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My DIY Graphics.


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Let me know what you think.


This is the last part to repairing the crash damage, shout out to @Scaryfast who was so kind as to give me his handlebars to replace my bent ones, even had a friend that was coming this way drop them off at my dealer for me. 👍👍


I ordered a replacement graphic from Yamaha for the right rear that was damaged in the crash, while I was at it I ordered a complete set of new graphics for the front and a 1/8" black pinstripe from Amazon. Cut them up and came up with this.



I like Yamaha's crash bars but like everybody else didn't like the way they covered the graphics, so here's my answer. I think I spent around $40 for the graphics and the pinstripe so pretty cheap fix.

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Yeah that's the only thing I didn't like about the Yamaha crash bars, I got the motech lowers bars only, hoping if I crash that will take most of the impact & not affect plastics. Also added a splash of blue.


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