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  1. THOR SKID PLATE FOR T7 MODEL 2020 AND 2021! TOTAL HAND MADE! AVAILABLE ON THE SITE: THOR: Yamaha Tenere 700 skid plate – GpMucci.it Vai alla pagina in italiano THOR, IL PARACOPPA PER YAMAHA TENERE 700 THOR, IL PARACOPPA PER YAMAHA TENERE 700 THOR is the sump guard I made for Yamaha Tenere 700. It is the...
  3. gpmucci


  4. Yamaha Italy has done something pretty cool and set up a Ténéré Rally Challenge for this 2021 season articulated on 5 races and divided in 2 classes. The first class is dedicated to amateur riders and will consist in racing simply using a GPS so for example any GPS that reads GPX files, potentially could even be a tablet, the route will be easy off-road. The second class is considered the Pro class where riders will race with a roadbook holder and navigate through the entire same route that the National Rally Championship does. 2021 RALLY CHALLENGE CALENDAR 27/28 March | Scarlino (GR) – Tuscany (ITALY) 01/02 May | Sardinia (ITALY) 26/27 June | Roccamontepiano (CH) – Abruzzo (ITALY) 10/11 July | Pellegrino Parmense (PR) – Emilia Romagna (ITALY) 17/18/19 September | Spoleto (PG) – Umbria (ITALY) To enter the event you need: 1) CERTIFICATO MEDICO IDONEITÀ AGONISTICA (VISITA TIPO B – MOTOCICLISMO FUORISTRADA) (medical certificate, got mine yesterday, its basically a visit to the doctor, was in and out in 20 min) 2) Licenza agonistica FMI Fuoristrada Amatoriale 75,00€ (or any international motoclub, for insurance stuff and such I'm assuming) 3) Scaricare il modulo di iscrizione qui: www.yamaha-motor.eu/it/it/Experiences/Ev...it/challenge/modulo/ (file this and send to Yamaha to sign up) Usefull links and info: general rules and info: https://issuu.com/yamahamotoreuropen.v.filialeitalia/docs/yamaha_motor_-_regolamento_challange?fr=sMzM0MDE2MjM4MjQ event website from Yamaha: https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/it/it/Experiences/Eventi-ProgettiSpeciali/tenere-spirit/challenge/ I'm waiting for my paperwork to arrive for the racing licence and should be good to go. Who else is joining? Cheers Hugo
  5. Hi Everybody, I'm Udo, half of the BikeBrothers. The other half is my brother... Just picked up my 2021 T700 rally edition after only 3 months of waiting. I'm from the Netherlands and with my brother we did a lot of traveling all over the world. I 'm going to customize my T700 for "adventure"-traveling through Europe, when the borders are opening again. For our previous trips, have a look at www.bikebrothers.nl See you soon on the road, Udo
  6. Today I installed a pair of these handguards, Cycra Probend Ultra. I think it is an upgrade both in weather and crash section . So what do you think guys? Anyone running the HRM mount ?
  7. Hi all, I'm selling my werx exhaust with dB killer and link pipe... Its in stainless and in used condition, never been dropped... I've changed the t7 for a full system and wanted the bike to be a bit quieter.. With stock headers this sounds like a dream and saves a ton of weight... Shipping to UK only.. Price £70 plus postage. Aleks
  8. I preordered mine in december last year here in France. There was no news till recently when new prices were announced. The bike takes additionnal 300€ which brings it to 10K€ mark. Quiet disappointing. Today the dealer called me to confirm the actual order. Didn't have much news but he told me the new model is not A2 driving license compatible ! MT-07 is, Tracer 700 is but not Tenere? WTF? It is still 73hp so it is within the law limits. Looks like colors remain the same. I am going to the dealership tomorrow and hopefully will have more news. But I am a bit disappointed. Did you have any news for the 2021 Tenere 700?
  9. I have for sale a virtually new Dominator Exhaust collector manifold 2019 - 2020. It has been on the bike for about 10 miles, but when combined with my Delkevic silencer I found it a bit too loud for my taste, so I've re-installed the cat. £130 plus postage. I would prefer to sell within UK to avoid any excessive postage or customs costs.
  10. I noticed the front indicator connectors on my European bike have only two wires connected to them. I am trying to install aftermarket LED blinkers with DRL function. Where can I tap in the third wire to get current for my DRLs? Also, the rear LEDs have a brake light function. I presume I can tap in to the positive cable of the brake light to connect the LED's third wire? Thanks!
  11. Henry Enoksen

