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Ray Ride4life

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I post this in this topic because it's about the introductions here.
What is it with the introductions nowadays?
In my opinion an introduction is you telling at least your first name and maybe something bout yourself or why you ended up here.
In the few months i'm lurking around here i thought it's one of the nicest forums, the forum from the VFR owners club Netherlands where i'm a board member for 8 years is also a helpful and friendly forum just like this.
But what is it with the introductions being mostly just random posts, sometimes complete life story's and in other occasions just nothing.
Why is it so hard, difficult or problematic to say "hi. i'm (fill in first name here)" and ad whatever you feel needs to be added?
This section is called "New member introduction" but without a name (i really don't care about surnames or whatever) you didn't introduce yourself but just posted something.
It might be just me but i have a hard time with the lack of personality these days.
To be honest, i won't remember the names because i'm so bad with names that i'm glad i can remember my own but an introduction without a name just feels wrong and impolite.

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I remember you by your nickname 😉 and I don't think I ever saw your introduction. 


That being said, my very personal opinion is that I only seek personality in "offline life". On the net, it just can't be real which is why I don't really care. I don't really socialize online, so I don't need to give myself the illusion of getting to know people. 


If you want to see personality, ride to a meeting, sip a beer, talk to people 😀 

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11 minutes ago, qInvention said:

I remember you by your nickname

And that starts with my name and just have an add on because just "Ray" was already occupied (Ride4life.nl is my website)

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If someone is already introducing himself, then why not already add something extra like location for example. Cant hurt if someone finds you here like that and wants to offer to braap braap with you.  Or not introduce at all then?

Just letting people know that some random is reading the forum also makes no sense. People are all over the www anyway, so whats new? I'm not butthurt about it ofc and been successfully using scrolling finger since now, but since topic was started anyway then why not add some thoughts.

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Introductions on a bike forum will normally relate to a bike. What they have. What they want.


On here, a bike specific forum, usually joining is for info. I’ve taken a massive amount of that.


There’s no real off topic part of the forum, to discuss cars, watches, other aspects of life and as it’s worldwide, not many will ever ‘get together’.


So, albeit my user name is my name, I don’t mind not knowing much about other members. That said, I know who I would and wouldn’t chat to in real life from my short time here.

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It doesn't matter if I know your real name here on the forum.  My name is Bond.  James Bond.  But everyone knows me as Al.  I'm on a local dual sport forum where I do meet up with a lot of the folks on there for a ride or get together.  We have an annual "Rendezvous"  ride and we cap it at 120 riders from the forum and it fills up in just a few hours of ticket sales.  I like to know the first name just for sakes but I'm oK without it until we meet up.

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Agree with @DuncMan - it's not necessary to reveal your real name or whatever, but a short introduction is always welcome. I think it's common netiquette to start with a short introduction on any bulletin board.


I personally have made real-life friends with people I first met in boards like these, but I definitely understand if somebody is more interested in hard facts and less in socialising on the web.

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