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Salt Lake to Canada - in a weekend.


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Nice write up mate... Keep the pictures coming...👍 


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Sounds great...and your so right about not overthinking stuff.  Especially the viability and dependency of the Tenere...at it's heart is great rock solid engine that as you say soon becomes a good friend!. And what more do you want from your bike..   

Cheers,  Steve 

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you have some great country over there. drove north from salt lake ,in a car sadly,a few moons ago. waiting for the photos😄

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Made it!  On the way up i stopped briefly at flathead lake.  It was beautiful.  Weather was great the whole way too, a little windy in spots but you just have to deal woth that i guess.  I took some time to stop at Glacier National Park on the way back, wow is all i can say there.  Ill keep posting puctures.  Made it back to the same campsite after 651 miles and 14 hours 51 minutes.  Thats officially my most adventurous day of riding.



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Made it home.  I have a gear spreadsheet i want to put together.  Plenty of stuff never got used and i want to document it at least for myself.




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1 hour ago, ScorpionT16 said:

Cool ride! 


And uhm... how do you plan to get into Canada, border is closed to US citizens 

He’s not crossing.

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Yep, didnt plan to cross.  I just wanted the challenge.


Here's my gear list.  Right columns i didnt use, red selections i may not bring again.


Shows i could probabpy drop 10 pounds with smarter tools and by leaving a few things.  Overall not bad though.


Also shows that the Yamaha panniers are really really heavy.  Picking them up empty they feel very light.  But on the scale, wow 24 pounds on the rear wheel is a lot!  Also the Yamaha rear rack was quite heavy installing.  Maybe another 25 pounds?  Not sure and cant find a reference.  I can see why most guys use soft bags.  I bet its a 40 pound cost to get locking boxes.




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600 is a big day.  My total was 1630 over 3 days (bike odometer).  474, 651, 462 miles (garmin fenix 6x).


These are my 3 days shared with Garmin's 

Distance 474.20 mi | Time 9:52:11 | Speed 48.0 mph | Elevation 31,778 ft


Distance 651.45 mi | Time 14:40:04 | Speed 44.4 mph | Elevation 39,131 ft


Distance 462.60 mi | Time 8:39:43 | Speed 53.4 mph | Elevation 26,857 ft


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