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  1. New from Mivv, coming in Mar/Apr 2022: DB Killer Euro 4 and Euro5 Compliant CARB Approved Power: 2.20 HP Torque: 1.40 Nm Weight: - 2.70 kg Price to be around $374.95 for Silver and $404.95 for Black! Coming Mar/Apr 2022 Let me know if you guys are interested, and depending on demand from you will determine how many we bring in. I think this will be a smash hit! Mivv also offers headers as well, that work with Mivv silencers and Original silencers, but only for Euro 4. Those will be $319.95 Happy spending! - Paul
  2. The Fourmile off-road area near Buena Vista, CO, is amazing! Very fun, and lots of green/easy super fun riding on atv/mc and jeep roads. I highly recommend this area for a day or more to anyone living in CO or passing through. I did a 4-day T7 adventure/off-road ride from Boulder to the Fourmile Travel Management Area this past week. Camped at Turtle Rock, which is a great spot for staging and camping, and took off my luggage and racks to be single-track ready. Amazing views all around. The riding is awesome! Fast, flowy, lots of berms and water bars for catching air. The main 4x4 trails are easy, non-technical, and really great riding, as are many of the atv/mc trails. Most roads have water crossings in sandy creeks, which are cool. You can also get some sand riding in on the 4x4 trails south of US285. For those wanting a challenge, there are also mc-only singletrack trails which are narrow, technical, and difficult. I did one day of riding by myself staying on the easier atv/mc and jeep roads, but another day I joined up with a friend on a 690 and we took on one of the black-diamond single tracks in the Arnold Gulch area. Quite a few rocky and technical obstacles which really got my attention on the T7. Would not ride that by myself. One mx-er who passed by the two of us was amazed to see an ADV bike on the trail, and when we finished and saw him loading up at the trailhead he said he's going to go get a T7 now! This trail and more in the area were used by the Collegiate Peaks Enduro. The atv/mc trail #1434 on the north border of Brown's Canyon National Monument was especially enjoyable. Also in the Buena Vista area are a number of high-altitude 4x4 passes which are great too. On this trip I checked out the historical Otto Mears tollroad to the old Bonanza mine. It's loose in spots, but not steep or particularly difficult. Good ADV ride. So much great riding in this area!
  3. Selling a mint condition SC Project Rally Raid Ti Full Exhaust System - Retails for over $1750 - Asking $1500. This system was on the bike when I bought it. It has only a few hundred miles on it. Sounds and looks amazing! Buyer Pays Shipping. Only willing to ship within USA. Willing to meet up if within a hour or so drive from Allentown, PA. https://www.sc-project.us/rally-raid-exhaust-yamaha-Y28-T101T.html?mmyId=22027&mmy=Yamaha-Tenere-700-2020 https://www.sc-project.us/racing-headers-yamaha-Y28-FS.html
  4. I finally received my bike two days ago and it’s time to accessorize. I am installing the Tusk Quiet Glide Skid Plate. The best bang for your buck in my opinion. The skid plate is $189. I will update this review as I use and abuse the skid plate.
  5. Need crash bars? Don't like spending hundreds of dollars on bike armor, knowing it's just going to get banged & scratched up, but want it to do it's job at a decent price? Read on... I've contacted Heavy Duties, a Romanian manufacturer of two styles of crash bars for the T7, about a group buy of their Enduro style bars. Posting to this group because the deal might be of interest to local CenTex area owners since they wouldn't have to deal with any domestic shipping once the order arrives, but instead could arrange local pickup. We could even make a group install day if we had multiple owners in the area who are interested. First 4 to PM (and pay) get to play. Read up here for the details and research the helpful reviews and videos from other European testers on their experiences:
  6. Just took delivery of my t7 today after 11 months of waiting.
  7. Hi Everyone I bought the Rapid Bike Evo fuel management system exclusive for the T7 and planning to install it this weekend. I would like to invite everyone who has fitted one before to share their experiences and end results. Thanks
  8. Brand new never worn SIDI Adventure 2 boots in size 41, in original box and materials. I ordered these for a big ride but a non riding injury has laid me up for at least a year. They were $475 new, sell them for $290 plus the cost of ground shipping in the lower continental USA. No stories just a brand new pair of SIDI Adventure 2 boots for $185 off. Euro size 41 and I am a 71/2 to an 8 in US mens. These are exceptional boots. If I miss the messages here you can text me at 719-375-9426. Thanks!
