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When are the Tenere's going to arrive for 2021?

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On 5/10/2021 at 2:08 AM, Hibobb said:


Video Message of President & CEO Yamaha Motor Europe

one stupid sailor messing with my Zen thing

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Brian K.
On 5/8/2021 at 5:44 PM, bigsky said:

Awesome...I'm in Livingston.  Working with Alpine Yamaha my hometown dealer.  Another T7 owner named Micheal in Bozeman is all about doing some rides.  Lets go for a ride when everyone's bikes get here

I'm down. I'm new here but it looks like we can start a club on this forum. "Big Sky Riders"? 

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9 minutes ago, Belgradian said:

Belgrade here as well. Got my red and white Tenere in October through Blitz Yamaha, almost 1900 miles so far. 

I'm pretty sure I saw you coming off Dry Creek Road last fall. I looked at the bike and thought "That's a Tenere!" Thus the journey began...

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Hi everyone, new member here. Decided to share my experience so far with ordering the T7 in 2021. In February this year I went to the local dealer and asked for availability and was told that they expect the new bikes to arrive by the end of April. In mid of March I deposited and waited patiently. At the end of April I called the dealer and asked for an update and was told the delivery date was pushed to mid of May. Yesterday I got "THE" call confirming the bike will arrive on Wednesday next week! The dealer is Motodynamics Bulgaria. I know that they do the supply for most of the Balkans so if there are people in the region still waiting for their bikes, good news is on the way! Happy days 🙂

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I’m in the capital region in New York. I put a deposit down in January with the T7 red/white expected in February. Early February it was bumped to March. Early March it was bumped to May. No more details yet, just impatiently waiting for an update.

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