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  1. Since I've had my mind set on getting my rider's license last year, one point on my bucket list has been "ride some TET". I think it might even have been the TET which has drawn me to dual sport/ADV bikes - at first I had my eyes set on a 690/701, but as time went on I more and more got in love with the T7. Being a newly licensed rider, this means of course that my offroad experience on motorized two wheels is zero. The German TET sections are at least 300 km from me, and are said to have only about 9% of unpaved roads - I needed something closer to my home in Western Germany to get my bike into the dirt. Luckily, the Dutch (and also belgian) border is only 100 km west of my location - and they have just added a new section (section 11) to TET NL which starts in that area, South Limburg. Double luck: This is @Ray Ride4life 's backyard, and he has already uploaded quite a lot footage of this area (and of TET NL) to his YT channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ZX750Ray Ray got back to me as soon as he read about my plans here in the forum, and confirmed to me that this section is definitely rideable with a more or less stock T7 (tires, shocks), taking into account that I am an unexperienced rider. Furthermore, he even made a "little test ride" (roughly 1/3 of the section) on Sunday and sent me his comments and routing alternatives - which turned out to be very helpful. I felt prepared and decided to take off on Tuesday (yesterday), although weather forecast predicted 30° C (86° F) for the afternoon. But I recently got some new riding gear from Bowtex (Standard R shirt/pants): Bowtex® Official Shop ELITE CE LEVEL AAA ULTIMATE PROTECTION & COMFORTWEAR THEM AS LEGGINGS OR TROUSERS! Discover the leggings ESSENTIAL CE LEVEL AA RIDE IN YOUR OWN STYLE – NOW CE LEVEL AA!WEAR THEM... which was said to be great for higher temperatures (that's why I bought it), while still offering premium protection. Until now, I only had "one gear for every season", which works up to 20°C - somehow, as long as you are riding. If temperature hits 25°C, I couldn't ride slower than 80 km/h; every stop caused massive sweating. Not cool I took off around 7:30 AM, temperature was 15°C, and I was cruising on the highway at 90-100 km/h (speedo reading). Average fuel consumption was lower than usual: 3.1 l/100 km! I really think this might be due to the Bowtex shirt/pants tight fit, causing significantly less drag than my regular garment. I did not notice any tailwind. Normally, she needs around 3.3 l/100km at the same speed. After some time, I arrived at the starting point of TET NL-11: I aired down to 2.0 bars front / 2.2 bars rear and put on my new (cheap) MX goggles, since it was already getting hot under my helmet. Yes, it doesn't look very special there - I assumed there would still be lots of tarmac until the fun parts began. But I was wrong, just a couple of wheel revolutions later the first (admittedly short) gravel road came, leading to a small village, after which the trail roughly followed the line of Julianakanaal, a canal bypassing river Meuse between the cities of Maastricht and Maasbracht. Small paved twisties and gravel roads (mostly smooth fine hardpack with good grip) took turns, a pleasant mixture: I took it easy, since I neither wanted to disturb pedestrians nor cyclists, nor did I want to crash due to my low experience. I was using OsmAnd (Android GPS app) for navigating, which is GREAT: Turn-by-turn navigation from GPX track worked very well, never annoyed me, and even altered the route when needed, so I could skip two short sections easily (trucks were blocking both). Temperatures were constantly rising, but even in standstill the Bowtex gear was quite comfortable. When riding, I had a constant air flow which really helped staying focused and fit. The Level 2 protectors are highly flexible, moving around the bike was a