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To add a quickshifter or not to add a quickshifter? (off road related)


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Hey everyone!


For those of you who go off roading a lot, is adding a quickshifter a benefit or a detriment?


I'm a complete newbie to off roading, and I plan on taking my bike in the dirt a bunch (which is why I got it in the first place).


Thing is, I never hear about actual dirt bikes or motocross bikes having quickshifters.  I mean, maybe they do, but if so I didn't know about it.


I'm wondering, would it be beneficial off road?  I'm thinking I'll be wearing stiffer ADV boots than I'd normally wear, etc, and wondering if accidently applying pressure to the shift pedal, and cutting fuel and/or ignition BY ACCIDENT would be ill advised off road in slippery conditions.


Can the more experienced off road folks educate me please?




- Paul

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50 years of dirt riding experience tells me..... no.  Others may have differing opinions, but to me it's more to go wrong, complicating a simple bike, which is one of the main reasons I bought it in the first place.

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Qhickshifter is one of the things that works well until it doesn't.


my GS QS was awesome until it was preventing me to shift due to error of code...you can imagine of my frustration when trying to shift up to 4th to get up to the highway speed while stuck in 3rd...


IMO, this bike comes with minimal tech which is its strength & weakness...treat it how you will. I won't be putting it on.

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If you are not going to do it I will, end of this month it is planned ... might be the first on the forum to add it...for my bike (queen of the road ) it is a must ...I have had them on other bikes and I think with the character that this engine has with a quickshifter it will be amazing , but I am unable to comment on off road stuff 😄 

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I'm also a newbie in the off-road world, been about 5 times now. I've noticed (at least for me) I usually stay in 2nd and 3rd gear when off-road. Buying something for shifting  1 gear is sort of unnecessary imo, at least for me with the skill level I'm at. 100% ride the bike as is at least till something breaks especially if you're going to be off-roading! Have fun and be safe! If you do a lot of street riding I may consider it!

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