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  1. To those of you with bikes already, in Canada or Europe, are any of you using any Giant Loop rackless systems? I'm trying to figure out if I should go for the Great Basin or the Coyote saddlebags. I would like to know if you have either and how you feel it works size-wise on the T7. Thanks in advance.
  2. I was at the Eicma 2021 fair in Milan during the week. It was not as good as the fair in 2019. Many brands such as BMW, KTM, Ducati did not attend the fair. Still, it made me feel so good after a 2 year break. Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, Benelli, QC Motors (Benelli and MV Agusta’s manufacturer Chinese brand) and also KTM’s LC8 series manufacturer CF Moto Chinese brand was at the Eicma. Some photos are here
  3. We'll be adding the Tenere 700's to our fitment finder on 2wdw.com next week, along with our custom ECU flashing! While the Novel Coronavirus is still causing most countries around the world to be, more or less, shut down, our custom ECU flashing will be on sale for only $250 with free return shipping anywhere in the USA with the coupon code "covid19" on our site. Sale price applies to outsie of USA as well, but not the free return shipping. As we see more ECU's roll in, and our own test bike, we will be posting tons of dyno footage and videos in the coming weeks! The Tenere 700 has the same engine as the MT07. We have flashed hundreds, close to a thousand of these ECU's. Your engine makes around 63 hp to the wheel, stock. Let's fix that. Here's the scoop with the Tenere 700's that we have seen/flashed so far! All of the EU and AUS Tenere 700 ECU's that we have seen so far are IDENTICAL to EU MT-07's. The serial numbers, architecture, etc are completely unchanged! This is fantastic, because that means ALL of our custom mapping for every exhaust/intake system that we've developed over the past 6 years for the FZ/MT-07's are still PERFECTLY dialed in for these T7 bikes. The engines haven't changed one bit from the FZ/MT-07's, so the performance and throttle response improvements are IDENTICAL to that of the FZ/MT-07's. As for the US/CAN ECU's that we've seen so far, the ECU serial number is a BW3-8591A-00, which was one that neither FTECU or ourselves had yet seen. Luckily, we've had a few sent in already from our customers up in Canada, and we've been able to decrypt the ECU's with FTECU and retrace the slightly modified circuitry/pathway architecture. The fuel and ignition mapping architecture is, amazingly, unchanged from the FZ/MT-07's as well! This means that, just like with the EU models, we can input our custom fuel and ignition mapping without issue. We have our own Tenere 700 being brought in by our local dealer for any further testing and flashing development that we need to perform for future exhaust/intake systems that are manufactured for these bikes. We anticipate that the Tenere 700 we'll have for R&D will arrive sometime at the end of this month or the start of June at the latest! Because these engines and ECU's are essentially unchanged from the FZ/MT-07's, we already know exactly how these bikes will respond AND we've been able to prove those results anecdotally with the customers from the EU and Canada that have already utilized our ECU Flashing Service for these bikes! Here are some example graphs of what to expect with some of the exhaust systems. Keep in mind, these numbers/results are with street tires on. You WILL see lower numbers with knobby tires on a dyno roller due to additional drag and traction losses. A few examples Yoshimura R77 tune vs stock tune - An 8 hp increase! M4 slip on tune vs stock tune- 6 HP increase! Graves Exhaust Tune vs Stock tune A 9 hp increase!! More importantly than raw power is our ability to remove the massively annoying Decel Fuel Cut feature that is still built into these ECU's for emissions compliance. This feature makes the on/off throttle transition extremely twitchy, which is NOT at all what you want on any modern motorcycle. Nothing is more annoying (and unsafe) than coming into a corner, rolling off the throttle, and having the front end dive while you're already initiating a lean into an apex! We also have the ability to lower the cooling fan temperatures, just like we do on the FZ/MT-07's! 215 degrees Fahrenheit is simply too hot for optimal engine life and performance, so we lower the cooling fan temperatures to 195 degrees Fahrenheit on these engines.