no-brainer. Over the time, I got more and more accustomed to controlling clutch/throttle while standing on the pegs. After roughly 1,5 hours, I made a short stop in the shade: The goggles and new jacket/pants were a good choice already, otherwise it would have been too hot to ride for me. Those kind of roads could of course easily be ridden with any bike, but it wouldn't stay like that The Netherlands suffer from drought (just like almost every country in Europe), in many parts the weeds next to the trail were completely dried out - I was a bit scared of causing a wildfire, so I took extra care not to fall and had a look in the mirrors from time to time. Some (small) parts of the trail got really bumpy (good!), and I found the suspension to do its job quite well (at least I wasn't thrown off the bike, and it didn't bottom out ). These parts definitely require a bike with sufficient suspension travel and decent tires. Some short stretches are on loose sand (man I was scared, but luckily, my steering or braking inputs showed no effort, so I had to go on :D). And some gravel roads have recently been re-covered with fine round stones, where my rear tire was swimming left and right all the time - funny feeling. Was busy with riding, so I didn't take pictures of these parts. The area south of Roermond was most interesting for me: Long, fast gravel parts mixed with grassy surface and smaller, narrower trails (not shown): Around this area I met two fellow trail riders (both rode the opposite direction), at first one on an Africa Twin (I think an XRV 750), the other guy later on a CRF 250L or 300L - great bike! I envied him a bit for his light, lean offroad weapon... I was riding on the trail for roughly 4 hours (yes, I'm slow...) when I reached a beautiful café/deli north of Roermond in the Meinweg national park area (beautiful heath/forest area): Herberg De Bos – Genieten in het groen! Highly recommended! It is more or less in the middle of the trail. Had some "Toast Hawaii" there (if you don't know, this is a European invention from the 50's, sandwich with ham, cheese and pineapple. I guess nobody in Hawai'i has ever heard of it): Around that time Ray had sent me a message so we could meet for coffee, unfortunately I read it too late After this stop, the trail led me over paved roads at first, which was welcome for me. Nice little towns and places like this one: I already expected no more unpaved sections, but I was wrong! The offroad sections included more forest tracks like this one close to the town of Venlo: Note the narrower "fietspad" (bicycle lane) next to the gravel road! These are often paved, even when the road is unpaved. In general, I found that people over there were very friendly when I approached them - in Germany, I would have been lynched several times for riding through forests. Plus scaring pedestrians and cyclists. A few people were less friendly, I am quite sure they were German tourists (honestly). Probably the most beautiful part of this section runs through De Hamert national park, passing the heather-covered slopes (not really visible in the photo :-/): This slowly twisting gravel road is the final offroad part, very close to the section's end point: This ride was a fantastic experience, both in terms of landscape and of riding. I got a lot more confident offroad, and still think the T7 is the right bike for what I want to do. Back home, the trip meter showed 405 km - including breaks, it took me close to 10 hours. Time well spent! Especially I would like to thank @Ray Ride4life again for providing excellent information about the trail and for his scouting. Thanks man, looking forward to meeting you in person!
  2. Hi Everyone I bought the Rapid Bike Evo fuel management system exclusive for the T7 and planning to install it this weekend. I would like to invite everyone who has fitted one before to share their experiences and end results. Thanks
  3. Ray Ride4life

