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What plugs into the auxiliary DC jack socket of my 2021 Tenere ?


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I just bought a 2021 Tenere and noticed that on the left-hand side there is an auxiliary DC jack socket that looks like the kind of socket you find in cars where you can plug in a USB charger for your phone etc.


I want to plug in a dual USB port and voltmeter.


Is it as simple as buying the necessary USB accessory and plugging it into that socket?


Let's say something like this ?




Or is there more work to be done before I can do something like that?


I'm not a DIY person so I'm not going to mess with the electrical wiring of the bike.


So I'd like to know whether this is a plug-n-play situation or whether I should have someone install this for me.


Are there any Tenere-specific accessories you could suggest perhaps ?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Using an adaptor as you would in a car will work fine and you can use the socket for powering non usb items when not charging your phone. 

If you want a dedicated usb charger like the one you pictured, it needs to be hardwired. You can use the spot on the right side of the cockpit.

There are switched 10 amp and 2 amp power leads behind the fairing. 

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Agree with Dan. If you’re not a DIY person, you’re best off with his suggestion. It’s not hard to take the bike apart to access the stock plug and replace it with the part you posted, but it’s definitely a DIY job that requires a little competence with tools - not much, but a little.


That said, I just finished installing a USB socket on the right into the 2Amp accessory plug, wiring a DIN socket to the 10Amp accessory plug to replace the stock 12v socket, and adding heated grips. None of it was hard, especially with the great tutorials by @orbsurfer and others on this forum.

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