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I wanted to share my opinion about the Dainese D-Explorer 2 gore-tex suit. 


I bought both the jacket and the pants 2 months ago so I had the time to thoroughly test them.


Most rides I do only bring me to work or back home, which is 40km a day. I have had some occasions to wear the suit for a bit longer in different conditions. 


My general feedback is quite simple: I like it a lot. 


The D-Explorer 2 is not laminated, you have a membrane which can be installed in the jacket and pants if there is a need. When installed, it keeps you dry - no compromise. I rode it in pouring rain and had absolutely no problem of water getting in somewhere. 


It is also warm enough. Although I haven't worn it in subzero conditions yet (referring to °C !), I can generally say that it keeps you fairly warm, especially in combination with the Dainese technical layers. 


When it's hot, you have very large ventings that can be opened. 2 of them on the chest, nearly your entire back is a vent and the arms can be vented. Nearly impossible to have more vents unless you ride in a T-shirt... 


The back venting is somehow a little bit obstructed by the back protector, but I think it's a very good compromise between protection and ventilation. 


The pants have a large vent on the upper leg, which works reasonably well, even if there is no second vent to let air out again. 


Pants can be worn inside your boots or over. I normally put them inside as long it's not raining and wear them over the boots when it's pouring, because my boots are "less" waterproof.


Although I haven't yet used it a lot offroad, I would say it offers enough flexibility and you can move around easily.


You don't have a lot of pockets: 2 outside pockets on the jacket (waterproof) and on the pants, 1 inside pocket on the jacket, aswell as inside the membrane. Another one on the back, below the vent. 


There are 2 inner pockets on the chest in order to install protectors that don't come with the jacket. 


The membrane can be used as a jacket on it's own, but you look a bit like an astronaute in it. 


The pants come with suspenders, which I like. You can also zip them to the jacket.


The jacket costs € 750.- in Luxembourg, the pants cost € 450.- and I think it's good value. I admit that it's my first gear in that price area so I don't have much comparison. Before that, my gear cost less than half that price and that's not a reasonable comparison (membrane no more waterproof after 15min in the rain, adjustments that don't make sense, pockets in the wrong place, so you can not really use them, ...).


I bought mine at the official Dainese Store in Luxembourg and have to give them a big thumbs up. 


Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try to answer as good as I can. 

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