  4. UPDATE!!! First prototype is finished! Definitely looks like it'll flow a TON of air, and still keep out the muck of extreme offroading! The beauty of this OUTER COVER design is that you can clean it by just rinsing it with water. No oil is needed. So if you are on the trails and find a water crossing, you can rinse it right then and there without having to carry extra "pre-filters" and extra oil. Combined with an MWR Filter underneath, I think this will be the go to solution for extreme protection combined with extreme airflow. To be clear, it's still meant to be used with a main filter underneath. - Paul ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ask and you shall receive!!! Many of you have been messaging me about a pre-filter solution for the MWR Filter and Filter Cover combo. I've made this known to MWR since day one, but due to COVID-19 our timelines for development have been hard to nail down. Today, literally just hours ago, I got words (and video) about a BRAND NEW FILTER COVER in development for the Tenere 700. The new Filter Cover will replace the stock airbox cover/snorkel just like the existing MWR Filter Cover, but this one has a built-in cage on top, and will use a special OUTER cover just like the Factory Rally teams use, for extreme protection in all weather conditions. Air flow is not affected, and in fact will be better than the stock snorkel with a pre-filter because the new MWR Filter Cover has much more surface area than the OEM snorkel with a pre-filter attached...and we already know the actual MWR Air Filter has more surface area than any other air filter on the market for the Tenere 700. You get the best of both worlds, better air flow than stock, AND extreme protection in all weather conditions! These are still in development, and about 4-6 weeks away from having stock ready for sale. As such retail pricing hasn't been set yet, but as soon as I know I'll pass it on. Now before anyone sends me hate mail or death threats (joking of course) because they already have the original MWR Filter Cover on order from the group buy (which are shipping to us next week), and now want to switch to the new version after seeing it, here's what I would like to propose: I'll be more than happy to give you the option to wait for the ver.2 MWR Filter Cover and you just pay the difference. Only down side is you have to wait, but we will ship the actual Air Filter when they come in next week, and when the new Filter Covers are available, I'll ship it to you for free if you are in the contiguous US. Last thing I want is for someone to feel duped in getting the original version and then have to buy the new version later if they want extreme protection for all weather conditions. For 90% of you, the original cover is still the best option and flows the most air. It's still going to be sold along side the new version, but if you're in the camp that wanted a pre-filter, the new MWR Filter Cover with built-in cage for the new outer cover is the better option. If you are interested, please reply in this thread so I can get a list going, so when production starts we can meet demand and minimize delays. - Paul List of interested members: 1. @Cruizin 2. @REDHORSECA 3. @SantacruzT100 4. @Bucket Boy 5. @BlackBart 6. @DORTx2 7. @sbeck09 8. @Alkali x2 9. @MghtyThor69 10. @SociallyStunted 11. @Rider 101 12. @Canzvt 13. @Belgradian 14. @GreatDistances 15. @motojunky2@
  5. Hi everyone. I have bought 2020 euro4 Rally T700. It had acrapovic on it. I drilled the hole into it so i can take out baffle. Still sound is a bit too enginery like. I really like deep rumble. Now the one million dollar question. Which is the best deepest sounding exhaust on t700? I was thinking to change headers to make sound more deeper but was told by few people that when they changed headers for straight one without catalyc convertor it did not changed sound that much. So im now in the market for and endcan, thinking about dominator as it is cheap as chips. What do you think? Is there something with deep deep sound on the market? For example i really liked full GPR system on my MT07 but for some reason after watching all the videos of T700 exhaust sound is more mechanical than nice deep rumble of MT07. Every help is welcome
  6. A simple fix for the jiggly instrument panel is to get some anti-vibration material and wedge it between the wind screen tower and the instrument panel mount as shown in the images below. The best material I found for this are the Whites Anti-vibration blocks available from Bunnings in Australia that are 50mm x 50mm x 12mm thick, and cut in half. The fit is "neat", taking a little push to slide them in but not so much that it deforms the plastics or mis-aligns the panel. The pocket they sit in gets much narrower at the bottom so they cannot fall through. Initially I just wedged them in but found in very heavy corrugation they would work themselves loose and fall out, so I have cable tied them into place. If the hole for the cable tie is too close to the centre of the block lengthwise then the cable tie will rub on the instrument panel front fascia, so best to place the hole more to one end as shown. How well do they work? They completely stop the instrument panel from wobbling and I have had no other issues with this solution.
