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  1. Tall comfort seat for sale. $300 CDN ($230 USD) shipping negotiable. Great shape, just missing post that goes into frame beside the metal locking bit. Photo below. Don’t miss it, very stable and secure. Weak point on the one piece. Yamaha (2019-22) T700 - One Piece - Comfort - Tall Height: 1.25" Taller than stock. Width: 12" - OEM width 7" Details:The T700 Comfort Tall seat provides you with 1.25" of added height compared to the...
  2. 2021 Tenere 700 with Camel Tank and ECU Flash mileage question: trying to plan for a long trip in northern BC and into the Yukon with a few stretches with no services, and wondering what kind of mileage (kilometers for us Canucks) I can expect. I'm told that mileage in cold weather is much better than hot weather, and I'm expecting warm/hot. Any rough estimates are welcome. I know, I should have already done this test myself... thanks! (I plan to buy a Armadillo Fuel Bag for peace of mind).
  3. Hi Everyone I bought the Rapid Bike Evo fuel management system exclusive for the T7 and planning to install it this weekend. I would like to invite everyone who has fitted one before to share their experiences and end results. Thanks
  4. Hello guys, I am planning on ordering a Yamaha Tenere 700 model 2022 from Singapore to my Country Bhutan but in order to register my Bike here, My Road Authority wants me to submit Emission certificate. I asked Yamaha Singapore for the Emission Certificate but they dont have any. Can someone please help, My country allows BS6 Emission standards like in India. Please can you guys help. What BS-6 means for auto buyers
  5. Bought one of the Seat Concepts Tall Comfort seats. Excellent comfort and finish. Very pleased with the seat. However, I should have bought the standard seat as it turns out to be a bit too tall. Any Canadians buy the standard comfort that had the reverse and wish they bought the tall comfort? I would love to swap. Probably Canada only as shipping to the states would be too costly? My seat has about 3000 km on it. Let me know. I will post pics if required, but if you bought one with the group buy you know what they look like.
  6. Hi all, who have had their ECU's flashed at 2WheelDynoWorks and returned to Canada. I shipped mine to them from BC and they turned it around same day - what great service - (Mar 18th). The return shipping was via USPS Priority Express International, but it has been held up in "Customs Clearance" at ICS Los Angeles (USPS) since the 22nd! How long has it taken to return it to you in Canada if you have used their service? @2 Wheel DynoWorks will be tracking it down for me tomorrow (will report back what they say), but I am wondering if anyone else has had these Customs Clearance delays and how long it took for you to get it back. Many thanks... can't ride without an ECU.
  7. Ordered the Givi Jumbo today. It will hopefully cut the annoying buffeting and allow the tunes to be turned down saving my hearing. Stay tuned for the review.
  8. Hey folks, Helping a friend sell some parts. Pick up in GTA or shipping for cost. Can meet buyer in the west end of GTA. 1. Huzar Exhaust - $300 SOLD 60% of stock price for the following parts separately or 50% of stock price if buying all as a set. 2. Engine guards - $438 Retail Price | $262 Asking Price | $219 Set Price SOLD 3. Fog Light Engine Guard Brackets - $116 Retail Price | $69 Asking Price | $58 Set Price SOLD 4. Seat - $250 Asking Price | $208 Set Price SOLD 5. Rear rack - $426 Retail Price | $255 Asking Price Total as a set - $698 Feel free to DM and I'll get you in touch with the seller. Cheers, Alkali
  9. Ok, so like many, I'm having some trouble finding springs. I don't have access to a local suspension specialist, and the local shops are basically just "A parts guy who will order the part number you give him" but not actually helpful in determining what I need. I'm 300lbs, before gear/luggage. In Canada, so buying from two separate US based vendors will cost me a HUGE premium in shipping and import costs - I did this on my Tracer, and ended up paying around $200 CDN just to get the springs to my door, not considering the cost of the springs themselves. However, I've been having a rough time determining what I need. I am *NOT* an experienced offroad rider, and honestly have never had a properly set up suspension - that lack of a suspension specialist - so I simply don't know what "right" feels like. Even on road, while I'm an experienced rider, the Tracer is the first bike I've ever bought springs for. For me, a heavily overloaded suspension is just what bikes feel like. To this day, I've no idea if it's set up correctly or not, but I've followed guides there in getting the sag correct, and adjusting the rebound and compression (again, not knowing how it should feel makes that very difficult). So, I must admit, reading suspension threads is extremely frustrating. "Adjust to taste" is meaningless. "See your local suspension specialist" is not helpful without a local suspension specialist recommendation. At least on the Tracer, I could set it up in such a manner as to be ridable because I'm very experienced on the street, but my