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  1. I have a Tenere 700 Rally edition from 2021 (Made in France). I got it in June 2021 (4 months of riding), has 4000km on the clock, has been ridden mostly on-road (70%) but only in dry weather. I keep it clean, lubed up where it has to be, all in all I’d call myself a good owner. Since I am as finicky as I am, I did a pre winterization inspection and found rust/corrosion on most of the frame welds. Pictures are bellow. I called up the dealership and the authorized service shop. They said it would be a shame to disassemble the whole bike to respray the frame, as it is very hard to assemble it back in factory quality (which I agree with 100%). They suggested painting over the rust with a brush and OG paint but thats not the right way to do it. Rust will still spread if not removed. I'm thinking of treating the rusty welds with a wire brush to get the rust off and then painting it back in black with a brush. Then I'd spray all the welds over with some Krown KC73 (ACF 50 equivalent) every once in a while to prevent it happening again. What do you think? Does anyone else have a similar issue? I’ll keep you updated… Frame by the rear wheel (where your calfs rub against the frame): Next to engine: By the foot stand bellow the engine (you'll have to creep under the bike): Bellow the rear seat:
  2. I was at the Eicma 2021 fair in Milan during the week. It was not as good as the fair in 2019. Many brands such as BMW, KTM, Ducati did not attend the fair. Still, it made me feel so good after a 2 year break. Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, Benelli, QC Motors (Benelli and MV Agusta’s manufacturer Chinese brand) and also KTM’s LC8 series manufacturer CF Moto Chinese brand was at the Eicma. Some photos are here
  3. Just on the way home from a weeks riding both on and off road in the Picos de Europa with a mate on his Tiger 800. The T7 was yet again the perfect bike to be on. We did well with the weather and had no rain whilst we were riding but the roads were very sketchy in places with leaves, cow poo, cows themselves, crushed chesnuts, moss etc. All great fun and good for the riding skills. Did a couple of off road routes including the brilliant run from near Sotres to Espinama. This went up to around 5,5500 feet. Stayed at a place called Llanes, which was a lovely seaside town. People were very friendly, weather was ace and the scenery was spectacular. We deliberately chose to ride the tiny small roads for added fun. Bend after bend after bend with ups, downs etc. I'd recommend it. Rich
  4. I noticed Rally Raid offers a Hex "inset" tool for removing the front axle. This is a portable tool that I would use on the road. I've never see a bike with a "Hex inset" axle nor a tool that would fit this. What are you using beside possibly this rally raid tool to remove the axle and can you point me to a tool for that use?
  5. Summer holiday trip from south east of Norway where I live and work, going north to my home town. On the Per Gynt road: First day camping site: Locatoweb tracking from Day 1 (pictures in map): Ferie, dag 1 - Real time GPS tracker - LocaToWeb Follow RbR on a map via GPS
  6. Hi Everyone I bought the Rapid Bike Evo fuel management system exclusive for the T7 and planning to install it this weekend. I would like to invite everyone who has fitted one before to share their experiences and end results. Thanks
  7. It's getting wet and cold now, so not long until I'll park the bike for the winter. Some photos from yesterdays ride. Some nice gravel roads and some very nice twisty roads. If this was the last ride of the season, it was a good one . The whole route: Season end? - Real time GPS tracker - LocaToWeb Follow RbR on a map via GPS
  8. Hi all, I am soon to be the proud owner of a New Rally Edition due with me in November time and i was hoping for some expert guidance to the pannier racks. I am set on having the genuine crash bars and pannier racks but have stumbled accross a minor "issue". The part number on the configurator/accessory catalogue is BW3-F84G0-00-00 however i have been offered a second hand set, at a fraction of the price but with the part number BW3-F84G1-00-00. The question i am asking is whether there is any difference at all between the two versions that anybody is aware of as the part number only has 1 slight difference? Any help is greatly appreciated! Many Thanks
  9. Hello all, last wednesday i rode a friend's T7 and loved it. I do not get it out of my head, I think it will be my new bike. I've signed up to fet some information. Thanks!
  10. Has the 2021 Euro 5 model retained the snatchy throttle feel? Made it worse or better?
  11. Bought a couple of these foam air filters from off-the-road.de (OTR). Does anyone have any experience with them? How do they compare to say the UniFilter or the MWR? Good pricing, quality seems good, the retailer/manufacturer feels legit. Looks like the filter is made by OTR themselves (although it appears very similar to the MWR filter, just in blue instead of red). Been running it a couple of weeks now on group gravel rides and I'm happy with it so far. Air intake was completely clean when I took the filter out for cleaning and re-oiling so seems to do its job well enough. https://www.off-the-road.de/en/Air-filter/OTR-foam-air-filter-kit-Yamaha-Tenere-700.html
  12. Nighthawk