  7. Hey everyone! I've been researching crash bars, and was was wondering how/why companies do the mounting, specifically from an engineering point of view. Wanted to get everyone's perspective on the different crash bars I'm considering, specifically the MOUNTING POINTS of said bars, and how it affects load and impact during use (crash). I've narrowed it down to 4 companies, for various reasons, and highlighted the mounting points of each with Red circles. GIVI - I like that it's almost like the Yamaha design, but more minimalistic, and doesn't interrupt the Tenere 700 logo on the fairing, but still protects the radiator. Mounting: It only has 2 mounting points. One on the upper bar, and one ON the bar. The one ON the bar has a crossbar going behind the headers to the other side to triangulate. Concern: Is it enough? Since it's not braced further back, will those two vertical bars bend? If they do bend, it looks like they are not a part of the frame, and easily replaceable. Also looks like the motor us untouched because it's not braced to it. YAMAHA- Like the GIVI, but goes further up the fairing. Hate how it intersects the Tenere 700 logo. Mounting: Similar to the GIVI, but it adds another mounting point on the two tabs sticking up out of the engine case. Concern: Will those two tabs on the engine case break off or crack on a hard hit? If so, you'd need a new engine case? SW Motec- I like this one a lot. The lines don't mess with the Tenere 700 logo, it comes up enough to protect the radiator, and at the top, it bends slightly further away from the fairing so if the bike is on its side it's further away from surface rocks, etc. Mounting: Like Yamaha, but instead of having the rear mounting point on the two tabs sticking out of the motor casing, it mounts to a lug sticking out of the head of the motor. Concern: The lug sticking out of the head of the motor is connected to a triangular brace bolted to the frame. Is seems like it would be strong, but would a hard hit damage the head of the motor? Adventure Spec- I like the looks of this one a lot. Great coverage, follows the lines perfectly, doesn't obstruct the logo, and it's lightweight, but strong aluminum. Mounting: Has one mounting point like all the others on the upper tube at the bottom of the fairing, but only one more on a bracket near the headstock. Concern: The upper mounting point seems like it could get easily tweaked since there would be a lot of leverage in the head stock area, especially since it's on a bracket. However, since the bars are made out of aluminum and not steel, maybe they would bend or crack before any headstock damage could be done? Also, the headstock area in general make mounting a fender or light bar possibly more difficult. Ok, those are my OCD thoughts on the matter. What are your thoughts on all of this? - Paul
  8. Reviving an old thread but I have to say I’m pretty disappointed, I ordered the wing deflectors and headlamp guard, after having to wait a couple of weeks due to being out of stock I received them and the o/s ‘wing’ didn’t fit, the top front part looked like it hadn’t been trimmed properly and actually pushed behind the main yam screen and the rear fitting were it slips into the grove was misshaped so pushed out against the fairing and removed paint after bouncing emails back and forth with powerbronze I’ve had to send them back so they can asses them. then the headlamp guard I managed to get time to fit today and it finishes 1/4 higher than the bottom of the headlamp Seems a little daft yes I know the chance of something hitting the bottom lip is slim to none but the guard actually looks shorter than the ones in their pictures and the ones in this thread... I’m wondering if they are having supply/supplier issues as it came unbranded without their logo sticker. all in all at the moment I definitely wouldn’t recommend and as I said I’m pretty disappointed in their quality.