  9. After logging a little over 800 miles on my Tenere's stock tires, I fully believe they are 80/20 tires. They are 80% awesome on the road and 20% worth a damn offroad. I like to ride a lot of fire roads and forestry roads with the occasional tighter trails thrown in. That said I do ride roughly 60% of the time on the road. I've already order a Motoz Tractionator Adventure for the rear and I need suggestions on a good front tire to match up to it. I'd like something that actually works offroad but is also stable on the highway and in the twisty mountain roads. I know that front tires tend to wear more slowly than rears so I'm not too awful concerned about that, as long as it lasts as long as the rear so I can replace them at the same time. I was looking at the Rallz, but a lot of people are saying that they don't track well on the road, with wobbles and such... Any suggestions?
  10. New to forum, so apologies if this has been addressed( I searched and could not find.) I attempted to use the relay method(https://www.tenere700.net/topic/2139-anybody-successfully-fitted-denali-datadim-20/?tab=comments#comment-23701 ) to install the denali D2 lights with datadim harness. It did not work , Im sure I did something wrong, no biggie. Now Both my low and high beams don't work when bike is started. When Bike is in switched on position my low beams work. What I have done to troubleshoot: 1:) Disconnected the install of aux lights 2.) Check fuses (none were tripped) 3.) disconnected battery for 10 min (does this reset can-bus fault codes?) Still Low beam works on key on position, but once bike ignition is on neither High/low work. Please help!!! Tom
  11. I have some leftover goodies available. All prices include shipping 48 states USA only -Black Dog Cycle Works Helo Pad. Like new $250 -Pro Taper Evo Adventure standard height handlebars. Installed and used for around 100mi. never dropped but there are marks from being installed. The ends were trimmed to match T7 width and threaded for T7 bar ends/ Barkbusters $90 -Faast Flexx bars, older pair but they are straight. unknown bend slightly more sweep than stock T7 but less than Evo ADV $190 HWDB hand guards $100
  12. Jim  Listowich

    Center stands

    Hi all. Purchased a Hepco Becker center stand for my 2021 T 700. Assembly was straight forward. Fit is excellent BUT the chain touches the stand when it is up. I have checked the install ( emailed pics to Moto machines where it was puchased) all looks good. I can't see how it could be installed incorrectly as it will only fit in one place. Has anyone else had this problem? Would love feed back before I remove it. Thanks
  13. I pulled the charcoal canister & hoses off my T7 today, this is what I took off. I pulled the seat, all the front fairings & the tank off to do this. The two hoses to the right are vacuum lines the hook to the throttle bodies & the hose pointing down is the fuel tank overflow line. I cut the canister rubber mount sleeve to remove the assembly from the bike, it is captured by the starter. It could be removed intact, but the starter would have to be removed/loosened to do so. Keep & reuse the little in line roll over valve & portion of line that runs to the tank vent. Right throttle body vacuum nipple. This is from the back of the bike looking forward, the cylinder head cover is at the top of the image. Left throttle body vacuum nipple, the right one is obscured by the big vent line in this image. Vent line is just a regular crankcase vent, there are no PAIR valve reeds or pump on the T7. I ordered some 5mm silicon blanking caps off Amazon to put on the nipples, they should be here in a few days. I'll update the post if the size is incorrect. These vacuum ports ensure that no fumes vent out of the charcoal canister, only that fresh air is pulled in through the canister vent line that runs down in front of the countershaft sprocket. Blocking them will not change the way the engine runs or it's tune. They must be blocked or they will suck unfiltered air into the intake. I also ordered 1/4 Motion Pro gray tygon fuel line off Amazon to run from the fuel fill overflow. I plan to route it to take advantage of the original canister vent line routing in front of the countershaft. Be aware, if you overfill the tank or drop the bike, fuel will now run out of this hose possibly onto your foot/shifter/skid plate/etc. Reinstall the roll over valve (note the UP cast into it) & attach the new hose to the bottom of it - Thanks Tenererian End result is a big airy open space through the middle of the bike. Just like all the cool kids try to get on their CB550 cafe bikes.
  14. For sale is a lightly used Green Chile Adventure Gear's Pecos Value Bundle as detailed on their webpage: Pecos Value Bundle This is one of the most flexible luggage systems you will ever use. They are built to withstand the gnarliest adventures, and allow you to keep the weight down for better off road handling. The Pecos bundle can also be used... Includes everything listed on the website and as pictured below. Excellent condition except for a small mar on the back of one bag and a small nick in one strap loop, both shown in detail pics. - Two 20 liter waterproof roll-top dry bags - One Uprising soft rack - Two Bag Snake kits Very innovative and functional rackless system; selling because I'm going with different rack-type luggage. List price new is $209, selling for $135 shipped CONUS, payment via Paypal.
