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Major engine failure and MT07 engine compatibility


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3 hours ago, Eric W. said:

1) Front wheel wobble.  Diagnosed and misdiagnosed many times but I finally found a good service tech who put it on a lift and said I had a defective tire from Pirelli. 

Common problem with the stock Pirelli tyre. 99.999% of wobbly front issue is Pirelli tyre defects as there is about 3  threads under different titles on this  forum. Wobbly front = change front tyre NOW!!! 🤪

Edit; forgot to mention one inmate was on his third Pirelli tyre till the wobble disappeared. So if you're front end is wobbling, change it! Preferably to another brand, chances are that another Pirelli is going to faulty. You might falsely conclude it's not the tyre that is the cause. 

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Thought I would provide an update since I picked up the bike today from the shop:

1) For any of you sport touring guys, upgrading to Galfer front pads is worth the investment.  It elevated the braking to what you would expect.  I wouldn't go trail braking Rossi into a corner with them (video it and share if you do) but it's now all this bike needs, at least for my riding.  Full Disclaimer - I had previous installed a set of Pazzo shorty levers so that probably contributed as well.  

2) Some adjustments to the rear brake lever put the brake feedback in a zone I'm comfortable with.

3) UK rider - my dealer is a decent sized suburban Honda/Yamaha dealer in Dallas.  The service manager said he had never heard of a MT07 engine hand grenading the top end.  Oddly enough, they have seen their share of CBR1000R's blowing the bottom end.

4) He also said Honda and Yamaha are both good at getting someone on the phone to hear your complaints/feedback,  at least in the US.




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On 7/22/2021 at 7:22 PM, Eric W. said:

An earlier post mentioned Yamaha shipping the motor back to Japan.  So the owner is in the UK meaning the bike was built in France.  Do they assemble the motors in Japan and then ship to France for final assembly?

Yes, that's correct. The motors are built in Japan, then shipped to France where the bikes are assembled.


Reassuringly, when I traded in my XSR for the Tenere, the dealer had a quick look over the bike before we settled on a price. When I asked if the workshop wanted to check over the engine, he replied, "No need - we've never had an engine issue with any CP2 bike  we've ever sold."


Luke: if your dealer is able to identify the cause of your failure during the rebuild, please share it with us.

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