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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, After much debate and testing with the help of @Disco and @AndyJ ( thank you both for the testing you have done) We have now proven that on stock 21/18 combo a new Abs ring front and back will correct the speedo to read accurately and correct the discrepancy that you get with the stock one. Thread attached. Picture attached for quick reference of the speedo reading done by @AndyJ . Disclaimer : Just to make some things clear I am not responsible for installation faults that might occur and faults of the ABS units, or dealer warranty. You do this at your own risk and if the Shet hits the fan I am unable to help with anything but replacing the unit if it is faulty from cutting. I inspect these myself prior to shipping and take pictures. Check the part on arrival and if there is any visible damage please take pictures and report back and I will replace if this was faulty from cutting. This is a private sale and intend to keep it this way. Part can be supplied in Mill or painted finish 2.0mm Mild steel thick with 42 slotted holes. Paint is RAL 9004 matt. To correct the speedo you will need both front and back rings with the same number of holes, this just corrects the speedo and keeps all the functions working as stock. ABS works and you can turn it off as normal. If you order one the ABS light will stay one as there is to much of a difference between the front and back and this will not work. I will put prices down as individual rings (keep in mind you need two per bike to make it work) Prices in Mill Finish ( no paint) £20 each for the ring. Shipping cost : dependent on country (from UK to Australia is £11 pounds roughly in 5 to 7 working days, can be cheaper but takes longer) I will quote shipping prices for people once there is interest. Price painted : £25 each for the ring. This will add to the lead time but not a lot. For any questions please don't hesitate to contact me here on through private message. Aleks
  2. Hello everybody, after enjoying my XT660Z for 9,5 years and 106.000 kilometers i decided it was time for its successor. Drove to the store and one week later i picked it up with a car full of accessories. After mounting them all on the bike it looked nice. But i worry about one thing. The original (longer) bolts that came with the centerstand are too short if you also add a crash bar and bottomplate from Touratech. The Yamaha bolt has a strenght of 10.9 . The problem is that i can't purchase a bolt with full treath and 10.9 that is long enough. For the time being i put a stainless steel bolt A2-70 on it (the same strenght as Touratech gave for mounting the stuff) but now a longer one. Should that give any problem?
  3. I'm selling my Heed aluminium bash plate. I don't ride in such heavy terrain that I need a heavy duty bash plate so I'm saving a few kg and go with the stock one again. The bash plate comes with all the mounting hardware and all the brackets needed. It was installed for a couple 100km only. I'm asking 100€ + shipping.
  4. CGras

    Pivot Pegz

    I'm selling my Pivot Pegz again. I prefer the original ones since I do mostly ride on road and don't need pegs with that much grip. They are only used once on a short ride. So basically brand new. New split pins are included. I'm asking 120€ for them. Shipping depends on where they need to go to.
  5. Dougie