  15. My T7 came with a plastic cover and I wanted a bit more, sooo while I wait for my license and since I had plastics off to install crash bars I decided to install a screen between the plastic cover and radiator fins itself. First off there are 2 screws, that’s it. However, like many jobs it’s the funky plastic fittings that slows everything down. Take out the screws that are self evident on the radiator cover and then familiarize yourself with these 3 items. The post that is circled is what the radiator cover slides onto. The second pic shows the two stage ratcheted strap that locks the cover on that post. The third pic shows a bayonet type fitting which I could only remove by pushing from the backside of the radiator cover. If you can, get a spare and cut off the original. If not either you know the trick or you have to coax it off like I did. It’s a PIA. I then bought a 12x24” screen at HD and cut to size. Approximately 12 x 6.5” Next step was to fasten to backside of plastic radiator cover using zip ties. Lace so the buckle is on outside of the cover. I used a zip tie in each corner then one top and one bottom of middle (Show in pic). Good luck. It’s very straight forward. If you have questions drop me a line.
  16. RagingBullFish

    FS: Touratech tail bag (extreme)

    Looking to sell my touratech extreme waterproof expandable tail bag, it’s just a little too bulky for my liking and I’ll be going with a smaller one retail was 220 usd new, make me an offer!
  17. For the first time I connected the following: * Compatible OBD2 connector to diagnostic port using similar to below--> https://www.ebay.com/itm/133803276375?chn=ps&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&amdata=enc%3A1UdzT5O22T0eUNpgBqpeSYA1&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=133803276375&targetid=1644837434523&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=9003323&poi=&campaignid=16743749222&mkgroupid=138744546207&rlsatarget=pla-1644837434523&abcId=9300842&merchantid=6296724&gclid=Cj0KCQjwxtSSBhDYARIsAEn0thRigWVKYfPc3bAHrJizyusc9u0gH8OhE9_BVAWwCS5DdZ6AygTIoycaAoUVEALw_wcB * BlueDriver Bluetooth adapter to the cable above * BlueDriver software loaded on Android phone (worked fine in the past with a Car) This software attempted to read codes INTO MY CAR VIN. A call to support stated the BlueDriver App does not support the Tenere 700 What mobile App are you using on Android that can read the Diagnotic Codes?
  18. World's first ALL Titanium Arrow High Mount Exhaust for the Tenere 700!!! This is the 4th iteration, and it fits like a glove. Months and months of hard work went into making this link pipe, custom fabricated to my exact specs by Competition Werkes. We've been long time partners, and after the prototype Titanium exhaust they made for my Yamaha FZ-07 Racing Prototype to race in MotoAmerica, I knew they were the ones to complete my exhaust vision for the Tenere 700. Many thanks to Shawn and the crew, and to Adele from Arrow Exhaust in Italy for supplying the Tenere specific Titanium headers and silencer. When I saw the turned down exit of this silencer, which reminded me of a two stroke, I had to have it. I had an instant vision, with the lines of the silencer matching the lines of the bodywork, and the lines of the turned down exit pipe matching the lines of the taillight. I couldn't have pulled it off without a big thank you to Corey from @Camel ADV in Canada for supplying his exhaust hanger solution to make this a reality. I first started designing a high mount hanger before I knew about Corey's. When I saw that Corey developed something similar to what I came up with, but BETTER, I knew right then I wanted to support his efforts. Although the exhaust hanger worked perfectly, I couldn't make his link pipe work for this project and to design my own from scratch. Now that the exhaust is finally figured out, it's time to work on the next major hurdle of this project. Stay "tuned"... - Paul #infiniteRAIDprojekt #t700 #yamahatenere700 #yamahat7 #dakar #rallyraid #rallybike #adv #adventure #bdr #backcountry #discovery #route #hardenduro #enduro #motorcycle #moto #motocross #beapartofthefaction #tarmacfaction
  19. I’ve been lurking for a long time. Just returned from many months overseas. I found a bike while I was over there after emailing 26 dealerships in 3 states. I got 1 response. A deal fell through and I just happened to email right after. I wired the money and had my friend take it to his house. I didn’t care what color it was I just wanted it. Three months later and today I got to pick it up. It’s too hot in the garage so it’s in the house so I can start working on it. I have a ton of parts to install.
  20. ...because if they fall off, bad things happen. It can get expensive. I prefer contact cement.
