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Word of Caution for Canadians using Canada Post for inbound shipments....


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Hello Fellow Canucks,


I've gotten a few questions from other forum members on having their ECU flashed, and shipping related questions.

Just a head's up, if you have any packages coming into Canada, where Canada Post is involved, be ready to waste what seems like a month or more. 


I strongly suggest, for any packages, inboud to Canada from anywhere in the world, avoid Canada Post. 


I have 7 packages inbound, coming from Poland, USA, UK, Australia, all shipped via their own postal services (which is no problem on their end) but as soon as they seek entry into Canada via Canada Post, they are all stuck in perpetual "package is inbound into Canada" with no delivery date.  


I made the mistake of relying on CP for my ECU shipment, and my bike has been down for over a month now.....


I don't buy for a second that Covid or any other excuse they post on their site.
DHL, UPS, FedEx, Purolator, all can get package into Canada effortlessly and with out delay. 


I just got a package from USA via UPS, delivered at my door, it took 5 days (which also spanned a weekend).  

But not Canada Post. 


I'm sure its common knowledge now, but I'm just posting to help out anyone in Canada to get their stuff in on time. 



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