    Morning all

    Hi all. Dougie from wales. Been waiting for the t7 for years like the rest of you. Was about to close a deal in the middle of finishing my house when they bring out the new colours on the rally’s. The thing is, I want to have it looking as close as possible to my ‘86 1vj in white and red. Childish I know, when people are having proper issues out there. Gold rims are a must and they aren’t available yet as spares. Do you guys think the next colours will go along the lines of white and red speedblock next season, or do I get a rallye and buy some second hand plastics to paint after? Even with dealers busting to clear their 2019-20 stock, it still works out better to buy a rallye with the extras I wanted already fitted. Sorry to go on. Not had brekky yet. hope the US lads get their machines soon. dougie
  6. Hello gentlemen (and women)! My name is Michael, 31 years old and I live on the countryside south of Munich in the state of Bavaria in Germany. First I was a banker, in the military a bit, driving instructor and since 2012 a full time tour guide. After a long wait and pandemic lockdown I just ordered my Tenere 700. Unfortunately I need to wait until July even though the Tenere is available since last summer and there are still motorcycles waiting for buyers at multiple dealers. The reason is that I ordered it through my company. I work as a motorcycle tour guide for Edelweiss Bike Travel. Some of you might have heard of the company from Austria. So I travel and ride a lot. Roughly 25.000 km in a year (less than 5% highways, so really a lot of good stuff;). We always have company tour guide bikes but I fancied the Tenere since the beginning. I ride since I was 13 years old, street legal since I'm 15. My first bike to shift was a Kawasaki KMX 125 and my first big bike was a Yamaha XT 660X in white/red. I had a XT 660Z too but too me the Tenere 700 is the better version of my beloved Honda Africa Twin RD07 that I rebuilt completely. My last bike was a Yamaha MT09 SP and that was bike No. 26 that I owned. Yes, I do like to buy a bike, ride it, try it and resell it to get something new. I really hope and think that the Tenere will stay a long time like my Africa Twin for some awesome rides and travels. Like another trip from Germany through the Balkans to Istanbul, Turkey and back we did in 2015. The Tenere seems perfect for it. If you have any questions just ask! Ride safe!
  7. Hello World, My home base is in North Germany but currently I am working for the UN in South Sudan. After riding Hondas like MTX80 (when I was 16), XL500R and XL500R Paris-Dakar, XLV750R (fantastic bike at that time but overheating killed the engine), XRV750 Africa Twin (RD07), which I rode from South Africa back home along the African east coast, my last bike was a DR650SE which was stolen in 2012. In between I had some Husqvarnas and Husabergs for some fun. When the rumors about a new Africa Twin started I got hooked again. To be honest the CRF Africa Twin as nice as the bike is was disappointing -too much electronics. The Tenere 700 seems to be what I really want - a modern bike with no assisting systems. The best Africa Twin, Honda never built. My tour of duty ends in December so I am quiet sure next spring I'll own a Tenere. Until then I will read in this forum as well as in the German Tenere forum to get as much input as possible. The first big tour with the T700 is already planned: along the Norwegian west coast to Kirkenes, where I'll meet my wife and do a southbound cruise to Bergen. From there I will ride back home. Please apologize any typo as English is not my mother tongue. Best, Mike
  8. Has anybody else recently ordered accessories for their Tenere from their dealer? I've ordered a mono seat rack almost 2 months ago and still haven't heard back from them. When I bought the bike I also ordered heated grips which took longer than the bike to arrive but they came within about 2 weeks or so after I got the bike.
  9. Like the tittle says I would like to start this thread and people can post pictures and recommendations of what roads to use in certain areas of Europe. ( People in the USA and Canada could start the same thread in their regional forums for us to have a look at as well ) In order to keep this easy to search maybe we need to put in before each post : Country / Region / Road / Towns . You can then tell us why that is a good road/location to visit and this way members of the forum can plan some trips around Europe. Hope this is a good idea and people are happy to post their findings or what they recommend Would be nice to post pictures for the recommended areas etc. I will edit or post later some pictures and my recommendation ( once I have found the pictures in my phone) Please let me know if this is a good idea and if you find it relevant Aleks
  10. Hello everyone! I'm excited to bring you "The Wolf of Matris" SALE!!! We are celebrating 20 Years of Matris Supension with 20% off all Matris products! With origins going back to 1980, Matris, "home of the Wolf", is marking twenty years of being headquartered in Vicenza (since 2000). Wolf you say? The strong visual brand identity of Matris is the LUPO, which means Wolf. Combined with the slogan, "Go wild in total safety", pushes motorcyclists to challenge their limits in complete safety. They came out swinging with all new offerings for the Tenere 700: F25RX "quad valve" Hydraulic Fork Cartridge Kit: Retail $1319.95, now just $1055.96! Adj. Compression, Rebound, and Preload “Quad Valve” F25RX (25 mm cartridge) allows full adjustment (Compression-Rebound-Preload), replacing all the original internal fork parts. Comes with oil, but reuses the OEM springs. Ready to fit, without any modification to the original fork. M46KD Monoshock: Retail $889.95, now just $711.96! This is the ENTRY LEVEL shock from Matris for the Tenere 700. Adj. Rebound and Hydraulic Preload Available in "Dark Series" which come with a Black spring instead of Matris Orange. M46K Monoshock: Retail $949.95, now just $759.96! M46K + IKS Monoshock: Retail $1219.95, now just $975.96! These are the MID LEVEL shocks from Matris for the Tenere 700. M46K - Adj. Compression, Rebound, Length, and Preload M46K + IKS - Adj. Compression, Rebound, Length, and IKS Knob-Hydraulic Preload They have all the adjustments you need, without the separate Hi/Lo compression of their top level shock. Both Models are available in "Dark Series" which come with a Black Spring instead of Matris Orange. M46R Monoshock: Retail $1589.95, now just $1271.96! This is the TOP LEVEL shock from Matris for the Tenere 700. Adj. Compression Hi/Lo Independently, Rebound, Length, and IKS Knob-Hydraulic Preload Available in "Dark Series" which come with a Black spring instead of Matris Orange. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. No need to wait for a group buy...all these products can be found at the following link for immediate purchase, at 20% off retail prices. No Tax, FREE SHIPPING (in the contiguous US). For customers outside the US, it may be possible to ship from within Europe to Europe (contact me before you buy to make sure). NOTE: When ordering, please specify rider weight in gear, and type of riding you do (commuting, off roading, canyon carving, etc), and we'll have Matris spring it to your specifications. Again, all these products can be found at the following link for immediate purchase, at 20% off retail prices: https://www.bellissimoto.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=Matris Tenere 700 - Paul
  11. Yamaha Tenere 700 Registered 31/10/2019. Approx 1285 miles. 1st Service done. 3 Keys,Owner & Service Books,Toolkit. Standard Bike apart from factory fitted grips. 16 months Yamaha warranty remaining to end of October 2021. Never been used off road so in absolutely superb condition. SOLD
  12. With the permission of the administrator we leave a few discounts that we have from the Instagram account @ yamaha_tenere_700 https://www.instagram.com/yamaha_tenere_700/ 5% with code: JTenere05 in YAMAHA Tenere 700 Archives - Extremecarbon Barkbusters in Rugged Roads with code: JORGE-INSTA Barkbuster Handguard Kit - Tenere 700 (2019>) Barkbusters - these are the toughest handguards anywhere – they don’t call ‘em Barkbusters for nothing! PowerBronze with Code: YT7PB2020 Powerbronze Home Page The official site for all your Powerbronze motorcycle bodywork and accessories, including screens, huggers, mudguards, seat cowls, belly pans, and much more. Buy direct from the manufacturer. 15% in Lillo Accesories with code: YAMAHATENERE700 Copristeli Forcella Per Yamaha Tenere 700 art. C01YTEN7 Copristeli Forcella Per Yamaha Tenere 700 art. C01YTEN7 COPRISTELI Copristeli in Neoprene nero Neoprene Ricamato Chiusura in Velcro Lunghezza da 19 CM Diametro: Ø50 mm 10% discount, code: yamaha-rocks Tripleclamp
  13. Amesburyyard

