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CLOSED! GROUP BUY: TechSpec Gripster Tank Grips for Tenere T7!!!


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1 hour ago, BellissiMoto said:



I received my cut-to-fit sheets, but literally haven't had time to do anything with them just yet.


In the meantime, I want to close the loop on this for everyone...





The kit can now be found on our website here:






- Paul



Thanks for the info; just ordered mine and will post pics when installed.


Nathan in Portland, Oregon USA

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On 10/5/2020 at 2:34 PM, rhicks said:

This really sucks for those who already purchased and installed the original ones and purchased the tank pad.   It's great for those who didn't take the plunge already.

I can understand your frustration.  I just got my cut-to-fit sheets myself and they released this new version!


It's all good though.  Remember, TechSpec did offer a full refund for those not originally satisfied.


But this situation is not unlike getting a new computer or smartphone and then a new model gets release right after.


TechSpec listened to their customers and decided to evolve the product to make it better, and that's what everyone said they wanted.  I can't really fault them for that 🙂


- Paul



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  • 7 months later...

Any real world feedback on the most recent revision if this kit, and if it fits/looks correct?

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I’ve got the newer ones and they fit fine I did do some trimming. 
I’ll post a few pics later. 

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Without some trimming they made little pockets that would do nothing but collect water,dirt, mud etc which I’m guessing would lead to the adhesive falling. 



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I did some trimming on mine during installation. They work great and have held up great so far

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Sorry it took so long to reply (life) but I got the revised kit (order Oct 5, 2020) and although I could see they fit better than the initial photos, I still opted to do some trimming. That said it wasn't hard if you have a little hobby skills. Here's the result.


2020-10-08 12.51.11.jpg

2020-10-08 12.51.15.jpg

2020-10-08 12.54.14.jpg

2020-10-08 12.55.56.jpg

2020-10-08 12.58.05.jpg

2020-10-08 12.58.08.jpg

2020-10-08 12.58.26.jpg

2020-10-08 12.58.50.jpg

2020-10-08 13.00.11.jpg

2020-10-08 13.00.28.jpg

2020-10-08 13.01.12.jpg

2020-10-08 13.02.41.jpg

2020-10-08 13.02.44.jpg

2020-10-08 13.03.35.jpg

2020-10-08 13.08.10.jpg

2020-10-08 13.08.25.jpg

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