    Lower footpegs

    Hello, I need some help from the wonderful internet. I raised my handlebar 2cm, but still end up leaning a bit too much forward. So now I'm looking at getting some lower pegs. What kind do people have, and what are your experience with them?
  13. alex carvalhais

    Mais um Feliz..

    Hey sou Alex tenho 44 Anos Sou Português, Norte de Portugal, Oporto/ Felgueiras, Sou praticante de " offorad "desde 1998 . Tenho a Teneré T 700 Euro 5 de 55kw 2021 á 3 meses e conta já com 5800klm . Encontrei este fórum por pesquisa de um escape para T7. Faço parte do Fórum clube ktm Portugal desde do primeiro minuto ( marca que sempre tive e mantenho ). Yamaha foi a minha primeira moto, uma moto 4 Banshe 350 cc 2t , e depois passados uns anos um Super Teneré . Agora decide comprar o melhor dos dois Mundos numa moto. Tinha a Suzuki Dr Big 800cc de 199 que achava boa para fazer estrada e offrod e já inha uns bons anos então resolvi vender e comprar algo parecido mas melhor! Neste momento em termos de extras para T7 só me falta colocar a proteção de cárter que ainda noa decidi qual ! E a Escape /Ponteira silenciador que sei que será modelo Rally Raid. e as que mais Gosto são : Termigoni ( 600€_ a minha eleita ) LeoVince ( 550€) Arrow ( 450€) S C Project ( 650€) Mas acho que escolhi com a carteira e não com o coração: ( tenho a certeza que irei marcar ..arranhar e ate homologar por isso ) Preço Qualidade : A leita foi : Dominator ( 250€) Black Window Rally Raid Hexagonal 300mm Titanium _ ( 150€ ) EXAN Rally Raid ( 300€) STRoM ( €) Q&B ( €) Espero ir dando noticias por cá. E quando alguém s quisere juntar num ride é ligar... Quem quiser vir cá a Portugal fazer tours terei muito gosto em ser o vosso guia, Tours Adv on Road ou off road ) alexandrecarvalhais@hotmail.com 00351 917574422 Alex Carvalhais
  14. Reviving an old thread but I have to say I’m pretty disappointed, I ordered the wing deflectors and headlamp guard, after having to wait a couple of weeks due to being out of stock I received them and the o/s ‘wing’ didn’t fit, the top front part looked like it hadn’t been trimmed properly and actually pushed behind the main yam screen and the rear fitting were it slips into the grove was misshaped so pushed out against the fairing and removed paint after bouncing emails back and forth with powerbronze I’ve had to send them back so they can asses them. then the headlamp guard I managed to get time to fit today and it finishes 1/4 higher than the bottom of the headlamp Seems a little daft yes I know the chance of something hitting the bottom lip is slim to none but the guard actually looks shorter than the ones in their pictures and the ones in this thread... I’m wondering if they are having supply/supplier issues as it came unbranded without their logo sticker. all in all at the moment I definitely wouldn’t recommend and as I said I’m pretty disappointed in their quality.
  15. Hello fellow T7 owners and enthusiasts. I would like to know your thoughts about a sidecar option for the T7. I have no sidecar experience at all, so I am all green on this area of motorcycling. However I will say sidecars to me seem to be a ton of fun. Does anyone here have any sidecar experience and could tell if the T7 could handle a sidecar well? Also do you know of any workshop in the UK/Europe that could make such a sidecar, preferable a passenger adventure sidecar with storage for extra fuel and a spare tire. The picture provided is a Photoshop that I picked up from the link below. https://www.flickr.com/photos/claudiobardeggiabrandi/15863217904/in/photostream/ Thanks.
  16. THOR SKID PLATE FOR T7 MODEL 2020 AND 2021! TOTAL HAND MADE! AVAILABLE ON THE SITE: THOR: Yamaha Tenere 700 skid plate – GpMucci.it Vai alla pagina in italiano THOR, IL PARACOPPA PER YAMAHA TENERE 700 THOR, IL PARACOPPA PER YAMAHA TENERE 700 THOR is the sump guard I made for Yamaha Tenere 700. It is the...
  18. gpmucci


