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Changing sprocket size

Desert rat

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Has anyone had any experience changing the sprocket size? I don't need to go 40 mph in 1st gear. I need more power to climb hill, go through sand, and any other challenges I might find riding the BDR. I just finished a ride from the Arizona southern border to the Grand Canyon. I may have burnt up the clutch, with only 2500 miles on the bike. My local dealer can not find a smaller front sprocket or a larger rear for my bike. According to them, no one makes one at this time. The only option the have is to replace both sprockets and the chain with a 520, a smaller chain.

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I actually felt the opposite and went up a tooth in the front. Wanted to bring down the cruising RPMs at highway speeds, and I've never thought there to be a lack of low end power.


But yes, as TimmyTheHog mentioned, the front sprocket definitely is compatible with MT-07 sprockets. Probably the rear as well. I bought a Vortex front sprocket.

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I noticed on the boano racing site they only sell a 48 tooth rear sprocket.  I might try that next but I don't really have any complaints with the stock gearing for what I do. I rarely even use 1st gear. Might make 2nd a little nicer though?

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