them. They've been a game-changer for me offroad (on Japanese bikes anyway). Electronics: The T7 doesn't have traction control but I don't think it needs it... it makes good tractable power and doesn't seem to want to spin wildly. I do wish it had Offroad ABS though. I thought it was gimmicky when it came out a few years ago but I have grown to like it, a lot. I also wish the T7 would retain the ABS setting when you turn the key off and back on. It's annoying (and dangerous) when the ABS defaults back to ON when you're doing sketchy offroad riding, grab the brakes and get basically nothing as you are headed toward <insert something you don't want to hit, or ride off of>. Misc: The TFT display on the 790 beats the T7's Gameboy looking unit. That been said, my TFT was replaced under warranty for condensation in it after 1000km... and is leaking again so perhaps a waterproof Game Boy beats a leaking state-of-the-art TFT... Wheels: I run tubes in everything I own so the 790R's tubeless isn't an asset to me. YMMV. Wind protection: A draw, they are both m'eh for me @6'3" Fuel Range: The 790 carries 25% fuel more and the range seems to reflect that too. The gas gauges suck on both of them. The 790 doesn't start to read until a 1/2 tank. That's not an issue with mine, literally, the gauge starts at 1/2 and goes from there. I assume this is because of the tank's very weird shape. It would be very difficult to get a float/sending unit to work with the shape. Even though you know the gauge starts at half (meaning the gauge showing 1/2 tank is actually 1/4), I'm, still adjusting to it... have run out of fuel twice. The T7 has a full gauge but it's not very accurate. When it reads empty, mine still has 3/8 of a tank left, not helpful.... and, I don't want it to read full longer, you're not conning me into thinking the bike is way more efficient than it actually is! I wish someone would just build a gauge/float that was accurate. Full means full, half means half and empty means you're pushing. At least that way I can plan accordingly. You'd think the T7 would feel much more top-heavy with the fuel all up top compared to the 790 being very low... somehow, it isn't that noticeable. I have a few ideas about how to actually measure it... that will be interesting to see that actual results. Conclusion: For BDR type rides, either will work but I'd be more comfortable on the T7... it's just an easier bike to ride. The 790R is a more race-type bike and needs to be ridden hard and fast to be truly appreciated. If I am going riding in the desert in Southern California or Nevada, I'll take the 790R. However, after I swap to top-shelf suspension on the T7, this will be closer to a draw. If I'm riding nasty technical trails at home (that I really should be using my actual dirt bike for), the T7 would be my pick. But... after really gearing the 790R down and this gets closer too. Yamaha will sell a PILE of T7s. I think it's the new KLR... I don't mean that in a negative way. It's an inexpensive bike that should be reliable (I haven't had any issues and I'm not seeing many online yet). It's a great beginner bike (my noob girlfriend has a deposit on one) but it appeals to experienced riders too. There's no new tech in it, just tried, tested and true parts. I have seen rumors of a T7 Rally.... if Yamaha adds 48mm KYB SSS forks with 250mm travel and a matching shock, I think this will be THE bike to beat.
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    Been off the road a couple of weeks, stripped some parts of the bike and gave them to a guy to wrap, stole the idea of the tinternet, but I am over the moon with the end product. got the ultimateaddons phone case, great, also that little plug to enable gear selection with side stand down (easy chain lubin). need to save up for black sump guard and bark busters and r and g engine covers, get rid of that annoying little guard. oh and those little yellow stickers on forks, which in hindsight should have been separated, they are longer than the raised Yamaha word. love this bike
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    Made some spacers from 12mm aluminium bar drilling out a 6mm hole cutting to length and getting the mudguard in the correct position. Still in the prototype stage but needs a little fettling. I am experimenting with an old WR450 mudguard before drilling a new one but intend to make 3mm ally plate on top and underneath for extra strength. Cheers Mick
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    Had a fantastic spin today. Bike is just over 1,000km now
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    Quite had it a couple of times stuck on a trail and also damaged the hose. I am working on my prototype high Mudguard / Fender conversion using a WR 450 Fender and an off set bracket. Also modifying the hoses. posting photos as I proceed. Thanks Mick
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    People who ride street only dont understand why dirtbikes have a high fender. People who ride dirt and trails dont want a branch or rock to get lodged between the tire and the low fender, sending them flying over the handlebars.
