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You have won a lot of money and have space in the shed. Your wish list is.....


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1 hour ago, johnnygolucky said:

Nice, Cruzin!

I did that same thing about 10 years ago. Popped in 2 windows in the side as well. It was a little 5x8 and I insulated it, wired in led lighting, heater that all ran off a 1K Honda genny that I welded a coupling off the exhaust for a high temp hose so it could run in the back of the truck, with the hose sticking out from the canopy window and the electrical cord into the front of the trailed under a boat towel I installed. Kept it quiet and protected the genny from the rain and snow. Fold down table and removable bed. Rino lined the top so it never would leak. It was cheap and worked great for hauling the dirt bikes and and mountain bikes and camping in it as well as a mobile skiing and hunting cabin. 

Make me jealous looking at your future little camper, always wished I never sold that thing, great memories in it with the girlfriend and dogs. 


I wish I had just bought that from you! 

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46 minutes ago, Cruizin said:

I wish I had just bought that from you! 

Yeah man I hope you post pics of your build with that thing over time. Such great memories, and if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to write me. In the pic I had a little buddy heater. I wouldn't go that route again. Propane creates such moisture and would shut down with the carbon monoxide safety switch. So I got one of those little tip proof metal shop heaters, I think it was only 750w on the low setting which worked great for the 1K watt Honda. Warm instant heat and no moisture and really dried out the trailer after a day in the rain or skiing. 


Looking froward to your project! 

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