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Beating the Lighting Question to Death: Build a Harness?



First post here, longtime lurker.


I've been blown away by some of the brilliant folks on this forum who have figured out how to rig up their lights on the T7 with creative solutions.

Any day now, my shiny new Ceramic Ice T7 will arrive, and I can hardly wait to bolt up the farkles that are filling my garage.  I'm so excited it's ridiculous. 


I've always been a light nerd, so I have a set of Denali DR1's with a Data Dim I'm hoping to mount on my Outback Motortek crash bars. Despite my absolute lack of skill with electronics and zero wiring experience, I'm hoping to wire up the DR1's so they're always on (50%) with the low beams, and then they switch automatically to 100% power alongside the factory high beam when I toggle the factory switch. 


I've watched MDVR Eduro's excellent video on how to wire lights so they exclusively come on with the high beams, but I'm wondering if it's possible to wire up DR1's so they work in harmony with BOTH low beam mode on the T7 (50% power) AND high beam mode (100% power when the switch is toggled). 

If one of the electrical geniuses on this forum knows a good way to do this and can offer a simple explanation, I would love to hear your thoughts.  If you want to build a harness and sell it to me for a very nice profit, that's even better 🙂



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The only comment I will make is read the posts on those who have tried to wire their lights using data dim and ended up damaging their ECU's.  

Be very careful and 100% sure what you are doing.  2 people so far have needed to buy new ECU's, don't need another.



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I haven’t looked into the data dim other than the threads on people drying their ECU but you can use a skene dimmer to achieve the exact effect you’re describing. I’ve run it for over 10k miles with no issues. 

Baja Designs makes a really nice harness that’s already assembled nicely but installation does have to be modified slightly from their instructions. 

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