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    I took delivrry of my bike about a month ago. It has seen 1600 miles and a flip-over (all the way over) so far. I had a longish weekend and decided to see if i could get to the northern border as part of my plan to see Canada and Mexico on the bike in my first summer with it. Today went awesome. Stopped at 4 or 5 shops looking for better gloves (an excuse i suppose). I started on i15 headed north but i just hate interstate riding so i got off as soon as i could. I took 93 up the Salmon River, what a ride! It must have been 200 miles of river canyon 80mph smooth turn after turn. And no traffic. I thought I could get to Missoula, MT today, but i didnt get started until 1:00, so im camped right now up in the mountains east of Corvallis. I did 474 miles in 9 hours 52 minutes. I tried to stop every 100 miles or so just to keep fresh. Tomorrow i will get an early start and i hope to get up to the Canadian border by mid day, then back to Flathead Lake in Montana for Saturday night. That will lwave a 550 mile day on Sunday and shouldnt be too much trouble. Things i learned today -Just buy an Arai XD4, i tried several helmets before giving up and spending the money. It was worth all $619 usd. -Cardo Freecom bluetooth unit is amazing for adv riding. I have 4 for family dirtbike trips, and it is even better for the long road. Had 80% battery after 10 hours of full volume music. -Wsar ear plugs starting at the beginning. I was in a hurry and waited too long to put them in, and I regretted it after 150 miles of 90mph into a 30mph headwind. Thought i had an ear infection it hurt so bad. -Dont over analyze internet opinions. The gage cluster bounces, its under-sprung, it doesnt like to downshift st low rpms, blah blah blah. It got me 500 miles in an afternoon after flipping over a few weeks ago. The thing is already becoming an old friend. -leave room in panniers when packing, and just set a bungee web up on the rear seat for snacks and whatevers you pick up. Good for half drunk drinks and half eaten snacks. -stop over planning. I decided to go Friday on Thursday for a 1300 mile trip and be back to work Monday. Just go. Pics are coming. Poor service in the mountains.
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    Another long-awaited T7 suspension product now in production, after initial development in conjunction with the popular Uprated Rear Shock Springs, is a set of Fork Preload Spacers.These CNC machined plastic rings, in both 2,5mm & 5mm thicknesses, give a range of extra preload on the fork springs from 2,5mm to 12,5mm, in 2,5mm increments.Easy to fit with the OEM fork caps, they enable more preload to be added to the OEM springs, which although they are a stiff enough spring rate for most riders, they do not have enough preload, and sag too much in initial operation. Available now on our webshop Yamaha T7 Fork Preload Washers-RRP 628
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    Guys, I see what all of you are saying... I've alerted Tech Spec, and told them about some panels not fitting 100%, and also the holes being too small. It was too separate emails. They got back to me about the panels not fitting 100%, and they are RE MAKING THE PATTERN, and gonna send out the updated panels to everyone! I then asked him the holes being too small, and water collecting, etc, and showed them Yamaha's version, and @UtahJack's modified version, so lets see what they say. I hope they re do that also. Just know that they ARE listening, and already said they would update the pattern on the panels that don't fit well. I hope they re- do them with the larger holes in mind as well. Stay Tuned!
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    Shazam!!!! Manufactured June 2020. Going to be a bit before I can put some miles on her but super stoked nonetheless!
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    Hello everyone! Have been a bit quiet lately mainly due to slightly more logistically demanding return from Moroccan lockdown as the border opened one way for us foreigners to leave. So I jumped on the ferry home, 3 months in lockdown out of 5 in a country.... it was time to leave especially that the situation there is not really improving. Now OutEx! So I've done now 15500km on Ténéré 700 out of which the OutEx has been there for about 13 000km. If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube you know that I've done various terrain on the setup including training of log jumping for about a month and other enduro stuff. In a nutshell: 1. Concerns about poping tire off the bead in the front as the rim is not tubeless-safe didn't materialise so far. I kept pressure strictly to minimum 19-18psi for off-road and sand and even rough terrain or jumps... no problem so far. The risk is super dependant on the rider! I don't use T7 as MX bike but as a travel enduro with occasional rock trails, log jumps etc... Anyone needs to quantify their risk! Also I've used similar system on the India trip with Honda CB500X over 60k km... have experience with it. 2. Rear no issues at all of course, you can go as low as you want as it's tubeless-ready rim. 3. Through out deserts/bush/rocks.... 4! punctures on the front TKC80, 0 punctures on rear Mitas E-07+ Dakar 4. Front is now loosing about 2-3psi a day (could be rim leaks, could be mushroom plugs), Rear leaks at a rate of about 1psi a day 5. TPMS with this combination is absolutely invaluable and I'd 100% recommend anyone to invest 30-40EUR on the system, super useful 6. I don't care much about the slow leaks as I have TPMS & small compressor. Any questions please ask, I'm more than happy to answer.
