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2021 T700 Available, Birmingham, AL


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I've had a deposit at Pinnacle Motorsports in Bessemer for 9 months.  Dealer just called and said they have a 2021 on the way.  It will be there in a week and I'm next in line.  I have a $500 deposit on the bike, and I'm happy to buy it and resell it, but then the new owner ends up paying Alabama sales tax twice.  Would rather transfer the deposit to someone, since I picked up a used T700 back in October.


So, if you are in the market, hit me up.  I'll go with you to the dealer and transfer my spot and deposit to you.  All I ask my deposit back ($500).  The color is the blue 2021 version.

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7 hours ago, wardog327 said:

Much appreciated my friend but just to Far, If it was spring time I'd fly in and ride back...

Ahhh, those were the days.  You must be young wardog.

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2 hours ago, wardog327 said:

No, If I were younger I would do the drive and haul it back. I'm retired now...

Now that you are retired you have all the time in the world to drive and haul it back.

Tenere 700 / Africa Twin / Goldwing / Super Tenere / WR250R / GS1000S / GT750 / H2 750

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No takers so far.  The OTD price from the dealer is $11,665.58 - they claim Yamaha increased the freight fee $300 bucks. 


The bike arrived today and will be ready for pickup next Friday.  If I don't have any takers, I'm buying it myself and selling it for profit. 



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I'm interested. Please clarify..the price to the dealer will be 11,600 less the 500 deposit they have from you. Then I would pay you 500 for your deposit? Have you spoken with the dealer about this and they are agreeable? Seems like they already have your nonrefundable deposit and if you don't want the bike, they would just call the next guy on the list.

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I would love to take advantage of this, it’d be quite the trip for me but I’m definitely willing to see if I can make it work if the offer is still available.


Edit: Sent a private message with my contact info for you.

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