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Found 59 results

  1. Hello chaps! Picked up my Tenere last night. Excited to join the group. Located on the front range in Colorado. Excited to enjoy the bike!
  2. Hello from Arizona (actually I am working on ship in the Bering Sea) I have been a long time Super Tenere rider. I have found my self doing mostly off road riding and the T700 is going to be perfect for me. Great information on this site.
  3. We'll be adding the Tenere 700's to our fitment finder on 2wdw.com next week, along with our custom ECU flashing! While the Novel Coronavirus is still causing most countries around the world to be, more or less, shut down, our custom ECU flashing will be on sale for only $250 with free return shipping anywhere in the USA with the coupon code "covid19" on our site. Sale price applies to outsie of USA as well, but not the free return shipping. As we see more ECU's roll in, and our own test bike, we will be posting tons of dyno footage and videos in the coming weeks! The Tenere 700 has the same engine as the MT07. We have flashed hundreds, close to a thousand of these ECU's. Your engine makes around 63 hp to the wheel, stock. Let's fix that. Here's the scoop with the Tenere 700's that we have seen/flashed so far! All of the EU and AUS Tenere 700 ECU's that we have seen so far are IDENTICAL to EU MT-07's. The serial numbers, architecture, etc are completely unchanged! This is fantastic, because that means ALL of our custom mapping for every exhaust/intake system that we've developed over the past 6 years for the FZ/MT-07's are still PERFECTLY dialed in for these T7 bikes. The engines haven't changed one bit from the FZ/MT-07's, so the performance and throttle response improvements are IDENTICAL to that of the FZ/MT-07's. As for the US/CAN ECU's that we've seen so far, the ECU serial number is a BW3-8591A-00, which was one that neither FTECU or ourselves had yet seen. Luckily, we've had a few sent in already from our customers up in Canada, and we've been able to decrypt the ECU's with FTECU and retrace the slightly modified circuitry/pathway architecture. The fuel and ignition mapping architecture is, amazingly, unchanged from the FZ/MT-07's as well! This means that, just like with the EU models, we can input our custom fuel and ignition mapping without issue. We have our own Tenere 700 being brought in by our local dealer for any further testing and flashing development that we need to perform for future exhaust/intake systems that are manufactured for these bikes. We anticipate that the Tenere 700 we'll have for R&D will arrive sometime at the end of this month or the start of June at the latest! Because these engines and ECU's are essentially unchanged from the FZ/MT-07's, we already know exactly how these bikes will respond AND we've been able to prove those results anecdotally with the customers from the EU and Canada that have already utilized our ECU Flashing Service for these bikes! Here are some example graphs of what to expect with some of the exhaust systems. Keep in mind, these numbers/results are with street tires on. You WILL see lower numbers with knobby tires on a dyno roller due to additional drag and traction losses. A few examples Yoshimura R77 tune vs stock tune - An 8 hp increase! M4 slip on tune vs stock tune- 6 HP increase! Graves Exhaust Tune vs Stock tune A 9 hp increase!! More importantly than raw power is our ability to remove the massively annoying Decel Fuel Cut feature that is still built into these ECU's for emissions compliance. This feature makes the on/off throttle transition extremely twitchy, which is NOT at all what you want on any modern motorcycle. Nothing is more annoying (and unsafe) than coming into a corner, rolling off the throttle, and having the front end dive while you're already initiating a lean into an apex! We also have the ability to lower the cooling fan temperatures, just like we do on the FZ/MT-07's! 215 degrees Fahrenheit is simply too hot for optimal engine life and performance, so we lower the cooling fan temperatures to 195 degrees Fahrenheit on these engines.
  4. I just got these panniers but am now thinking I'm going to go with a different set up 180 shipped
  5. I Ordered Barkbuster handguards from Twisted Throttle because they were the only ones who had them in Blue. When the shipment came the blue handguards were not in the package. I called and they said: " they were out, and on back order." I wish they would have been honest as the other dealers that said: " they were out!!! " I am taking my business elsewhere!!