    Rally Raid products

    Morning I’m in the process of buying suspension upgrades for my new Beast from Rally Raid Products, they have directed me to their U.K. suppier in Cambridgeshire for fitting and sales ,which I understand fitting is free included in retail price ... I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Torque Racing services with regards to fitting and personal set up ... cheers
  14. Ride round and out of an old lead mining area. I need a drone
  15. Aleksandar13

    Off road bike for newbie!!

    Hello chaps, I know this thread might open up a can of worms but why not... Some of you are aware that my T700 is an SM bike and road only and I would never consider taking the bike off road.. This is my choice and it might be in others peoples views the wrong one but I am happy with the decision and would never change it back to stock. That being said I am thinking about buying a second bike, I have never adventured off road and this would be my first time... I am planning on going off road before I commit to buying a bike but I would like to discuss what people think about some trail bikes for beginners. I usually buy new or slightly used and I would prefer to keep it this way but let's see where the discussion ends. I have couple of bikes in mind and they are all 250cc, I am told would be enough for a beginner but not lack fun and must be tall enough for 6.4 and a bit on the heavier side 104kg. 450cc would be nice but I might get myself killed My list : AJP PR5 250...seems to be a Portuguese brand with decent quality and good value for money less than 5k in UK. Suzuki rmz 250 : good deals to be had around 5k no idea of how good bad it is. Yamaha wr250 must be my favourite but it is higher in the range of 6to 7k price wise. Crf250 good value but soma say it is heavy.? Husqvarna and Ktm are in the background due to reliability concerns but if you have recommendations please let me know. Main concern with all the above is the maintenance and reliability. Ajp has a street engine and needs oil change every 1800 miles. I know most manuals on the off road bikes are probably saying 4h oil changes but is this really the case..? What bike would you recommend for green lanes and off road use considering maintenance , reliability cost and fun factor. I am no racer just want to be able to try off road and lanes and enjoy the nature and the lanes. Mileage per year should be between 3k and 4k a year if this becomes a routine of mine as it is with the T700 SM. Look forward to your answers. Regards, Aleks
  16. Hi all, Need to get rid of the standard seat used for 3k miles.. Would be ideal base for someone who would like to send to upholstery or for people who just need one.. I'm not sure about price but low one sells for 160 and rally for 300... So I'll be happy with £80 on PayPal plus shipping. Aleks
  17. CardamT7bleu


    hello have you already ordered from this company https://t7rally.com/ , did you receive a good service? because i ordered on february 20, 2020 and still haven`t received my package. i sent an email last week (6 april) and still haven`t received an answer... thank.
  18. I'm selling my Held (by Schuberth) H-E1 adventure flip up helmet in size L since I don't get along with flip up helmets that well. I prefer a helmet I can take off and on without having to flip it open. It is a comfortable helmet to wear none the less. I've only had it for a short while and have used it only a couple of times. So it is basically in like new condition. It is clean inside and out, I've only worn it with a balaclava. The peak can be taken off by twisting the two knobs on the sides. It also comes with two pieces to close off the visor mechanism when the peak is off. It comes with instructions and the original bag. I'm asking 220€ for it. Shipping costs depend on where you live. if interested, please drop me a PM.
  19. Happy to announce that @T7rally.com is now a supporting member of the Tenere 700 forum! T7rally.com is managed by engineers who actually ride! They build some awesome parts for the Tenere 700 and we are very happy to have them on the forum! Check em out here https://t7rally.com/
  20. I have been looking for saddle bag from 21brothers in Poland. The name is rogal XL. Seems pretty smooth. I just think if someone of you have used it before. I like the idea it's very simple and only cost around 190 euros.
  21. ADVUSA

    Front Axle Hex Tool ?

    I noticed Rally Raid offers a Hex "inset" tool for removing the front axle. This is a portable tool that I would use on the road. I've never see a bike with a "Hex inset" axle nor a tool that would fit this. What are you using beside possibly this rally raid tool to remove the axle and can you point me to a tool for that use?
  22. Hi, I have a old tail tidy in my storage room, and i work to adapt this spare part from T7. And this is the outcome And Headlight protector or Rally Raid
  23. I have had a conversation with Hell, based in Exeter about some braded hoses for my T700 and they have offered a 20% discount to members of this forum. If you are interested let me know and I will give you details.

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