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@dashredder, thanks for letting me know your experiences.  In my case, it is definitely not a problem regarding their normal business hours.  The last email I got from their Support@2wheeldynoworks.com email address was a week ago and I have sent three back since then, along with calling during their posted hours.


There have been a couple of issues, at least one of which they attributed to a bad upload from FTECU.  It has been over a month since this started and I am missing a lot of good riding.  Much of the delay is due to very slow responses, and now getting none is frustrating.  2WDW says on their website and FB page they get back to you within 24 hours.  That has not been the case in my experience.


We all make mistakes and I am not trying to drag them into the mud on this one.  I just want to get my ECU flashed correctly and be able to ride my T7 confidently.


Maybe there is something going on there that requires them to not respond quickly.  I have run a small business and understand that when you have limited resources, it can be difficult.  If there is going to be a delay, I would at least like the courtesy of knowing what to expect.

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We respond to every email and voicemail as quickly as possible.


Especially this time of year, responses can take a few days. We build/service/repair/flash/tune almost 400 bikes/month in the peak season, and there's only 5 of us. Pat answered over 100 phone calls himself yesterday, and we missed about the same amount.



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I just heard back from Nate and I think we are on a path to get my issues resolved.

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Good to hear!   

It will be worth the wait.  My T7 runs killer with the 2WDW tune and an Akrapovic slip-on.  I’d imagine yours will too.  Throttle transitions from on - off - on are soo much better.  Can finesse a twisty road smoothly and that low RPM adv work is quite a bit nicer.  Not only that, but the bike just rips through the gears with a new kind of urgency.  Ton of fun, even on city streets.  I’ve enjoyed burning off my old rear TKC 80 on the pavement while I get ready to mount a new tire for an upcoming adv ride.  I’d have likely just left it alone until the swap when it was stock.  It’s not the horsepower increase that makes me smile, it’s the way it is delivered.  I hope you find that same kind of experience with yours.  

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@dashredder thanks for the words of encouragement! I have ridden with the 2WDW flash and it is all that you said it is.  The issues that we have been encountering are minor but annoying.  I'm sure we will get all fixed and hopefully soon.  My ECU is going back to 2WDW to see if they can replicate my current problem.

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I just wanted to follow up that we now have the ECU flash issues sorted out and I am enjoying the all the expected benefits.

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