only real offroad riding experience is on the T7 with it's stock springs. I can't afford to do some thousand+ dollar full rebuild/replacement of the shocks/forks, that's just right out of the question. I'm working in a budget of about $500CDN here. Looking at Racetech's website, they recommend: Racetech Recommended Front: 0.84kg/mm 7.71N (they have at max 0.71kg/mm front, pretty far under what I need) Racetech Recommended Rear: 10.41kg/mm 95.6N (they have 10.5kg/mm 96.43N rear) Other manufacturers: Stoltec has 0.80kg/mm 7.35N fronts, no rear KTech has 0.75kg/mm 6.9N front and 10.34kg/mm 95N rear, closer on the front but still pretty low. RallyRaid also has 10.34kg/mm 95N rear, but again no front. Any other vendors I'm missing? I need someone with drop in springs, as I'd pull the forks/shock to have a local shop swap them, and they won't make custom shims or spacers.
  10. Time to order !! Ok guys, here is the discount code! Y002GK685N Order your skidplate here and enter the code at checkout! https://acdracing.us/yamaha-xt700-tenere-1/ Hurry up before the code expires! Update #1 : After only 3 days we have already 9 Skid plates and 2 Frame guards kit orders Keep going on this amazing deal Update #2 : 1 week left to go to 20 sales, we have 11 Skid plates for now, don't miss this amazing deal Update #3 : We will keep this amazing deal to July 28th as many bikes are not deliver yet Update #4 : Good move today as we are now up to 15 Skid plates Keep moving we are almost to the 1st level ! Update # 5 : I hope Yamaha keep deliver the 700 Tenere ! Update # 6 : We have 19 skid plates orders as today July 14th, we need 2 more to have 21 and we are in the 20% discount range !! We can ship to Canada for an extra $25 !! Lets do this ! Update # 7 : 20 skid plates July 16th as 1 is for Australia and not confirm yet , one more and all of you will get 20% off ! Update # 8 : 21 skid plates sold, everyone ordered a skid plate will get a 20 % discount, good job guys ! I will give you a coupon code very soon to order on our website acdracing.us ! As soon as I will get all the orders I will be able to send you the package soon. You will be impressed by the welding quality, honestly you cant find any better on the market and this price is very low as you can tell. Thank you to all of you ! Update # 9 We are almost done with this offer, the last day will be July 28th !! Update # 10 It will be super cool if you guys can post a pic of your Tenere with the skid plate !! Thank you Hello Everyone I am very exciting to bring a great offer to the owner of the best bike on the market, we have an incredible skid plate Aluminum 3 mm thick, easy to mount and with 2 different choices as RAW or BLACK. It is one of the strongest protection on the market and ready to ship in USA only ! Website to check the skid plates and frame guards : acdracing.us ACD racing USA offer a group buy offer whit this discount: It has to be the same product (skid plate or frame guard for example) but you don't have to buy both we will have 3 different offers, 15% off, 20% off and 25 % off. Order for 20 units would have a 15% off so : Special pricing is as follows: ACD Skid plate Raw: Retail is $189.00, GROUP BUY Price - $160.00 ACD Skid plate Black: Retail is $199.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $169.00 ACD Frame guard Carbon stickers: Retail is $36.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $30.00 I need just 20 people to commit for this special pricing. Shipping is FREE for US customers. Order for 21 to 49 units have a 20% off Special pricing is as follow: ACD Skid plate Raw: Retail is $189.00, GROUP BUY Price - $151.00 ACD Skid plate Black: Retail is $199.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $159.00 ACD Frame guard Carbon stickers: Retail is $36.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $28.00 Shipping is FREE for US customers. The offer would be available until July 28th include ! I'll start the list, and populate it with user's screen name as appropriate: @REDHORSECA : 1 Raw skid plate and 1 frame guard Carbon sticker kit @MghtyThor69 : 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @sbeck09 : 1 Black Skid plate and 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @Whitey66 : 1 Black Skid plate ( need confirmation cause Australia ) @A. Bolkan : 1 Raw Skid plate @cruizin : 1 Raw Skid plate @tj3089 : 1 Black Skid plate @Seventh Son : 1 Raw Skid plate @ahamay : 1 Black Skid plate @jetdr21 : 1 Raw Skid plate @Mmajer 1 : 1 Black Skid plate @alpha 1 : 1 Raw Skid plate @Maine Tenere : 2 Black Skid plates @vanhackson : 1 Black Skid plate and 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @SantacruzT100 : 1 Black Skid plate @TeriyakiBlaster : 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @CAJW : 1 Frame guard Carbon Sticker kit @Alkali : 1 Raw Skid plate @Elfelo : 2 Black Skid plates @Bucket Boy : 1 Black Skid plate @Lyfe BehindBars : 1 Black Skid plate @Tooph : 1 Raw Skid plate @roy826 : 1 Black Skid plate @rhicks : 1 Skid plate @Matt Collins : 1 Raw Skid plate @Fredz43 : 1 Black Skid plate @Gstt500 : 1 Raw Skid plate @SKIPNOMAD : 1 Black Skid plate @Burner : 1 Frame Guard carbon Sticker kit
  11. gearhead1000.pr