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    It is our job to let the Tenere become the dirt bike it wants to be. That low mudguard has to go.
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    I, too, an awaiting delivery of my T7. Had such great luck with my '12 Super Tenere, I could not resist.
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    to remove complete abs and replace brake hoses with braided steel ones and get them in working order - bleeding and test ride - took me the better part of a sunday afternoon. including tea time. the carbon canister went also on this opportunity. makes some nice room behind the cylinders. wolf
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    i have replaced the original fender with an old acerbis one. it is practical but i need to work on the looks. i have also eliminated the abs and one brake disk. i am happy with the break power now that i instelled braided hoses. regards, wolfram
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    I was thinking of doing something similar Mick and nice thinking. I think the trouble we'll have is the mudguard holds together the top of the fork guard covers. I think the only easy way is to cut the standard mudguard down as much as possible to leave in place the bit the fork guards bolt too. Like a little upside down u shape over the front wheel if you know what I mean. Maybe they'll be sturdy enough to hold in place with just the lower bolts near the fork bottoms like my KTM, but it will need testing. Cheers Rich
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    was over @ KTM facebook page, man some of the lash back on this review is "entertaining"... also they tested with non-R... Well, KTM is designed to ride hard off the bat, Tenere is more or less "all rounder". Both are great bike from what I can see...just a little bit different in terms of design mindset. I ride "soft" therefore I am here instead with KTM LOL...
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    Be great to know how you find the Ohlins if you can compare and share.
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    Dual Sports Plus has confirmed they will have the Outback Motortek crashbars and other accessories as soon as they are available. They carry Enduristan and other great brands as well. They are located in Brantford, ON. The R&G stuff is well priced on many of the sites posted above. It was marked way down around Christmas. Edit: Just noticed its marked down again and bought the case covers. Good deal R&G Engine Case Cover Kit for Yamaha FZ-07 '14-'17, MT-07 '18-'19, XSR700 '18-'19 & Tenere 700 '21 | Left & Right Side - MT-07 '18-'19 - Yamaha - Shop by Bike - TwistedThrottle.ca <p><strong>Features:</strong></p> <ul> <li><span>Crafted from 4mm polypropylene</span></li> <li><span>Bolt on...
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    Morning all, just starting to collect links for accessories in Canada for the Tenere. https://www.twistedthrottle.ca/shop-by-bike/yamaha/tenere-700?product_fit=596 cheers -Bob
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    Links I order from and will have parts as the T7 comes our way. fortnine.ca gnarlyparts.ca dualsportplus.com dirtracks.ca mx1canada.com revco.ca gpscity.ca
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    Top box is 42ltrs
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    Sherco may be huge in Europe, but hardly anyone in the USA has even heard of em. They are bringing on more dealers and we have one close by in Mountain Home Idaho. The Sherco 300 Two Stroke is a mighty mighty beast. I test rode one and it has more power than the KTM 300, and is such a great bike. But the bike that really surprised me was the Sherco 300 four stroke. Its like one of the most perfect dirtbikes that I have ever ridden. The Factory edition comes with the KYB SSS suspension, which in my book is the very best stock suspension on any bike made. I wish that Yamaha would make the KYB SSS an option on the Tenere 700. Any Sherco Owners here?
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    So the bike is just over 1,000km now and it really is an incredible machine. The engine is not quite as smooth as my previous bikes (MT10). I find the bike just vibrates a bit but it’s not something that bothers me too much. Being able to open the throttle now is fantastic and the bike is getting about 54mpg of really mixed driving including off-road. I aim to record a video soon but in the mean time here are some pictures of today’s spin
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    Hi everyone we are planning our TransAfrica from Tanger to Cape Town and are looking for bigger fuel tank for our T7. Any idea ?
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    I am currently fettling an old WR450 front mudguard in attempt to see weather it’s possible. Looks like a bit of fettling but possible I intend to have a break hose made from under the bottom yoke and 2 longer hoses utilising the curves section of solid hose over the mudguard. I will then completely remove the lower one. Anyone done this????
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    I think you'll find some do understand πŸ˜‰
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    Just over 400 miles now but man are the roads covered in Shet.