  21. Howdy T7 Friends. I'm actually a Super Ténéré owner/rider (my normal forum), but this past June a friend and I did an AWESOME three-day adventure ride with Colorado Motorcycle Adventures on—you guessed it—a pair of rented T7s. What a bike. What a ride. On previous fly-and-ride trips, we've used KLRs or DRZs...serviceable, but not exactly fun. And while I've had my Super T off-road, it's a beast and best reserved for fire roads, IMHO—not for the faint of heart. These are MUCH easier to pick up after a dirt nap (and we had a few). Anyways, we did a ride report about our Colorado experience on the T7s on my motoblog here: Hail, Colorado. Longer on ride-report content and less specific about the T7, but plenty of muddy pics. Thought you all might enjoy it. Happy Holidays and keep the matte plastic side up!
  22. Asking $190 for a mint condition OEM Yamaha Rally Seat. It was used only for a few hundred miles. Selling because it was installed when I bought the bike and it is taller than I prefer. I am 5'9". It is very grippy and comfortable when riding. Buyer Pays Shipping. Only willing to ship within USA. Willing to meet up if within a hour or so drive from Allentown, PA.
  23. Center Tank Protector samples are in! We have two choices... Center Tank Protector 2: $20 option (retail is $25) OR Center Tank Protector 84: $15 option (retail is $20) Let me know what you think! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just got of the phone with my good friend Scott at TechSpec, and have GREAT NEWS!!! They are just days away from releasing their TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips for the Tenere 700 on Aug 1st, and we're doing a GROUP BUY on them!!! These fit the Tenere 700 perfectly, and this 6 piece set offers more surface area then the Genuine Yamaha Accessory version (which isn't even available in the US). The material they chose for the Tenere 700 is their Snake Skin material - great grip, and extremely durable. Retail pricing is $80, but GROUP BUY pricing is as follows: 1-9 people: $70 and FREE SHIPPING (in the Contiguous US) 10+ people: $65 and FREE SHIPPING (in the Contiguous US) International customers are more than welcome, but it's a flat rate of $35 to ship internationally. Canadian customer orders will ship via DHL to avoid silly USPS delays (for some reason Canadian Customs take a while for USPS items to clear) Because TechSpec is located in the US, there will NOT be the long lead times associated with parts manufactured in Europe. Scott assured me he can get these out quickly. And I'm going to go one step further...for those NOT wanting to wait until we get to 10+ people, I'll REFUND you the $5 difference if and when we get to 10 people! If you want a matching tank pad, there are a few universal ones they make that should fit the Tenere 700 nicely, in the same matching Snake Skin material. Scott is sending me some samples to see which ones fit best. Once we determine which one fits best with the Tenere 700 tank, I'll post up a picture and I'll add it as an option to this group buy. The tank pad will be a $15-$20 option, depending on the tank pad that is chosen, which is $5 off the retail price. It'll ship for free along with the Tank Grips. I'll start the list now: 1. ORDERED @johnnygolucky kit 2. ORDERED @roy826 kit 3. ORDERED @MOTOTEVE kit 4. ORDERED @pgeldz kit + tank pad 2 + tank pad 84 5. ORDERED @beater_bimmer kit + tank pad 84 6. ORDERED @Idarex kit 7. ORDERED @BMRT7 kit + tank pad 84 8. ORDERED @Simmons1 kit 9. ORDERED@tenerecanada kit 10. ORDERED @Subsea kit + tank pad 2 11. ORDERED @Scotster kit 12. ORDERED @DT675 kit + tank pad 84 13. ORDERED @Camel ADV kit (x2) 14. ORDERED @TennesseeTenere kit 15. ORDERED @Alkali kit 16.ORDERED @rhicks kit + tank pad 2 17. ORDERED @REDHORSECA kit + tank pad 2 (plus 2 sets for Kawasaki Versys 650) 18. ORDERED @loneranger700 kit 19. ORDERED @slakdawg kit 20. ORDERED @Tazmool kit + tank pad 84 21. ORDERED @nelsonccc kit + tank pad 2 22. ORDERED @UtahJack kit (x2) 23. ORDERED @MghtyThor69 kit + tank pad 2 24. ORDERED @Admac85 kit 25. @Adrenolin kit (maybe tank pad also) 26. ORDERED @WVdirt308 kit 27. @Seriously kit + tank pad 28. @MGG kit 29. ORDERED @Too Tall kit + tank pad 2 30. ORDERED @mattgif kit 31. ORDERED @NotGoodAtUsrnms kit 32. ORDERED @jetdr21 kit + tank pad 2 33. ORDERED @afhaldeman kit 34. ORDERED @Gekkdroid kit 35. ORDERED @Maine Tenere kit + tank pad 84 36. ORDERED @Robert Peters 37. ORDERED @Shift_T700 kit