  6. When I let go of the wheel at 35 it wobbles a little any suggestions on how to get it to stop
  7. Time to order !! Ok guys, here is the discount code! Y002GK685N Order your skidplate here and enter the code at checkout! https://acdracing.us/yamaha-xt700-tenere-1/ Hurry up before the code expires! Update #1 : After only 3 days we have already 9 Skid plates and 2 Frame guards kit orders Keep going on this amazing deal Update #2 : 1 week left to go to 20 sales, we have 11 Skid plates for now, don't miss this amazing deal Update #3 : We will keep this amazing deal to July 28th as many bikes are not deliver yet Update #4 : Good move today as we are now up to 15 Skid plates Keep moving we are almost to the 1st level ! Update # 5 : I hope Yamaha keep deliver the 700 Tenere ! Update # 6 : We have 19 skid plates orders as today July 14th, we need 2 more to have 21 and we are in the 20% discount range !! We can ship to Canada for an extra $25 !! Lets do this ! Update # 7 : 20 skid plates July 16th as 1 is for Australia and not confirm yet , one more and all of you will get 20% off ! Update # 8 : 21 skid plates sold, everyone ordered a skid plate will get a 20 % discount, good job guys ! I will give you a coupon code very soon to order on our website acdracing.us ! As soon as I will get all the orders I will be able to send you the package soon. You will be impressed by the welding quality, honestly you cant find any better on the market and this price is very low as you can tell. Thank you to all of you ! Update # 9 We are almost done with this offer, the last day will be July 28th !! Update # 10 It will be super cool if you guys can post a pic of your Tenere with the skid plate !! Thank you Hello Everyone I am very exciting to bring a great offer to the owner of the best bike on the market, we have an incredible skid plate Aluminum 3 mm thick, easy to mount and with 2 different choices as RAW or BLACK. It is one of the strongest protection on the market and ready to ship in USA only ! Website to check the skid plates and frame guards : acdracing.us ACD racing USA offer a group buy offer whit this discount: It has to be the same product (skid plate or frame guard for example) but you don't have to buy both we will have 3 different offers, 15% off, 20% off and 25 % off. Order for 20 units would have a 15% off so : Special pricing is as follows: ACD Skid plate Raw: Retail is $189.00, GROUP BUY Price - $160.00 ACD Skid plate Black: Retail is $199.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $169.00 ACD Frame guard Carbon stickers: Retail is $36.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $30.00 I need just 20 people to commit for this special pricing. Shipping is FREE for US customers. Order for 21 to 49 units have a 20% off Special pricing is as follow: ACD Skid plate Raw: Retail is $189.00, GROUP BUY Price - $151.00 ACD Skid plate Black: Retail is $199.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $159.00 ACD Frame guard Carbon stickers: Retail is $36.00, GROUP BUY PRICE Price - $28.00 Shipping is FREE for US customers. The offer would be available until July 28th include ! I'll start the list, and populate it with user's screen name as appropriate: @REDHORSECA : 1 Raw skid plate and 1 frame guard Carbon sticker kit @MghtyThor69 : 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @sbeck09 : 1 Black Skid plate and 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @Whitey66 : 1 Black Skid plate ( need confirmation cause Australia ) @A. Bolkan : 1 Raw Skid plate @cruizin : 1 Raw Skid plate @tj3089 : 1 Black Skid plate @Seventh Son : 1 Raw Skid plate @ahamay : 1 Black Skid plate @jetdr21 : 1 Raw Skid plate @Mmajer 1 : 1 Black Skid plate @alpha 1 : 1 Raw Skid plate @Maine Tenere : 2 Black Skid plates @vanhackson : 1 Black Skid plate and 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @SantacruzT100 : 1 Black Skid plate @TeriyakiBlaster : 1 Frame guard Carbon sticker kit @CAJW : 1 Frame guard Carbon Sticker kit @Alkali : 1 Raw Skid plate @Elfelo : 2 Black Skid plates @Bucket Boy : 1 Black Skid plate @Lyfe BehindBars : 1 Black Skid plate @Tooph : 1 Raw Skid plate @roy826 : 1 Black Skid plate @rhicks : 1 Skid plate @Matt Collins : 1 Raw Skid plate @Fredz43 : 1 Black Skid plate @Gstt500 : 1 Raw Skid plate @SKIPNOMAD : 1 Black Skid plate @Burner : 1 Frame Guard carbon Sticker kit
  8. jazzimus

