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Lower Bar mount twisted after crash



I was scootin around Hollister On some blues with my buddy Steve and his Multistrada to try out his new tires. Things were going great until he pulled out his camera. We’d been looping a moderately steep trail with some deeper sand on a tight corner when I got cocky, sleepy, or brain farted. Gravity looked at Steve and said “Hold my beer”. 

next thing I know , Brapp ....bonk. Shet.  Rear tire gripped and pitch me into a rut and I went down on the right hand side. Hand guards cracked in 3 places ( Machine Art Moto Advance, cast Aluminum 🤭)


Only other damage is the lower bar mount that’s twisted. It’s visible in pics barely but I had to ride home in a constant right hand turn.







So I order a new mount from Babbits and today get a notice that it’s back ordered until November. 

The bolts are straight and the mounts are fine, it’s the web connecting the two that is twisted. 

my plan is to cut the web in the middle and reinstall them and the bars. Hopefully everything else is straight. 

Anyone see an issue with this?  Most mounts are separate anyway. I could get a solid top clamp too.  





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A well-intentioned interpretation of this seemingly poor handlebar clamp design would be that it is a way to protect the handlebar itself, costing twice the cost of each individual clamp.


Call me naive ... 🤷‍♂️

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On 9/24/2020 at 4:18 AM, Goldentaco said:

I guess I'll answer my own question.  


I bent them back into shape.



What did you use to bend it back into shape? And could you get it go back to being 100% straight? Thanks

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I put mine in a vise and used a 1' piece of metal conduit to straighten mine. It was quite soft and easy too bend. 


I had no problems getting it 100% straight measured on a surface plate. The only issue I had was getting it off the bike when it was bent. 

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