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    Nice video link erey, looks like he's done a good job. For my money though, for any bike I was to own, especially one to be ridden on wet dirt roads I would want the tidy to reach at least to a vertical line above the rearmost of the rear tire so I don't get a wet dirty back whilst riding. From what I can tell Yamaha have done a great job of designing the rear end to keep the rider and their gear dry so I would keep that in mind when modifying the bike.
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    how about this: https://www.hermann-mechatronik.com/de/?tlc=products&lpd=A2012
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    Hi , I was going to get the AT but decided it was way too heavy and bloated for my needs . Just picked up my T7 yesterday and honestly could not be happier with it . You will love it too Yamaha have hit the nail on the head with this bike and the years it's taken to get to production have been worth it .
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    This German website already has accessories - many are Yamaha parts, but their Akrapovic is way cheaper than Yamaha and the also have the de-catted headers OFF-THE-ROAD | 700 Tenere | Online Webshop Accessories and wear parts for the Yamaha Tenere 700 / XTZ690). Large selection, best prices. Advisce from spezialists
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    That rear end weighs a few kilos, so it must go! Someone will create a suitable tail tidy that weighs nothing cost little and doesn't cover you in mud. The list of items on the T7 that can be removed or reduced in weight is getting longer. My goal now is 190kgs, and I think that is possible without spending a lot of money.
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    Exactly and the tail of the bike is for the 790 riders to look at :)
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    These guys are developing kit. Just made a skid plate so far but I imagine more will come soon: Yamaha Ténéré 700 T7 XT700 2019 Skid Bash Plate *** PRE-ORDERS HAVE STARTED *** FIRST LOT OF SKID PLATES — AVAILABLE ON 15. OF AUGUST BUY NOW TO BE THE FIRST TO RECEIVE IT Your country is not in the shipping list / Are you from USA? Contact us for more info...
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    Hi guys new here. Huge Yamaha fan from 3 x r1's to xt1200 but the one I loved the most was my 660 tenere however just over a year ago I let it go for an Africa Twin Adventure Sport DCT, why ? because Yamaha were taking too bloody long to bring out the 700. Anyway, 18 months on and I have to say I still really like my ATAS but it's a beast and I ain't getting any younger (55) so today I verbally struck a deal to chop it in for the new ten. So I know I'm preaching to the converted but I have a couple of days to think about it all, so what do you think I will miss or gain by getting the T7 ?? I do pretty much all my riding on road btw. Cheers
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    Hi all, Came across this yesterday T7 Rally New Website being built. Looks superb and lots of bespoke parts coming by the looks of things. I've enquired about the exhausts as 40% the cost of the Akra and have a removable baffle, unlike the Akra. Like the look of the screen riser too. There are vids of YouTube of the exhausts and screen riser Rich
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    Guys, I am a bit worried. My bike failed the Diagnostics Check at First Service. The Dealer is waiting for Yamaha to advise. (Zero voltage on Throttle Position Sensor and no reading on Intake Air Pressure.) Bike idles a bit rough, I think the throttle is snatchy, but otherwise it seems ok While running in the first 600 miles my average is about 75 Miles/gallon (26.4km/l or 3.78l/100 km) which is crazy. I have never had a bike that economical, which worries me it is running too lean 😱 What gas mileage are you guys getting? Peter
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    Yes, that's right, my t7 also consumes fairly little fuel, although it is becoming a bit more now. The refueling until now are as follows, 1: 25.4 1: 27.8 1: 26.2 mine has to be done before the first service but I think it has to do with the adjustment of the injection. (another mapping that they have used) when i'm driving in, for example, his third gear also that if I again very carefully accelerate a little on / off effect occurs. It just doesn't run as smoothly as a cp2 engine should. I'm curious what my dealer will say soon
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    Finally mine's here too, with sidecase- and monoseat rack mounted. Still waiting for the adv side cases and Akrapovic exhaust though.. Love the bike, much more fun than my old Tracer 700
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    I'm not intend to tidy up the tail. At all. As much stuff it is there the less I get on my back...😎😁
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    I made a temporary touring windshield to 2mm polycarbonate, height 400mm and width 380mm. I am 186cm tall, Arai Tour-X4 and a high windshield works just fine. There is no turbulence at all, the airflow is directed over the helmet. Ugly, but it works.
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    Those two bores are very close together. Now i'm no mechanic, nor an engineer but I would have thought boring this thing out and making the metal between those two bores even less, then riding the bike hard will in fact f*ck up the whole thing. It will get too hot. Funny thing is the main selling point of this bike is that it's smaller than most other adventure bikes out there. If you want more power then why not have just bought one of the many larger ones currently available?

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