    New Mexico

    Finally got my plate
  9. Hello, This my be common knowledge, but it caught me out. It is my first day of T7 ownership and I was interested in the Rally Pack. I asked the dealer to open the box because it did not look big enough to hold everything that is published as being included. It turns out that the USA kit does not have anything close. No Akro, nor does it even have a rally seat in the "rally" pack. I spent a zillion hours it seems researching the T7 making the jump from my 1090r and nowhere did I ever read there was a difference. Just an FYI. And, so far I am super stoked at the switch.
  10. Center Tank Protector samples are in! We have two choices... Center Tank Protector 2: $20 option (retail is $25) OR Center Tank Protector 84: $15 option (retail is $20) Let me know what you think! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just got of the phone with my good friend Scott at TechSpec, and have GREAT NEWS!!! They are just days away from releasing their TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips for the Tenere 700 on Aug 1st, and we're doing a GROUP BUY on them!!! These fit the Tenere 700 perfectly, and this 6 piece set offers more surface area then the Genuine Yamaha Accessory version (which isn't even available in the US). The material they chose for the Tenere 700 is their Snake Skin material - great grip, and extremely durable. Retail pricing is $80, but GROUP BUY pricing is as follows: 1-9 people: $70 and FREE SHIPPING (in the Contiguous US) 10+ people: $65 and FREE SHIPPING (in the Contiguous US) International customers are more than welcome, but it's a flat rate of $35 to ship internationally. Canadian customer orders will ship via DHL to avoid silly USPS delays (for some reason Canadian Customs take a while for USPS items to clear) Because TechSpec is located in the US, there will NOT be the long lead times associated with parts manufactured in Europe. Scott assured me he can get these out quickly. And I'm going to go one step further...for those NOT wanting to wait until we get to 10+ people, I'll REFUND you the $5 difference if and when we get to 10 people! If you want a matching tank pad, there are a few universal ones they make that should fit the Tenere 700 nicely, in the same matching Snake Skin material. Scott is sending me some samples to see which ones fit best. Once we determine which one fits best with the Tenere 700 tank, I'll post up a picture and I'll add it as an option to this group buy. The tank pad will be a $15-$20 option, depending on the tank pad that is chosen, which is $5 off the retail price. It'll ship for free along with the Tank Grips. I'll start the list now: 1. ORDERED @johnnygolucky kit 2. ORDERED @roy826 kit 3. ORDERED @MOTOTEVE kit 4. ORDERED @pgeldz kit + tank pad 2 + tank pad 84 5. ORDERED @beater_bimmer kit + tank pad 84 6. ORDERED @Idarex kit 7. ORDERED @BMRT7 kit + tank pad 84 8. ORDERED @Simmons1 kit 9. ORDERED@tenerecanada kit 10. ORDERED @Subsea kit + tank pad 2 11. ORDERED @Scotster kit 12. ORDERED @DT675 kit + tank pad 84 13. ORDERED @Camel ADV kit (x2) 14. ORDERED @TennesseeTenere kit 15. ORDERED @Alkali kit 16.ORDERED @rhicks kit + tank pad 2 17. ORDERED @REDHORSECA kit + tank pad 2 (plus 2 sets for Kawasaki Versys 650) 18. ORDERED @loneranger700 kit 19. ORDERED @slakdawg kit 20. ORDERED @Tazmool kit + tank pad 84 21. ORDERED @nelsonccc kit + tank pad 2 22. ORDERED @UtahJack kit (x2) 23. ORDERED @MghtyThor69 kit + tank pad 2 24. ORDERED @Admac85 kit 25. @Adrenolin kit (maybe tank pad also) 26. ORDERED @WVdirt308 kit 27. @Seriously kit + tank pad 28. @MGG kit 29. ORDERED @Too Tall kit + tank pad 2 30. ORDERED @mattgif kit 31. ORDERED @NotGoodAtUsrnms kit 32. ORDERED @jetdr21 kit + tank pad 2 33. ORDERED @afhaldeman kit 34. ORDERED @Gekkdroid kit 35. ORDERED @Maine Tenere kit + tank pad 84 36. ORDERED @Robert Peters 37. ORDERED @Shift_T700 kit
  11. H20ham

