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Me New T7 Rally


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Picked up today, as many of you know i had the red and white one and after seeing the Blue with the gold wheels i worked out it was cheaper to get a new bike, the Rally versions are drying up and Yamaha have no plans to release any more until Q2-3 next year subject to market requests.

the blue panel kit is £700 and the wheels £1200 exhaust is £800 so 2700 ish to put mine to that level.

my price to change to the new one was £1400 so total no brainer including the Yamaha heated grips.


apart from being pretty tall its just awesome. Did 70 carefull miles but does seen very clean and torquey on the pick up so im wondering if that exhaust makes a difference. Also found out today if you damage the exhaust the components are available separately.

Im going have the 2 piece seat low so ordered that.

hope u like the pics.




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The exhaust is absolutely no louder than the stock exhaust and I believe its quieter just looks fantastic. Ive put the bobble head mount also the new Touratech Garmin XT lock which is a little heavy but it serves a security purpose and fits brilliantly.




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Parked up next to a monument where the Lynx Helicopter did a speed run overhead and its greatest claim to fame came on August 11, 1986 when a specially modified Lynx with a set of advanced experimental rotors was flown by Trevor Egginton to set an absolute speed record of 400.87 km/h (216.45 knots, 249.09 mph). That mark still stands as the official Fédération Aéronautique Internationale record, though helicopters like the Eurocopter X3 and Sikorsky X2 have unofficially hit higher speeds in more recent years.

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Very nice. I also love the man-math logic that a new bike is cheaper than an old one! 😎👍

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