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Lights with High Fender and Crash-bars


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I have the Outbackmototeck Crash Bars with the Camel High Fender mount kit and the Polisport UFX fender. I recently purchased Cyclopsadventure T7 lights. These things are amazing and I would highly recommend. With my particular setup I had to put some extra thought into how I could mount the lights with the crash bars and fender kit. I thought I would share here in case someone else ran into the same issues.


CycleOpsAdv does make a high fender mount, but I am unsure if it will actually fit with the upper crash bars. I ordered one to see, but I am really liking my current setup.


Behind the fork on the frame there is a small shelf that holds the switch. Instead of running the wires forward, I routed them backwards.


I then routed the wires through the side plastics. There was plenty of areas to zip tie and secure the wire. I did end up drilling one small hole on the right side to add an additional tie to make sure the wire would not come close to the radiator. 

Next, I cut a small gap in the plastic. I made this gap wider to ensure no rubbing on the wires. 


For the light, I replaced the standard screws with shorter stainless steel to allow for a closer fit to the plastics. I flipped the lights so the logo reads correctly.


Once installed, I hoped on the bike to add sag since this will increase the length of the brake house. I wanted to make sure there was no snagging when the fork was compressed and turned all the way left or right. The brake line slightly touches, but I am okay with that as long as it doesn’t snag. 

Alternatively, I grabbed a plate at the local hardware store. This cost $5 and you could drill holes to match the crash bars and slip this metal sheet in between. See example pic. 

I really like the current position, it’s well protected from a crash by the bars and the light seems to be since it’s offset from fender VS. the standards mounts. 

I did note that it would be nice to have some more wire length coming from the light before it hits the thick connectors. This would allow for a sleeker fit. I did pass this along to CyclopsAdventure.DFF8AC3A-F1C1-498B-A401-3B69BEC19F51.thumb.jpeg.3838eb088e7dccdd0f868769ffff06dd.jpeg

hope this helps someone!








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