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2 wheel drive madness


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I got one of these sitting in my garage, a wr450f  2-Trac, basically a 450 with a hydraulically driven front wheel and lots of fancy Ohlins bits, they were used in the Dakar in the early 2000s, I think they only made 250 of them, in the snow or across a bog it's unstoppable but in the woods it a liability, you spin up the rear to make a tight turn the power unexpectedly shifts to the front and launches you up a tree, if anyone out there want to take their life in their hands I may be persuaded to part with it





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That is very cool. I know a few people that have had mechanical Christini AWD bikes in the past but I've never seen a hydrostatic set up like that.

I know you can turn the AWD off with the Christini. Is there any ability to spin the rear tire independently with this set up?

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No, its not possible to turn off the front drive, but it's not a full time 2 wheel drive, there's a centrifugal clutch in the hydraulic motor, it only applies power to the front when the back is spinning and only about 15% it's enough to get you out of a hole or up a near vertical slope, on the fun side if you get it on wet grass you can do a two wheel power slide, but that usually ends in some sort of injury 

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@Mike99 Thanks, I never saw that 2WD style before. The hydrostatic/centrifugal clutch/15% power setup sound very well thought out. Like Cory, I have seen the Christini 2WD's before. Another neat setup, but complicated.


I have a couple of the old (Early 60's) Nethercutt/Rokon bikes. Simple mini-bikes basicly, no suspension but can really trudge thru anything (at a 15-mph maximum speed). They have a drive shaft running thru the frame with a one-way releasing clutch so the front wheel can turn faster (freewheel) when turning corners. Dirt simple, but ingenious.

2015 Nevada Rokon Trip 115.jpg

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@Hibobbyeah it does work really well in extreme conditions but the standard wr450 is faster and easier to ride due to the lower weight, I like those Rokons they look like two wheeled tractors, your trailer is nicely made

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It is probably well out of my league but i'm intrigued to know what one of these might be worth. If you PM me I promise to be discreet.

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