    Discover Overland

    Anyone else going to the Discover Overland weekend? Discover Overland – Inspiring overland travel meetings I registered for the whole weekend. I could go home every night so close from home but i stay there all weekend camping.
  4. Hey guys, I am shipping my bike via sea container and my shipping agent wants to know the Motorcycle's MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of the battery. Can anyone provide me the MSDS for the Yamaha Tenere 700? Thanks
  5. Few pics from 15 days TET Norway extended with scenic routes and extra offroad.
  6. johnneyflyguy

    Elan Vally Midd Wales.

    Just a short video from my trip to the Elan Vally Midd Wales.
  7. Ray Ride4life

    Double take mirrors for sale

    As you might have seen somewhere here or on my own blog i switched to the Rotweiler mirrors on the T7. that leaves me with a set of double take mirrors which i rather sell on than have it stashed in a box to be forgotten. Asking price €75 plus shipping costs for the set with only one mounting ball with the right side adapter (the left i kept for mounting a camera). And no, that black are no cracks but reflections. I really like them and also have a set on my Crosstourer but i just like the Rotweiler better even though these have a better view to the rear. If i have to choose for practicality i have to go for the double take but this time i choose for the looks.
  8. Good day to everyone. Got one question related to original yamaha Tenere side panniers and rack. My brand new ones. Left one if I want to mount it to the rack - come easily with little push only, however if I wanted to put on right one (the one above exhaust pipe) I have to first use lever in "open" position to make it possible. Otherwise they are not "fit" to the lock. Is it intentionally done by Yamaha??? I've give it back to the shop and another one has just came - with exactly the same problem. It is like the distance between lower support and upper "lock" is to low (on panner). Summarize: Left pannier need only "push" to be mounted to the rack. Right one need additionally to "open" opening lever then push pannier against rack and then release lever. (in my opinion it shall work only with small "push" withoud using opening lever). Thank you in advance for any reply. Regards!
  9. Hi, this is my brand new Tenere in Granada, Spain. Pics are in old town called Albaicín.
  10. Hi I'm looking for some high alps passes off road.has any one got any good recommendations.
  11. Hello to everyone/T7 positive Today was my first day of fuelling my new T7 rally edition. Feeling wonderfull, but still a little bit cold (+3°C). I wish to all of you a good start to new motoseason 2022. Best wishes Tomas
  12. hello have you already ordered from this company https://t7rally.com/ , did you receive a good service? because i ordered on february 20, 2020 and still haven`t received my package. i sent an email last week (6 april) and still haven`t received an answer... thank.
  13. Hello! I'm writing this post to seek help and advice. I participated in a soft enduro event last saturday , around 140km off-road. Regarding existing suspension on my bike, I have fitted an spring to the rear shock to match my weight. I have also tested many settings on compression/rebound, and I tought it was OK, until I tested in a enduro event I feel like the bike is always bottoming out the suspension stroke, which, off course, send me flying off the bike LOL I have searched for solutions to replace the suspension of the bike. I know Ohlins (whos doesn't), tractive, rally raid and touratech. Ohlins seems to be the the standard when people go to upgrade their suspensions. Tractive suspensions seems to performe very well and seems that they provide to RallyRaid and Touratech (is that right)? Here is the cartridge and shock that I liked based on what I found regarding performance: Tractive Suspension Shock X-TREME RALLY (+30 mm) Long Travel Yamaha Tenere 700 Twin Piston PDS X-TREME RALLY (230 mm) Long Travel Shock Yamaha Tenere 700, black anodised Tractive Suspension has probably developed the… Tractive Suspension X-TREME RALLY (230mm) Closed-Cartridge Kit BLACK Yamaha Tenere 700 Tractive Suspension X-TREME RALLY LONG TRAVEL 230 mm Closed-cartridge BLACK for the Yamaha Tenere 700 Tractive offers an excellent… Is this a good choise? What do you have? There isn't a suspension to to everything, I know, but I use the T7 50/50 Solo/Pillion and 50/50 On/Off road. PS 1 : Rally Raid is almost out of question because I live in Portugal, and to Buy in UK, I have to pay import taxes... PS 2 : My weight is 128KG and height 186cm (so the +30mm is good)
