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tire remount problem


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Hello all


Today i have tried to dismount and remount my front tire. Just for do some experience (my first time).

But when I reinflated it, seems a portion of tire did not come to the rim. Like the bead stay in the central part of the wheel.

I tried some way to set it correctly:

inflated to 40 psi

deflate, set  and inflate again

let wheel bounce to the ground


nothing work. I try to ride it (10-15 kmh) and you can feel the wrong portion of baed it in turns.


I have not used wd40 or talcum. Tomorrow I'll try a little of wd40 in that area, so it will be easy for the tire to "come up to the rim".


I followed this video:



Do you have some advice for "how to set correctly the bead when reinflate the tyre" ?




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clean the rim and the tyre well. this is best done whilst the tyre is off.


However the best home luricant i have found is hair conditioner as it won't take very long for it to dry and not lubricate the grip between the rim and tyre which you won;t want when riding (hence don't use wd40). Give it a liberel dose. don't worry about putting serious pressure in your tyres. before I got good at mounitng tyres on my old bike I would be going over 80psi.


However a clean rim and tyre along with good lubircation and it will slip on withoult too much pressure.

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Thankyou dobbi,


That's why I ask befoure use wd40. I'll try with hair conditioner and more pressure (probably to 60-70 psi).

Hope it will  works withour remove again the tire. Whit the rear one for shure I'll clean rim and  use hair conditioner.



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If you can lay the tire out in the sun for a while before mounting. Warm tires are much easier to mount. I've used armor all and dish soap as tire lubes too.

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In the end...

I do nothing and the tire today is  set correctly on rim...

Just for precaution, I take it up to 70 psi, and retake to 30.

I'll do a rapid test in the next hour. 500m just to verify that's all ok.


Thankyou all

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A little tire mount lube on the shoulder of the rim and on the tire bead will help seat the tire.  Check with your Yamaha dealer:   Or, any part supply store for tire mount lube.


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