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Ténéré Rally Challenge 2021 - who's signing up?

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Yamaha Italy has done something pretty cool and set up a Ténéré Rally Challenge for this 2021 season articulated on 5 races and divided in 2 classes. The first class is dedicated to amateur riders and will consist in racing simply using a GPS so for example any GPS that reads GPX files, potentially could even be a tablet, the route will be easy off-road. The second class is considered the Pro class where riders will race with a roadbook holder and navigate through the entire same route that the National Rally Championship does. 



27/28 March | Scarlino (GR) – Tuscany (ITALY)

01/02 May | Sardinia (ITALY)

26/27 June | Roccamontepiano (CH) – Abruzzo (ITALY)

10/11 July | Pellegrino Parmense (PR) – Emilia Romagna (ITALY)

17/18/19 September | Spoleto (PG) – Umbria (ITALY)

To enter the event you need:


(medical certificate, got mine yesterday, its basically a visit to the doctor, was in and out in 20 min)
2) Licenza agonistica FMI Fuoristrada Amatoriale 75,00€

(or any international motoclub, for insurance stuff and such I'm assuming)
3) Scaricare il modulo di iscrizione qui: www.yamaha-motor.eu/it/it/Experiences/Ev...it/challenge/modulo/

(file this and send to Yamaha to sign up)


Usefull links and info: 


general rules and info:



event website from Yamaha




I'm waiting for my paperwork to arrive for the racing licence and should be good to go. 



Who else is joining? 









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Posted (edited)

small update:


start of the event was postponed due to corona situation (super lucky for me because all my paperwork wasn't ready yet)


the first stage is now  Scarlino (GR) – Tuscany (ITALY).  24 & 25 April 


and luckily I'm signed up and can't wait to go. 


planning on riding there a day before in one haul(800km) and camp there somewhere, do the 2 day event and then follow an offroad trail(the Italian ACT) all the way back(maybe a week).


been preparing the bike a bit. 


mods: uprated rear spring, was quite easy to fit.

(using a carjack to compress the spring to take it out. learned from this guy



some vinyl stickering randomly just to protect panels from possible rubbing and chafing from reckless 10 + tent and sleeping gear in the beavertail)


one mitas e13 for the front and an e09 Dakar for the rear + heavy duty tubes (still have to install)



and I think that's it for now...


working on a toolkit though, im thinking about just bringing some small tools and zip ties and super basic stuff. generally weight and plus, the tenere don't break anyway 😛  (famous last words broken water pump)(I hope not xD)


anyone of you guys joining the event? or a little cruise on the ACT trail? 


also any tips would be much welcomed, literally never done anything like this so I'm not a 100% sure what to do and what not.







ps in the picture is just a half assed test if it would pack, the test passed so It will be somewhat more refined before departure...I hope 😛 

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add clarification for crappy packing of luggage
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