    N American tyre

    Anyone know what/which tyre will be on the T7 if/when it arrives?
  12. I finally received my bike two days ago and it’s time to accessorize. I am installing the Tusk Quiet Glide Skid Plate. The best bang for your buck in my opinion. The skid plate is $189. I will update this review as I use and abuse the skid plate.
  13. Does anyone have any inside scoop on when the Rally seat will be available (again) in the US?
  14. Bookmark this website address, www.yamahamotorsports.com/tenere-700 EDIT: Scroll down this thread for updated info! The order of delivery is soley dependant upon how fast the dealer submits their YDS claims on Friday, AFTER we preregister. YAMAHA USA IS NOT USING DATES OF DEPOSITS MADE! On the 22nd, at noon EST we have to login and fill out registration, and choose if we want one of Yamaha's expensive accessory packs. Then we have to get a registration number emailed to us, take that to the dealer and then they enter the registration number into yamaha's system to confirm that we have paid the $500 registration . The dealer has to submit the YDS claim with our registration numbers ASAP because this is what determines who gets their bike first. MAKE SURE YOUR DEALER KNOWS THIS!!!!!!
  15. I have brand new in box never installed; Two Yamaha Aluminum side cases BW3-F84B8-TO-00 (Right side) $519.99 BW3-F84B8-VO-00 (Left side) $519.99 Side Case mount BW3-F84GO-VO-00 $499.99 Re-Keyable lock set $30.99 I would like to sell all as a set. $1570.96 Free Shipping UPS ground continental US $100 discount for local pick up. Although this is list price you do save on taxes, depending where your at this is a chunk of change. Paypal excepted. Note: 3 Boxes 2 20"X25"X14" @ 20lbs. 1 18"X26"X11" @19lbs. weights rounded up to the nearest pound
  16. I’m taking a week off to finish the IDBDR. Leaving this am by truck to drop my youngest son in Butte MT for school. Tomorrow I’ll move him in the dorm and then drive to Lolo Hot Springs. Thursday I’ll head out solo and the GF will take my truck back to Poky. Right now I think I’m overloaded so I’ll ditch some gear before I start. A friend is meeting me in Wallace Friday night on his KLR. He’ll do the last two days of the ride. Hopefully I can post up some of my shitty phone pics here as I go. Mostly because I’ve enjoyed looking at other T7 holligan’s trip threads. I’ll start with this one. Leaving the house, headed to Butte
  17. Cruizin