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    Hi, I am Michael, happy to received my T7 Rally this week. Coming from the 1200GS, now looking forward to experience my first Yamaha. Cheers Michael
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    Me thinks, a high exhaust setup should have been standard fare! No need for trick brackets then.
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    Finally got my T7RE, done a few mods, handguards, tail tidy, heated grips and Nav mount. Absolutely loving it, and it feels so light as well. The Rally Edition seat isnt the most comfortable, will probably have to look at a gell insert. Overal, very pleased with it.
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    50 years of dirt riding experience tells me..... no. Others may have differing opinions, but to me it's more to go wrong, complicating a simple bike, which is one of the main reasons I bought it in the first place.
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    @ScorpionT16 Ive got the Competition White and this is by far the best wrap I’ve seen. I’m a geographer so this design is really killer. I’d definitely be interested in learning more and possibly purchasing a decal set if you ever get to that point. Please keep me in mind. thanks and that’s a great setup you’ve got!
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    Hi guys ! I'm from Paris and I just received my Black T7. Some stuff incoming in a few weeks and a personal decals kit incoming. I am really a beginner in off-road but I hope to progress quickly. I also have a Tracer900 for on-road rides, love it !!! See you laters guys, and enjoy !
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    WELL ladies & gents I FINALLY got mine! Already have 130 miles on her , 20 of that being off road . Manufactured 6/20. OTD $11,006. Even threw in a $330 pair of knee high touring boots because of the wait! I was beginning to think I was going to have to wait till next year. Best of luck to everyone else in this thread still going through hoops.
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    Bought the SW Motech EVO Micro Tank Bag and EVO Tank ring for my T7. Installation of the tank ring was very easy and the instructions was easy to follow. 2 screws with some Locktite was all that was needed. With the tank bag mounted The tank ring lift the tank bag up from the tank There is a handle attached to the front of the tank bag that looks like it could get pinched between the tankbag and the handlebar. I haven't had a problem with it, so i'm not sure it is a problem at all. All in all I like this setup. The tankbag is lifted up from the tank, and it is just big enough to put the phone, charger, sunglasses and some other small things that is nice to have accessible. The tankbag also came with a rain cover.
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    Installed today, lots of coverage as advertised. The keychain was a nice add on; thanks @REDHORSECA, almost missed it!
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    Installed the tool tube on Sunday. First we thought that under the rear foot pegs would be a good place for the lower mounting point. But then we realized that the Outback Motortek's rear rack provides much better mounting point. So off to work. First you gather your tools: After some fitting, welding and oops'es, the rack begins get it's shape: Then some paint, black is beautiful and never goes out of fashion: The fitting of the collar is so tight that the tube should stand the Yamaha's smooth rides. But just to be sure and so that I can sleep at nights, I put some glue inside the collar. The credits go to my Husqvarna-rider-friend. I just applied the paint and took the pictures. And owe him a big service in return. Don't know if this is a tech tip, but didn't wan't this to be buried to the "What did You do to your Tenere today" -soap opera section.
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    15 years ago I bought some Richa soft bags for around 50-60€. The very first day I ended up dragging them around 2km on tarmack. Only a minor repair was needed. It was my fault. After 15 years and maaaany km those 50€ bags system remains water tight. For these reason I cannot justify spending close to 10% of the bike's purchase price on bags. I plan on getting a rear rack to gain space (SW motech or Shad) and clipping points for a top roll and probably the AS side plates just because they look light and keep the bike as narrow as possible. Edited: Richa Stretch Saddle Bags. 18lt each bag.
