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I've been changing tyres by hand and after going through 3 sets I thought I'd be a pro but I still find it really hard work and takes a good 30 mins sometimes more (at least has given me some confidence to do it on the trail if I really have to). Been using motion pro tyre levers with a bead breaker which hasn't failed me yet but also doesn't break the bead easily. On a side note are regular dirt bikes that hard to change the tyres on or do they have looser rim/tyre combinations?


Been looking at one of these:



Obviously at that price point it's nothing fancy but has anyone used it or similar. Is it worth the space in my garage? I'll be doing my road bike tyres too but they are way easier.

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I'm not so sure you would be satisfied with that device.  It would break the bead a lot easier however it doesn't appear to hold the rim in place to prevent it from spinning when using the tire irons.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Also, it's good to bolt any tire machine to the floor to stop it from moving around and adding frustration to the job.  

That said, for the price, it may make it a lot easier to replace a tyre.

This is what I have.  Look for something like this. 


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