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Unrelated, but if ya have the Tic Tok app, delete that shet


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I am a programmer, and Tic Tok is pretty much a huge malware program run by the Chinese Govt to spy to you, get all of your logins to your websites, get all of your info, get all of your locations constantly, and it is even free to upload executable files to android devices, secretly in the background. 



Even the normal hackers are speaking out warning people.  India just banned Tic Tok, but most other countries are asleep at the wheel. 


Delete it from your devices and your kids devices. 


Then download a free anti malware program to your device and scan it. 


Then go change the passwords to your banking websites and apps, change this password too while you are at it, I don't want those phucks in here.  



And Moderators, you especially need to do the above if you have Tic Tok on your devices.  Or, let me know otherwise and we'll pull your Moderator credentials to protect the forum. 


Any app that loads secret executable zip files on your device is evil. Any app that collects all of your logins and passwords is evil.   


Sorry, I know this isn't motorcycle related. But this needs to be front page news.  This is how people end up with their identity stolen, credit scores ruined.  

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Nope, don't have it. No FB, Instagram,  Twitter or TV for me. Hell, if it wasn't for this forum, I wouldn't know what's going on outside of my place. 😉

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Large social media platforms are like pedophiles hanging outside of schools, grooming children  with a bag of lollies (or drugs in the tough neighborhoods). Don't be fooled they want something! You will paying for the privilege, whether you know it or not. 

During lockdown Tic Tok was promoted by the media as a fun thing for celebrities to put up posts for footage starved T.V. stations. Now warnings regarding Tic Tok have just been recently aired. Sadly without the vigor it deserves. 

My advice is to delete ALL the large social media platforms! NOW!

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As they say, if the app is free, you are the product!

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