    Idaho T7 Rally in September

    I am scheduling a rally/meetup in Boise for September. Close by Idaho is the IdahoBDR route. And many many other scenic riding areas. This is prime ADV country that many dream of riding. Mountains, twisties, forest service roads galore. Plenty of hotels, we can lan this ahead and maybe get a group rate if enough of you RSVP. If we can agree on a date, I will create a calendar event. This will be a damn good rally. @PNWTEN @Idarex @Craig Sturman Interested?
  18. 9th Annual XLADV High Sierra Dates: Sept. 3 – Sept. 6, 2020 Facebook: Event link Forum: XLADV.com WHERE - Camp Ground: Brown's Owens River Campground 6766 Benton Crossing Road, Mammoth Lakes, California 93546 Ticket Price: $228 Purchase here (via eventbrite) (Limit 80 riders) In the heat of summer, experience the cooler temps (6800' elevation) and epic big bike riding in the High Sierra. Gourmet catered meals (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts), professional photography, firewood, adult beverages, hot showers, bathrooms, nearby hot springs, general store. Vendor-sponsored raffle prizes! All to benefit Motorrad Angels (motorradangels.org), a charity that provides clean water filtration kits around the world. Trails for all abilities from scenic pavement to easy, intermediate and expert dirt. Highlight is riding to the 12,400' summit to see the White Mountain Research Station whose gate is open this one day per year. Beat the traffic and be home Monday for Labor Day with your family. You are an adult paying for a good time at a campout and are free to explore the area on self-guided gps tracks on public roads and public trails at your own risk. XLADV, Motorrad Angels and Brown's Owens River Campground accept no liability for your safety. By signing up and paying for this event you are in acknowledgement of these terms and waive any right hold hold aforementioned parties liable. Only registered riders can attend. No exceptions. Do NOT invite your friends to come free. Do NOT "rogue" the ride by camping nearby and shadowing us; it's in poor taste given this is a charity event and a lot of work goes into it. Refund Policy: One month out, or by end of day, Jul 31st, 2020. Absolutely no refunds after that date. It's extremely hard to organize an event this size with countless last minute cancellations and then a scramble to add in last minute additions to fill the gaps. This is a volunteer deal and it benefits Motorrad Angels so consider that if you have to cancel within two weeks of the event.
  19. What affordable torque wrenches are you guys using? and it seems that most of these are too big for the bike. Digital vs Click ? Your thoughts appreciated.
  20. Finally took delivery after work yesterday so I'm wasting no time banging down break in miles and already adding mods to the bike. The ride home was 19 miles. I could tell right from the first startup that I was in for some pleasant surprises. I have to say that I'm not sure why I keep seeing people saying that the stock exhaust has a nice sound...it's far too quiet. As soon as I arrived home I took some temp readings, let the bike cool for about 20 minutes, and decided it was a good time to replace the entire exhaust. A couple weeks back after my claim was confirmed I started ordering parts. One of the first items was this Dominator GP slip on and their catless header. The whole thing is 304 stainless and at just under $500, seems to be the single best value for exhaust on these bikes. The install was only about 30 minutes. I would say someone that doesn't do much wrenching could still handle this in under and hour. The fit was pretty good, but the link (mid) pipe could use more bend to bring the muffler closer to the bike. A small thing in my eyes. I also made sure to weigh both the stock system and this new Dominator system. I want my build to be focused on losing weight in as many places as reasonably possible. Stock: Dominator: Yeah that is an 11.4 pound drop in 30 minutes of effort while making the bike look and sound absolutely wonderful! And you can hear it at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/389640761926578/permalink/568842260673093/ It is a bit louder than most people may want, but it doesn't drone for the rider and my ears do not hurt after I stop. They do include a quiet insert in the box which does help cut down some sound as well. I have now ridden 60 miles with this installed and have zero regrets. More parts are already sitting in my shop so updates will be coming fast. Happy to answer any questions you have.
  21. For sale: Slip in radiator guard from ebay. It is supposed to go between the radiator and the plastic OEM radiator guard. I'm selling it because I plan on swapping a high-fender on this bike and the clearance with very large after market fenders gets closer than I'm comfortable to the plastic guard. Comes with some double-sided, non-3M tape the seller provided. Kinda about it really. Edit: oh and shipping $10 flat rate unless you're located in Southern California. Sorry, should have added that. Double Edit: Instructions from basically the same item here
  22. Hate to admit it but I'm stymied by my sidestand. Lowered the bike now need to remove the kickstand so I can take it to a welder to have it shortened. There's a nut to remove on the left side. On the right side is a small bolt to remove. Can't figure out what to do next to get it loose. Anyone know? Thanks.
  23. Smart Ass

    Headlight adjustment

    So has anyone figured out how to adjust the headlight yet? Those knobs on the side don’t have any affect on the headlight position, at least from my experience.
  24. Dealer just texted me! My bike ships from warehouse June 8th. My OTD price is $11,235 including 6% sales tax and dealer fees. No accessory packs. My claim number on the 22nd of May was 636301 , not sure if that means anything to anyone. Call your dealers, they have shipping confirmation for all preorders that went thru on the 22nd of May! Have them look at Order management, Confirmed orders! Almost time boys and girls!!

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