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    Congratulations on your nice T7! I ordered my black one at the end of September ..... so soon maybe πŸ™‚
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    Hi 260 mm from tyre to underside of mudguard and 240 mm maximum travel for the forks so should be oK Will do
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    thank you for the compliment. will try and comply. πŸ˜‰ keep you posted about next bits and pieces. cheers, salut, wolf
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    good morning rich, the complete abs is gone saving approximately10 pounds. rubber is pirelli scorpion rally 140/80/18 at the rear. its circumference and thus hight is different to the original tire, this lifts the rear by close to an inch. in the mud the rally is good, but it is better for sand and rock. for mud there are better tires with better self clearance and longer knobs that do not stand so close together. i would place this tire close to a michelin desert tire. i like the tire as it is also a good compromise on road. the front tire needs a couple hundred kilometres to loose its nervousness on asphalt and gain traction. it is not so good on wet tarmac though... cheers, wolf
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    Howdy, Has anyone mounted a high exit exhaust on their T7? Any heat issues? any problems with the exhaust being so close to the plastic tail section? There seem to be some up-front disadvantages to a high exit exhaust, raised center of gravity (although counterweighed, by a lower weight of the system) and possible hot pipe proximity to luggage and the tail section. However, the part that appeals the most to me is the out of the way exhaust, so in the event of the inevitable tip-over, the exhaust will not be damaged, and or scrap the swingarm (this is something that full-on dirtbikes use as a design rule) One such exhaust is the Huzar brand: This is the high exhaust, no db killers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9xrhMSvdWg This is the std exit exhaust, with both db-killers in (I love the sound, quiet is good for long rides in my book) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X62qOjLRg4 They also claim that with their dual (inlet & outlet) db killers, the exhaust is 2db quieter than stock? (I wonder if power output is lowered?) Anyways, any ideas, experiences welcome. Has anyone used or know anyone to use the Huzar brand? I'm thinking of ordering one for my up and coming T7. Thx! Tazmool
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    Emailed them this morning. Apparently they're still a couple of months off selling the link pipes. You could always do what @Wilcollinsphotos has done - buy the Lextek end can and get someone else to make a link pipe. Or just wait. It's a good can. Should be getting the full system fitted on mine soon along with dyno testing.
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    Well I test rode the T700 yesterday and immediately did a deal on a new competition white bike for 1st March delivery. Am trading in my S1000XR which, although a terrific bike, was probably going to to land me in jail or hospital.πŸ˜… What impressed me most was that all the hype was true. It really seems to do everything well and the engine is a peach. Counting the days now.
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    The funny thing is, the new Tenere 700 is complete and ready to ride from off the shop floor. Changes or adaptions are only needed or to be considered by personal will and interests. In my opinion there can not be a sensefull Top 5 list. If you need a daily commuter, you may need the heated grips and a small rack to place your bag. If you need a hardcore adventure bike, you may know best by yourself, what is needed. If you need a bike for Starbucks, you may speak to your local Touratech dealer and order the full line of senseless attachments. If you need more shine and bling bling, you should click through the China cheap, crap & copy stores. If you are looking for the best riding buddy you can get for money, you already have found him, in that moment when you push your new Tenere 700 out of your dealer's store.
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    I can't afford one either and have a DT200 I ride around my farm that's 23 years old, and i'm still allowed around here! 😳 I'm still saving some $$ so we will see what the future brings? Good luck on the CRF!
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    Well time and circumstances have changed things so at this stage I could not afford the T7 but still wanted a new bike low and behold you sitting down 😁 I brought a HONDA CRF250L its no T7 but I am enjoying this little beauty hope I can still hang around here thanks πŸ‘
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    Hello from Γ…mΓ₯l! Waiting for my black, seems like I'll get it in February.
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    Next year I wanna go for a trip to Romania. I like to camp where I stop at the end of the day, no hotels etc. Carpathian Mountains are beautiful.
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    I suspect IMS will make one...they already make them for current year FI dirt bikes... Stock tank should see 200 mile avg on 4 gallons If they, let say make a 5gal tank you will probably see 240 mile avg per tank...
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    T7 RALLY have been working on some prototype but it has not been released yet.. I am not on facebook but they have posted some images of a cad file there.
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    I have always wanted to try police lights, might make the commute to work faster!

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