  14. I have a Tenere 700 Rally edition from 2021 (Made in France). I got it in June 2021 (4 months of riding), has 4000km on the clock, has been ridden mostly on-road (70%) but only in dry weather. I keep it clean, lubed up where it has to be, all in all I’d call myself a good owner. Since I am as finicky as I am, I did a pre winterization inspection and found rust/corrosion on most of the frame welds. Pictures are bellow. I called up the dealership and the authorized service shop. They said it would be a shame to disassemble the whole bike to respray the frame, as it is very hard to assemble it back in factory quality (which I agree with 100%). They suggested painting over the rust with a brush and OG paint but thats not the right way to do it. Rust will still spread if not removed. I'm thinking of treating the rusty welds with a wire brush to get the rust off and then painting it back in black with a brush. Then I'd spray all the welds over with some Krown KC73 (ACF 50 equivalent) every once in a while to prevent it happening again. What do you think? Does anyone else have a similar issue? I’ll keep you updated… Frame by the rear wheel (where your calfs rub against the frame): Next to engine: By the foot stand bellow the engine (you'll have to creep under the bike): Bellow the rear seat:
  15. I was at the Eicma 2021 fair in Milan during the week. It was not as good as the fair in 2019. Many brands such as BMW, KTM, Ducati did not attend the fair. Still, it made me feel so good after a 2 year break. Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, Benelli, QC Motors (Benelli and MV Agusta’s manufacturer Chinese brand) and also KTM’s LC8 series manufacturer CF Moto Chinese brand was at the Eicma. Some photos are here
  16. Just on the way home from a weeks riding both on and off road in the Picos de Europa with a mate on his Tiger 800. The T7 was yet again the perfect bike to be on. We did well with the weather and had no rain whilst we were riding but the roads were very sketchy in places with leaves, cow poo, cows themselves, crushed chesnuts, moss etc. All great fun and good for the riding skills. Did a couple of off road routes including the brilliant run from near Sotres to Espinama. This went up to around 5,5500 feet. Stayed at a place called Llanes, which was a lovely seaside town. People were very friendly, weather was ace and the scenery was spectacular. We deliberately chose to ride the tiny small roads for added fun. Bend after bend after bend with ups, downs etc. I'd recommend it. Rich
  17. I noticed Rally Raid offers a Hex "inset" tool for removing the front axle. This is a portable tool that I would use on the road. I've never see a bike with a "Hex inset" axle nor a tool that would fit this. What are you using beside possibly this rally raid tool to remove the axle and can you point me to a tool for that use?
  18. Summer holiday trip from south east of Norway where I live and work, going north to my home town. On the Per Gynt road: First day camping site: Locatoweb tracking from Day 1 (pictures in map): Ferie, dag 1 - Real time GPS tracker - LocaToWeb Follow RbR on a map via GPS
  19. It's getting wet and cold now, so not long until I'll park the bike for the winter. Some photos from yesterdays ride. Some nice gravel roads and some very nice twisty roads. If this was the last ride of the season, it was a good one . The whole route: Season end? - Real time GPS tracker - LocaToWeb Follow RbR on a map via GPS
  20. Hi all, I am soon to be the proud owner of a New Rally Edition due with me in November time and i was hoping for some expert guidance to the pannier racks. I am set on having the genuine crash bars and pannier racks but have stumbled accross a minor "issue". The part number on the configurator/accessory catalogue is BW3-F84G0-00-00 however i have been offered a second hand set, at a fraction of the price but with the part number BW3-F84G1-00-00. The question i am asking is whether there is any difference at all between the two versions that anybody is aware of as the part number only has 1 slight difference? Any help is greatly appreciated! Many Thanks
  21. Hello all, last wednesday i rode a friend's T7 and loved it. I do not get it out of my head, I think it will be my new bike. I've signed up to fet some information. Thanks!
  22. Has the 2021 Euro 5 model retained the snatchy throttle feel? Made it worse or better?
  23. Bought a couple of these foam air filters from off-the-road.de (OTR). Does anyone have any experience with them? How do they compare to say the UniFilter or the MWR? Good pricing, quality seems good, the retailer/manufacturer feels legit. Looks like the filter is made by OTR themselves (although it appears very similar to the MWR filter, just in blue instead of red). Been running it a couple of weeks now on group gravel rides and I'm happy with it so far. Air intake was completely clean when I took the filter out for cleaning and re-oiling so seems to do its job well enough. https://www.off-the-road.de/en/Air-filter/OTR-foam-air-filter-kit-Yamaha-Tenere-700.html
  24. Nighthawk

    Lower footpegs

    Hello, I need some help from the wonderful internet. I raised my handlebar 2cm, but still end up leaning a bit too much forward. So now I'm looking at getting some lower pegs. What kind do people have, and what are your experience with them?

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