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    Interesting thread - but i disagree that drops will "likely" happen... in 40 years of biking i have only had a handful of spills - the last one off road was 5mph in 2017 - the last on road i was riding like a prat - that was around 2005. But.... the 5mph spill changed my life, i had the Barkbuster Blizzard Handguards fitted and when i landed i went forward over the bars - with my hands inside the blizzard guards holding the handlebars as i went forward the wire frame that supports the opening of the Blizzards was really stiff and did not give way , with my hands still on the grips the forward rotation of my arms resulted in a fractured and dislocated wrist, holding the handlebars inside the handguard basically trapped my hands in place and bent my wrist the wrong way as i went forward, - i would never use them again. - It was life changing because the following treatment for the dislocation and the fracture resulted in a brain injury in the fracture clinic that resulted in the loss of sight in one eye permanently - spills even at 5mph can have serious consequences.
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    Fitted the xt sat nav, the Motopumps 12mm billet mount finally arrived - 3 week from the USA, i have off set it to raise the XT over the clocks and its just about perfect i wanted it because you are able to off set it without using 6 different RAM mounts and i couldn't find anything in the UK.... it's really neat and tidy. Also fitted my Cadro Freecom in the helmet. ...... either the sat nav or the bike clock is 2 mins out... i'm not OCD enough to change it..
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    Can't beat a spot of the motorcycle wild camping... not always blue skyes in nw.ireland and a fire and some fire water lol.
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    The new seats are coming along nicely. Once the low, standard and rear kits are available I will run a group buy. I will also post pictures as they come available.
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    Busy afternoon working on the bike. Fitted B&B bash plate, rear rack and tail tidy Pivot Pegz Barkbusters Pro Grips 788 and cheap Chinese levers
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    Asking the question is answering another. If you have the skills and experience, you know what you want and need for your style of riding, then you look for experiences from people who ride similarly as yourself and purchase something that seems promising based on those things. That gives you the experience for the next time. If you have to ask what "the best tires" are: the stock Pirelli's will be fine for you. No disrespect meant to the OP, but I'm getting slightly fed up with the mindless focus on "the best", "professional" and the like. The internet nowadays consists of people trying to sell you something you don't need, or buy/spend more than you have to. Don't fall into the trap thinking better or "professional" equipment makes you a better rider. Spoiler: it doesn't. Riding and actively working on your skills makes you a better rider. And for accessories: if it works, it's good enough. If you think you need the best, they've gotten into your head and you've become the compliant consumer they want you to be. Although I like this forum, 90% is about stuff to be bought to make the bike "better", a significant part by people who have never actually ridden the bike, but already decided that it's not good enough. Really? Just ride. PS: don't think for a moment that I do not read reviews to see what's best or that I don't buy stuff that's too expensive and that I actually don't need. I fall well inside the demographic of men with disposable income and foster the illusion that I am far more of an adventurer instead of the wimpy desk-hugger that I actually am.
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    Good call Roy. I've had an Enduro Star stand in my tool roll for many years, luckily I've only used it at home trying it out. Great design and very compact. Here's my answer to a centerstand. Yeah, taking it on the trail might present some challenges, but at least the color is close!
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    Put together a bunch of obstacles on an old logging landing above my place. Good place to practice some slow skills like log hops, pivot turns and the like. If I've only got a chance for a 30 minute ride, I head up there and I'm usually gassed pretty quick. Dropping this thing and picking it up gets tiring. Learning some great skills. Not sure if this counts as something I did for my T7 today or just for myself, but I feel riding the bike every day is good for it. As for the bike, a whole bunch. Admittedly, not all today by any stretch, but here is the list. Mitas E09 Dakar front/rear tires Ring terminal connection to SAE connector direct to battery Antigravity Micro-Start pump mounted under seat Flush mount front running/signal lights, LED. Custom Dynamics Eclipse 2 Module for the front signals Moto Gadgets M-Blase signals integrated into the brake light hosing for rear turn signals Non load dependent flasher relay/LED flasher relay DIY tail tidy with integrated attachment points for Mosko Moto Reckless 40 luggage system Going to be modifying it to be like "SociallyStunned" has set up. Great idea. $80 dollar slip on I had laying around, and CB500x mid pipe, Givi engine guards Acerbis X-Factor hand guards Camel gut guard Camel anti bobble head USB charging port installed in the unused accessory port 25mm handlebar risers Decalmoto kit
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    For me it’s a no brainer on a big bike it’s not a crf 250 it’s quite heavy I already have 2 little crash When I slip on big rocks all the impacts are on the bars handguard and crash bar essential imo
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    Hi guys, Sorry I am on Holliday's. I will translate this picture of wiring when I come back home. My solution is working well and it's as I like: simple. ;)
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    Update: tried a breaker bar, impact gun, pb blaster, vice grips- no luck. But. I would not let a piece of metal best me. Off with their heads!
