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I'm pickin' up good [bad] vibrations...


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Yes, I have no faith in dealers either, my bike was delivered with the front wheel on backwards - ABS, ODO, and speedo did not work... aside from all the times I have taken bikes to dealers, and they always say, "That's normal"... 



You should be able to isolate it by revving the engine in neutral with the clutch in. If the vibes are not there, the reciprocating assembly is ok. 


Let the clutch out in neutral, and that will add the clutch basket and main shaft into the mix. All my Hondas have a slight pulse from the clutch baskets, I think they do not balance them.


Then if you have a rear stand, you can put it in gear, and go through the gears, just make sure your bike cannot come off the stand!


If all seems good, I would suspect the above mentioned out of round tires/rims, or the throttle body synch or bad fuel injector, as they would be more obvious as load increases.


Hope you get it sorted!

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