    Windshield Adjuster

    I also got these screen adjustable brackes from T7rally too with the lower foot pegs. I noticed when I ride the wind hits me in the face so this was cheap solution. It comes in 2 pieces and hardware. souper easy to install now down for trail up for hyway! https://t7rally.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Ft7-tenere-700-screen-adjuster-kit
  12. Hate to admit it but I'm stymied by my sidestand. Lowered the bike now need to remove the kickstand so I can take it to a welder to have it shortened. There's a nut to remove on the left side. On the right side is a small bolt to remove. Can't figure out what to do next to get it loose. Anyone know? Thanks.
  13. With the riding season soon to start - once the epic snow pack melts (Yukon) - I am looking to install Givi crashbars on my T7. But where to find them in stock in North America? Anyone have an idea?
  14. Just a parts tip for fellow Canucks: TripleClamp Moto now have SKF fork seals (the same ones Rally Raid and Rugged Roads supply - supposedly higher quality than OEM) for our T7. $51 per side: SKF - 43mm KAYABA Fork seal kit for Yamaha Tenere T700 (KITB-43K) One SKF main/oil seal and one SKF dust seal included in this kit. Please note this is enough to service ONE FORK. About SLF seals SKF seals have been... Left fork started gushing so I went on the hunt for new fork seals. Looks like OEM seals from Yamaha are right around the $100 mark for both sides. MotoMotto(Touratech?) has SKF seals (the ones linked above) for a whopping $80 PER SIDE. I noticed TripleClamp had SKF seals available for other bikes so I inquired about getting them for the T7. Amir answered my email within minutes, found the kit, and put them up on their website. Awesome customer service! Throw in a couple jugs of fork oil and you qualify for free shipping! I haven’t received them so I can’t say I’m a happy customer yet...
  15. It was -20°C last night, but found a great deal on a demo T7 in the fastest colour, so I have a new ride waiting on better weather to get out and enjoy. Maybe a chinook will hit and I can sneak out for a first ride!
  16. Good Morning from , Moose-Ville BC , So far back in the bush you have to come out to hunt.. I am off to Kamloops to order parts for my upcoming hip job, a condition that has temporarily stopped me cold. I can feel my hip ball joint disintegrating The only thing keeping me from going crazy is a new bike by next spring. I am here to get up to speed on what upgraded pieces are absolute must- haves vs those that are just,.. I dunno...p .cool? As an exchange, ask me anything about coming North when all this Covid -19 crap is behind us. I have been in British Columbia over 40 years and ridden in Canadian cross countries, hare scrambles, enduros,a two day qualifier for the ISDE and some Washington desert races . Throw in around 40,000 kms of sport touring , and there you have it. Got a question about riding in BC? Ask me. Cheers, Jon
  17. H20ham

