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  • All eyes are upon the EICMA show Nov 7th


    Many of us had hoped that the new Tenere 700 would be announced at the Intermot show in Cologne last week, but alas, the bike on display in the Yamaha booth was the same Prototype that has been in the many World Raid hype videos that Yamaha's marketing dept has been using to tempt us with. 

    In fact, a user on the Adventure riders Facebook group had joked that Yamaha announced that they would stop building motorcycles in order to put their sole focus into releasing more teaser Videos. 


    It's understandable that many Yamaha loyalists are feeling a bit frustrated. We have been teased about this bike for the last two years. At first, it was the T-7 prototype, with pics of it being tested all over the world. Then this year it became the Tenere 700 world raid, with pics and videos and a dedicated teaser website full of all kinds of info, minus weight, price and release date. Meanwhile, Yamaha was quick to release their new three-wheeled version of the Tracer 900 , the new Yamaha Niken.   A bike that people don't want. A bike that the dealers don't want, either. 

    No, we Yamaha loyalists have been waiting for the XTZ700, no wait it's the T-7, scratch that it's now the Tenere 700 World Raid. We all have cash put aside for this bike, we are giving our local dealers deposit's so we can get the first model that arrives (dealer has had my deposit for two years and counting).  Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and the other brands probably really appreciate giving them the long two-plus years of public intel on this bike before actually putting it to market, as they know exactly what they have to build in order to match or beat the Tenere 700. 

    Well, after much fanfare and public testing, the latest rumors have Yamaha bringing the final edition of the T-7 Tenere 700 world raid XTZ-700 super machine to the EICMA show in Milan in Early November. 

    This would make most of us very happy. A November announcement would probably mean a late winter release in Europe and Australia, and a USA/Canada release in summer 2019. This would be a best-case scenario at this point.    Check back here on November 6th as we are watching this like a hawk! 


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