  24. Time to order !! Ok guys, here is the discount code! Y002GK685N Order your skidplate here and enter the code at checkout! https://acdracing.us/yamaha-xt700-tenere-1/ Hurry up before the code expires! Update #1 : After only 3 days we have already 9 Skid plates and 2 Frame guards kit orders Keep going on this amazing deal Update #2 : 1 week left to go to 20 sales, we have 11 Skid plates for now, don't miss this amazing deal Update #3 : We will keep this amazing deal to July 28th as many bikes are not deliver yet Update #4 : Good move today as we are now up to 15 Skid plates Keep moving we are almost to the 1st level ! Update # 5 : I hope Yamaha keep deliver the 700 Tenere ! Update # 6 : We have 19 skid plates orders as today July 14th, we need 2 more to have 21 and we are in the 20% discount range !! We can ship to Canada for an extra $25 !! Lets do this ! Update # 7 : 20 skid plates July 16th as 1 is for Australia and not confirm yet , one more and all of you will get 20% off ! Update # 8 : 21 skid plates sold, everyone ordered a skid plate will get a 20 % discount, good job guys ! I will give you a coupon code very soon to order on our website acdracing.us ! As soon as I will get all the orders I will be able to send you the package soon. You will be impressed by the welding quality, honestly you cant find any better on the market and this price is very low as you can tell. Thank you to all of you ! Update # 9 We are almost done with this offer, the last day will be July 28th !! Update # 10 It will be super cool if you guys can post a pic of your Tenere with the skid plate !! Thank you Hello Everyone I am very exciting to bring a great offer to the owner of the best bike on the market, we have an incredible skid plate Aluminum 3 mm thick, easy to mount and with 2 different choices as RAW or BLACK. It is one of the strongest protection on the market and ready to ship in USA only ! Website to check the skid plates and frame guards : acdracing.us ACD racing USA offer a group buy offer whit this discount: It has to be the same product (skid plate or frame guard for example) but you don't have to buy both we will have 3 different offers, 15% off, 20% off and 25 % off. Order for 20 units would have a 15% off so : Special pricing is as follows: ACD Skid plate Raw: Retail is $189.00, GROUP BUY Price - $160.00 ACD Skid plate Black: Retail is $199.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $169.00 ACD Frame guard Carbon stickers: Retail is $36.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $30.00 I need just 20 people to commit for this special pricing. Shipping is FREE for US customers. Order for 21 to 49 units have a 20% off Special pricing is as follow: ACD Skid plate Raw: Retail is $189.00, GROUP BUY Price - $151.00 ACD Skid plate Black: Retail is $199.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $159.00 ACD Frame guard Carbon stickers: Retail is $36.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $28.00 Shipping is FREE for US customers. The offer would be available until July 28th include ! I'll start the list, and populate it with user's screen name as appropriate: @REDHORSECA : 1 Raw skid plate and 1 frame guard Carbon sticker kit @MghtyThor69 : 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @sbeck09 : 1 Black Skid plate and 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @Whitey66 : 1 Black Skid plate ( need confirmation cause Australia ) @A. Bolkan : 1 Raw Skid plate @cruizin : 1 Raw Skid plate @tj3089 : 1 Black Skid plate @Seventh Son : 1 Raw Skid plate @ahamay : 1 Black Skid plate @jetdr21 : 1 Raw Skid plate @Mmajer 1 : 1 Black Skid plate @alpha 1 : 1 Raw Skid plate @Maine Tenere : 2 Black Skid plates @vanhackson : 1 Black Skid plate and 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @SantacruzT100 : 1 Black Skid plate @TeriyakiBlaster : 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @CAJW : 1 Frame guard Carbon Sticker kit @Alkali : 1 Raw Skid plate @Elfelo : 2 Black Skid plates @Bucket Boy : 1 Black Skid plate @Lyfe BehindBars : 1 Black Skid plate @Tooph : 1 Raw Skid plate @roy826 : 1 Black Skid plate @rhicks : 1 Skid plate @Matt Collins : 1 Raw Skid plate @Fredz43 : 1 Black Skid plate @Gstt500 : 1 Raw Skid plate @SKIPNOMAD : 1 Black Skid plate @Burner : 1 Frame Guard carbon Sticker kit

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