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    Here's mine. Just had the first service done. So far I have fitted crash bars and a centre stand (both SW Motech), Tank pads and my old trusty Kriega US-10.
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    I haven't decided if I am going to install the third piece yet. I wasn't happy with the smaller holes, can't get the screws out and one of them is required to have lock-tight applied, and I felt it just made a place to collect dirt and water. So I enlarged the holes.
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    Two days ride at North part of polish TET. 615km of great weather and beautiful landscapes. More photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/h25hmbsXhHvSrdKR8
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    I installed the genuine LED blinker front plus 3 wire and LED blinker rear with a TST relay and the T7 rally tail tiddy. Thanks to the FB group and others for help with the wiring diagram! Here's some pictures and a video for the installation. Enjoy.
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    Nope, not a particularly pleasant subject, but if we ride these bikes long enough/hard enough, then drops will most likely happen. With just 600 miles on the clock and only 25% in the dirt, I haven't "yet" had an incident to report, but I'm sure it's only a matter of when, not if. While nobody likes to post about what went wrong, others can learn from our " transgressions with traction" by describing how protective gear, for both bike and body, worked or didn't work. Being in the market for a number of items such as a skid plate, crash bars, hand guards, side racks, etc... I'll bet these reports could help many owners here.
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    Rolled past around 1100 miles yesterday on an excellent ride
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    I installed the Camel skid plate today and it went on smoothly, great looking protection. I can’t figure out how to change the oil with the plate on though....
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    Just ride the bloody thing and stop whinging
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    Well I come from the MX/Enduro world and needed a street bike to commute on. I figured this would be the most street bike i'd be willing to get! lol Here are a bunch of pictures and videos to do all the talking. If you have questions let me know! Braaappp
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    Take it off. I removed mine when I put my R&G covers on.
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    Be aware that when the forks are fully compressed on the T7, that there's 30mm of shaft still showing so make sure you're doing your math with that factored in. You'll have 230mm of shaft visible at full extension. 30% of 230mm = 69mm sag but you're actually a looking for 30% of 200mm (60mm).
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    Taken at about 5,000' MSL off of Balch Park Rd above Springville. CA about 3 hours ago. Temps were in the low 70's F, really nice compared to the nearly 100 * in the valley. The other two "street" bike riders with me were complaining about the rough road conditions. Me? I hardly noticed.
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    It'll get better, it's far superior to any KTM i've had excepting my 950 with the gel seat. Maybe it's the shape of your arse , I have plenty of padding
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    I'm also a newbie in the off-road world, been about 5 times now. I've noticed (at least for me) I usually stay in 2nd and 3rd gear when off-road. Buying something for shifting 1 gear is sort of unnecessary imo, at least for me with the skill level I'm at. 100% ride the bike as is at least till something breaks especially if you're going to be off-roading! Have fun and be safe! If you do a lot of street riding I may consider it!
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    Arrow exhaust note, tenere 700. Watch "Arrow exhaust note, tenere 700." on Streamable.
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    Lets just pretend you parked in on a steep hill!:)
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    I did it in the most simply and ugly way, but it works fine. I just made a cut with a grinder in the middle of a lever, looking from the top. Then I bent a lever down quite a lot. Then I welded the top cut together again (yes, I'm a terrible welder...). Hope it's visible in the photo. I use 20mm lowered foot pegs; with rally seat and 50mm risers - all that gives me the best and comfy standing/sitting position offroad I could dream of - I'm 192cm tall.
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    Bruno- The pricing for the 2 piece seats will be the same as our KTM 790 2 piece kits seen here: https://seatconcepts.com/collections/ktm/products/ktm-2019-790-adventure-comfort?variant=31851803508813 The standard low, height and tall will all have the slope addressed.
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