  9. After 6000km I have decided to install new tyres on my T7. The standard Pirelli scorpion tyre had about 3000km left on the rear which I NO longer have full confidence in! Too many times the rear had unexpectedly slid out in the twisties. So my comprise tyre had three primary needs to fulfill. 1. Longevity 2. Be good in the twisties 3. Work well on gravel roads I figured that I am an older rider, I'm not looking for crazy technical off road rides, not on this bike anyway. This is an adventure bike, which I will load up with camping gear and go exploring. In Australia we have vast distances between points of interest so tyre longevity is important. In between adventure riding, the twisties are on my doorstep, so there's fun to be had in the hills. So shortly winter will be over and adventure calls. After a lot of consideration the Motoz tractionator GPS tyres got the gong. My first time on these tyres, I honestly hope that things work out. I have also installed heavier duty tubes. I will update you on my progress and experience as time passes. Be mindful that I have multiple bikes and I am not always on the T7. TRACTIONATOR GPS | MOTOZ Tyres | Performance Adventure Tyres MOTOZ designed the TRACTIONATOR GPS Tyre to get you anywhere on the globe and back home again. Long milage, serious...
  10. Would someone be interested in buying my T7? She is located in Switzerland, but exporting her into EU shouldnt be a big deal, and if some of you guys in the USA or the rest of the world are willing to buy her, and have her shipped over, there is for sure a way I could organize that for you. Its a 2020 T7 with Euro 4, so still has the nice header without that bulky pre-cat All the servicing has been done by an official Yamaha dealer. She has currently 16k km (10k miles). She is in best shape! I took very good care of her! Of course there are some very nice mods, here: -USB Socket with voltage meter -Camel ADV Anti bobble head -Short clutch and brake levers -Barkbuster handguards -Highsider LED indicators -Braided brake lines, front and rear -ACD Racing skid plate -Camel ADV one finger clutch -Kedo footpegs -Touratech rear brake cylinder protector -Frame plugs -SC-Project Rally exhaust -T7 rally tail tidy -LiPo battery -Rugged roads chain guard -Kriega fork seals -Motoz tractionator Adventure tires -OEM Yamaha radiator guard (the nice aluminum one) -DNA High performance air filter -46T Supersprox stealth sprocket -AUX splitter cable for additional electronics (navigation etc...) I still have all the removed OEM parts on hand, so they are included with the bike. You might ask why I want to sell her? Actually I dont want to, but I cant afford to have two bikes at this moment, and I wanted to sell the T7 so I can afford an AJP PR7 If you are interested, please drop me a PM and I will reply to you asap. Also I can send you any picture from any angle you like
  11. Hello fellow T7 owners and enthusiasts. I would like to know your thoughts about a sidecar option for the T7. I have no sidecar experience at all, so I am all green on this area of motorcycling. However I will say sidecars to me seem to be a ton of fun. Does anyone here have any sidecar experience and could tell if the T7 could handle a sidecar well? Also do you know of any workshop in the UK/Europe that could make such a sidecar, preferable a passenger adventure sidecar with storage for extra fuel and a spare tire. The picture provided is a Photoshop that I picked up from the link below. https://www.flickr.com/photos/claudiobardeggiabrandi/15863217904/in/photostream/ Thanks.
  12. I just removed aux lights from a different bike to put on this bike. I really like having them mounted so they shine where I am steering and this fits the bill. I am interested in what opinions are out there, pro or con. I think they are protected well on the fork for the riding I intend to do. The connectors are two pin from a Suzuki. Is that a direct p&p or do I need to switch them out? I am a self proclaimed nit wit when it comes to electrical (especially bikes). I'd like a simple connection that comes on with the headlights. I don't need a switch or dimmer. I guess I may need someone to wire them up for me. The lights are not aimed in the photos below. I will do that once they are working. Thanks all.