    N American tyre

    Anyone know what/which tyre will be on the T7 if/when it arrives?
  18. Irregular buzz/ hum from the rear tire- have checked pressure. balancing or tire manufacturing issue?
  19. ================ Update 1 =================== Hi all, I've spoke with Lawrence and updated the post to include more details for the 2 day training. Also, since everyone would like some adequate time to plan their vacations; there's a new poll for the weekends in September. Please vote for any of the weekends that work for you! I reckon, because the same people voted for the 2 day as the 1 day we can go with a 2 day course? All the best, ~Al ============== Original Post ================== Hi folks, Recently there was interest in learning to ride our bikes off-road: I was fortunate enough to strike up a conversation about it with Lawrence Hacking and he has offered to teach a group of us basic off-road adv skills during a week or weekend class for a fee. It could be a 1 or 2 day stint. We can sort out accommodation if we opt for the second option. If you need more details about Lawrence: Lawrence Hacking|Enduro Riding Expert | Motorcycle Experience === 1 Day Course Details === 1 day course in Bala area. People could come up and stay the night before 9 to 5 day of riding and theory 1 hour lunch break; lunch can be provided 6 people max === 2 Day Course Details === The second day will be more advanced training with more technically difficult terrain and obstacles. Everything will be tailored to the skill level or each rider that way no one is asked to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing. The days will be between discussion and actual on the bike riding. Slow speed control is developed first then progressively more advanced practice and theory. I think every rider can benefit from the exchange of ideas and skills. The above from Lawrence. === Summary === I've created a poll to gauge interest, so please vote for the training you are interested in taking and we can at start planning for it. Feel free to vote for multiple courses you are interested in attending. === Poll Options === Lawrence Hacking Basic Offroad Adv Skills - 1 Day $250 (estimate, TBD) Lawrence Hacking Basic Offroad Adv Skills - 2 Day $450 (estimate, TBD) BMW Performance Riding Center - 2 Day $800 (byob) https://www.bmwhorseshoe.com/schedulepricing.html Smart Adventures Dual Sport - 1 Day $315 (byob) https://www.smartadventures.ca/dual-sport.html === Notes === byob = bring your own bike, I'm assuming we will be learning on our T7's, but some places also have rentals if you're more comfortable experimenting on something else first. The above also doesn't including accommodations, which we can plan for together or separately after deciding on a course.
  20. Hello. I have just put a deposit on a new T7. Should arrive in the winter. I am Big: 6’4” 225lbs. Would any members here recommend a spring mod right away , or any other mods for my bigness? Thank you.
  21. Canadian shipment confirmed as stage 5 is posted. I am getting excited!!!
  22. hi there, got myself a new toy recently, have been having a great fun so far both riding and "customizing". Although all my mods rather light and pure cosmetic. This forum was a great source of knowledge so far! Cheers
  23. gearhead1000.pr

    Windshield Adjuster

    I also got these screen adjustable brackes from T7rally too with the lower foot pegs. I noticed when I ride the wind hits me in the face so this was cheap solution. It comes in 2 pieces and hardware. souper easy to install now down for trail up for hyway!

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