    Clutch noise

    When the engine is warm and and I go off the throttle there is a singing, whining noise from the clutch. The noise varies with the rpm. It disappears when I disengage the clutch. Anyone here that can tell me what it is? Familiar to others too? (Clutch bearring?) The Yamaha dealer opened the clutch housing and found nothing wrong. I have owned a lot of bikes and never heard this sound before.
  12. With the permission of the administrator we leave a few discounts that we have from the Instagram account @ yamaha_tenere_700 https://www.instagram.com/yamaha_tenere_700/ 5% with code: JTenere05 in YAMAHA Tenere 700 Archives - Extremecarbon Barkbusters in Rugged Roads with code: JORGE-INSTA Barkbuster Handguard Kit - Tenere 700 (2019>) Barkbusters - these are the toughest handguards anywhere – they don’t call ‘em Barkbusters for nothing! PowerBronze with Code: YT7PB2020 Powerbronze Home Page The official site for all your Powerbronze motorcycle bodywork and accessories, including screens, huggers, mudguards, seat cowls, belly pans, and much more. Buy direct from the manufacturer. 15% in Lillo Accesories with code: YAMAHATENERE700 Copristeli Forcella Per Yamaha Tenere 700 art. C01YTEN7 Copristeli Forcella Per Yamaha Tenere 700 art. C01YTEN7 COPRISTELI Copristeli in Neoprene nero Neoprene Ricamato Chiusura in Velcro Lunghezza da 19 CM Diametro: Ø50 mm 10% discount, code: yamaha-rocks Tripleclamp
  13. I noticed Rally Raid offers a Hex "inset" tool for removing the front axle. This is a portable tool that I would use on the road. I've never see a bike with a "Hex inset" axle nor a tool that would fit this. What are you using beside possibly this rally raid tool to remove the axle and can you point me to a tool for that use?
  14. Hi all. I'm Magnus. I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the UK and have ordered a Tenere 700 Rally Edition which SHOULD be delivered around March or April according to the dealer. I'm buying up the bits and pieces I want to add to it, or change on it, in readiness for hitting the trails come Spring. Looking forward to chatting on here and getting some advice.
  15. Hello Everybody, I've been rogue posting and lurking a bit around on the forum, but for now its time to step out of the shadows, into the light, as for this Saturday I'm supposed to pick up my T7 from the dealer. (given all paperwork is sorted in time) Originally I listed for a Euro 5 Rally model due to arrive first week of march but the dealer called me today to say it was postponed to 30th of April....yikes.. So I went to pay him a little visit and ended up getting a good deal on a 2020 euro 4 blue/grey/black, which was actually my least favourite colour of them all.. but given the big discount and the no waiting I decided to give this love affair with the blue tenere a chance and signed for the bike. worst case scenario:" here come the decals... " I'm from Belgium but located in Italy. When the pandemic settles I'm planning on doing some more serious adventure riding, intercontinentally, heading east. For now though, looking at the current situation we unfortunately find ourselves in, it will be local rides and perhaps some events... speaking of events.... anyone see anything about the T7 rally being organised in Italy by Yamaha? I'm interested in joining this event, maybe some more among the forum as well? seems like it could be awesome. in the meanwhile my box of goodies to bolt onto the T7 fortunately is about the go on a diet and lose some weight, since it will be put on the bike. the funny part of being "downgraded" to a base model, no offence there , is that it's kinda cool the do all the research again. after all I'm actually super happy with the money saved from the "rally version" I can actually get super rad upgrades and make the bike more of a mad max vehicle as opposed to the "rally edition". will do all the right postings regarding these items and questions in the right forums. just quick insight though, I'm thinking full SC-project system, twin air intake pre filter, remap and at some point perhaps fine tune the suspension, but there is time for that... as some general info about me, my name is Hugo, I'm 31 and I currently live in the south of Italy, riding is great here. used to cruise around on my father's 1150GS(decat, remap, exhaust, full abs removal, full Öhlins, etc etc ). and have my dirt bike I go do enduro with, my Sherco SEF 300 (love this). I bought the t7 as a travel companion, because I want to travel less on pavement and more off-road on the tet and gravel/fire road and piste etc...., and since destroying my fathers GS wasn't an option, and doing a service every 15 hours on the Sherco is not either... here comes the tenere! woohoo I hope to meet some likeminded enthusiasts here and hope we all have a good time whilst doing so! ps the blue grey black bike is actually super growing on me and I now love it Kinds Regards Hugo
  16. Hi from Italy, as many of you already know the speed tachometer of T7 is not perfect. I mean the indicated speed is about 10% more than real. This means you have: a false perception of the speed, anticipated maintenance, more km when you'll sell the motorbike, etc. I found in a french site: traces-deux-roues.com - Retrouvez des articles de voyages à moto et d'essai de matériel. Suivez la préparation d'un voyage à moto de 5 mois en Sibérie en 2020...et un ! Retrouvez ici des articles de voyage en moto, des test matériels, et suivez la préparation d'un voyage de 5 mois en Sibérie en 2020! info about a solution: Start | batangacase.com It's a technical Latvian seller of luggage systems and other items. They sell two modified ABS phonic wheels, with 42 holes instead of 46 (oem). I wrote to them and they confirmed me they have/produce the couple. Cost is about 45 euro (+10 euro for shipping into Europe): 55 euro ABS functionality is perfectly ok, and difference is not perceptible. Here some photo of the new phonic wheels: Installation: And now some photos of the result - before and after installation - at different speed. BEFORE (oem phonic wheels): AFTER (new phonic wheels):
  17. Hi everyone, First post on this new to me forum. Thought I would introduce myself with some images of my T7 and its shiny new jewellery. Like all of you I'm sure, the bike is in a continuous state of work in progress... The Cycra Probend guards and Rottweiler Performance/Arrow quick flip mirrors are awesome. Excellent field of view behind you. The convex mirrors are completely free of any vibrations, and the low profile looks so much cleaner. Other bits are on the way, but are held up in Australia right now. Hopefully wont be long before I can get my hands on them. The modification that got me most excited is the high level exhaust (hence the cheesy title....) It was installed yesterday. Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled with it. It's a custom made piece requiring modification to the bracket/hangar, as well as the new link pipe. What I'm most pleased about is the height. The silencer bracket is out of view, hidden within the rear seat fairing. This has allowed the silencer to be installed at the height you see. And the pillion pegs still fit! As for sound. Well, its a CP2. What do you expect. It's awesome. Bordering too loud for some I'm sure. But hey, it's fun right? Nice to meet you all.
  18. Novorider