  13. THOR SKID PLATE FOR T7 MODEL 2020 AND 2021! TOTAL HAND MADE! AVAILABLE ON THE SITE: THOR: Yamaha Tenere 700 skid plate – GpMucci.it Vai alla pagina in italiano THOR, IL PARACOPPA PER YAMAHA TENERE 700 THOR, IL PARACOPPA PER YAMAHA TENERE 700 THOR is the sump guard I made for Yamaha Tenere 700. It is the...
  15. gpmucci


  16. Starting this thread to facilitate helping out others with free parts that we don't need or have an excess quantity of. My contribution is small, but if forum members are planning on changing out the steel fork guard bolts for nylon ones, I have extras. I bought a quantity and to the first 20 requests I'll get them a pair to replace their OEM bolts. Just shoot me a PM with your name and mailing address and I'll put them in the mail for you. As of 9/29/21 my supply has been exhausted as they've all been given out to forum members.
  17. Hate to admit it but I'm stymied by my sidestand. Lowered the bike now need to remove the kickstand so I can take it to a welder to have it shortened. There's a nut to remove on the left side. On the right side is a small bolt to remove. Can't figure out what to do next to get it loose. Anyone know? Thanks.
  18. I preordered mine in december last year here in France. There was no news till recently when new prices were announced. The bike takes additionnal 300€ which brings it to 10K€ mark. Quiet disappointing. Today the dealer called me to confirm the actual order. Didn't have much news but he told me the new model is not A2 driving license compatible ! MT-07 is, Tracer 700 is but not Tenere? WTF? It is still 73hp so it is within the law limits. Looks like colors remain the same. I am going to the dealership tomorrow and hopefully will have more news. But I am a bit disappointed. Did you have any news for the 2021 Tenere 700?
  19. Hi all, I'm looking into purchasing a small portable battery operated tyre inflator, considering the Xiaomi model in pic below, although just at the beginning of my research and open to any thoughts or or ideas you may have.
  20. Anyone mounted the R/R side racks with the SW Motech adventure rack? Just wondering what spacers you used and where? The instructions do not cover installing both of them together but they are supposed to be compatible..Thanks for any help!
  21. PICS: It's easy to upload pics into a post, but your pic must be smaller than 1.5 MB. 1. bottom left of the new post, either drag in the pic or click "choose files" . 2. If you clicked "choose files" it opens your pc's or phones files where you can navigate to your pic and then click ok or choose. 3.You will see the pic upload into a small window in the bottom left. After it uploads and you can see it, click the + symbol to upload it to your post. Finish your post and click "submit" . Wasn't that easy?
  22. Hello, In Chile we receive the US model ( made in Japan ), so the temperature on the dashboard shows °F. The Yamaha importers says it can not be changed to °C ( owners manual does not say how to change it either ). It is hard to believe than it can not be changed when on European models the temperature is shown in °C ( software most likely is the same ) Anyone has any experience with this issue ?
  23. Ronald

    700 Tenere

    Hello I just bought a new 700 Tenere and installed the optional power dash outlet on right side of dash . I plugged into connector behind right panel. I also installed led aux. lights on front, power cord for heated vest and power for my Zumo Garmin. I wired all the accessories with fuses directly to the battery. after 1 day the battery went dead. I disconnected all the wiring I installed , but the battery will not charge now. Did I short it out? I started the bike after the install and everything seemed to be fine. any help would be appreciated thank you, Ron
  24. Hello all, currently on my R1200GSA and love it. will head to KL Malaysia this summer and after a lot of research I have come to the conclusion that the perfect bike for South East Asia must be the T7. so now I am in the market for my T7.
  25. Hey guys. I'm racking (badum-tsh) my brain to figure out what after market parts are out there that work with my Yamaha OEM rear rack. I think the only ones I know that work so far are Motech and this Russian brand called Batanga (which, by the way, look really interesting). But apart from that, all the cooler racks like the ADV Spec, Ride ADV, and Rally Raid either don't work with the OEM rack or remove pillion pegs, which I kind of need both for my 2-up riding. Anyone else have any ideas?

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