  19. Yamaha Italy has done something pretty cool and set up a Ténéré Rally Challenge for this 2021 season articulated on 5 races and divided in 2 classes. The first class is dedicated to amateur riders and will consist in racing simply using a GPS so for example any GPS that reads GPX files, potentially could even be a tablet, the route will be easy off-road. The second class is considered the Pro class where riders will race with a roadbook holder and navigate through the entire same route that the National Rally Championship does. 2021 RALLY CHALLENGE CALENDAR 27/28 March | Scarlino (GR) – Tuscany (ITALY) 01/02 May | Sardinia (ITALY) 26/27 June | Roccamontepiano (CH) – Abruzzo (ITALY) 10/11 July | Pellegrino Parmense (PR) – Emilia Romagna (ITALY) 17/18/19 September | Spoleto (PG) – Umbria (ITALY) To enter the event you need: 1) CERTIFICATO MEDICO IDONEITÀ AGONISTICA (VISITA TIPO B – MOTOCICLISMO FUORISTRADA) (medical certificate, got mine yesterday, its basically a visit to the doctor, was in and out in 20 min) 2) Licenza agonistica FMI Fuoristrada Amatoriale 75,00€ (or any international motoclub, for insurance stuff and such I'm assuming) 3) Scaricare il modulo di iscrizione qui: www.yamaha-motor.eu/it/it/Experiences/Ev...it/challenge/modulo/ (file this and send to Yamaha to sign up) Usefull links and info: general rules and info: https://issuu.com/yamahamotoreuropen.v.filialeitalia/docs/yamaha_motor_-_regolamento_challange?fr=sMzM0MDE2MjM4MjQ event website from Yamaha: https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/it/it/Experiences/Eventi-ProgettiSpeciali/tenere-spirit/challenge/ I'm waiting for my paperwork to arrive for the racing licence and should be good to go. Who else is joining? Cheers Hugo
  20. Hi Everybody, I'm Udo, half of the BikeBrothers. The other half is my brother... Just picked up my 2021 T700 rally edition after only 3 months of waiting. I'm from the Netherlands and with my brother we did a lot of traveling all over the world. I 'm going to customize my T700 for "adventure"-traveling through Europe, when the borders are opening again. For our previous trips, have a look at www.bikebrothers.nl See you soon on the road, Udo
  21. Today I installed a pair of these handguards, Cycra Probend Ultra. I think it is an upgrade both in weather and crash section . So what do you think guys? Anyone running the HRM mount ?
  22. Hi all, I'm selling my werx exhaust with dB killer and link pipe... Its in stainless and in used condition, never been dropped... I've changed the t7 for a full system and wanted the bike to be a bit quieter.. With stock headers this sounds like a dream and saves a ton of weight... Shipping to UK only.. Price £70 plus postage. Aleks
  23. I preordered mine in december last year here in France. There was no news till recently when new prices were announced. The bike takes additionnal 300€ which brings it to 10K€ mark. Quiet disappointing. Today the dealer called me to confirm the actual order. Didn't have much news but he told me the new model is not A2 driving license compatible ! MT-07 is, Tracer 700 is but not Tenere? WTF? It is still 73hp so it is within the law limits. Looks like colors remain the same. I am going to the dealership tomorrow and hopefully will have more news. But I am a bit disappointed. Did you have any news for the 2021 Tenere 700?
  24. I have for sale a virtually new Dominator Exhaust collector manifold 2019 - 2020. It has been on the bike for about 10 miles, but when combined with my Delkevic silencer I found it a bit too loud for my taste, so I've re-installed the cat. £130 plus postage. I would prefer to sell within UK to avoid any excessive postage or customs costs.
  25. I noticed the front indicator connectors on my European bike have only two wires connected to them. I am trying to install aftermarket LED blinkers with DRL function. Where can I tap in the third wire to get current for my DRLs? Also, the rear LEDs have a brake light function. I presume I can tap in to the positive cable of the brake light to connect the LED's third wire? Thanks!

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