    Hello From Spain!

    Hello to you all! First of all , many apologizes for my English.. I ´m triying to improve it! My name is Alfred, and I have a T700 of course with a lot of modications. I will be very glad to share with you all information about our bike. I use to practise soft off road trips and I leave below link to my you tube channel. (Don´t wait any profesional video, I´m not a youtuber, no need likes, only share with you my use of the bike and my little adventures in Spain) My poor youtube channel Thanks in advanced for accept me!
  19. Frenchie


    Sorry for the people outside of Europe as traveling nowadays is almost impossible. Is there somebody interrested in traveling for two or three days in the Aveyron south of france on the tracks of the Aveyron Tour that is organised every two years since 2016 by David Frétigné a former Yamaha off-road racer. I have personaly nothing to sell here, this is only an off-road trip proposal for people who want to gather with their friends. That men is runing the Honda Off-Road center in France and will be your personal and only guide, we talked about hes idea for a personal Aveyron Tour this afternoon. I've been there for the past Aveyron Tours and would be happy to join a group if accepted. Let me know if interested so I will give him a feed back.
  20. I have removed my O/E Yamaha center stand as I'm using a paddock stand now so it is up for sale. It was fitted from new so it's been on the bike for a year, it's in good condition with no damage or paint loss and will come with fitting instructions. £100 delivered, UK only .
  21. I have my toy for 2 months and can only say that it is the best bike I have had in my 60 years of life... And I have had a lot of them! Greetings to all!
  22. Real Robbie

    Sealey bike lift

    Another option for centre stand? found this works quite well for maintenance on my bike. Both wheels off the ground ,and very safe compared to a paddock stand.
  23. I'm just waiting on delivery of my new T7 in Black and looking forward to getting it muddy up in the Scottish Highlands
  24. Rare Sunny South West Ireland Passes Steppie's club day out at Molls Gap

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