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Newbee from the Netherlands loving the Tenere 700


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When I saw it in 2019 for the first time I new it would once be mine.

Sometime in Febuary it will be.

I have something with Yamaha since my childhood days, but 11 years ago I bought a Suzuki V-Strom 650 and in 2015 the 1000 cc version.

I made a choice between At 1100, DL1050 and the T7. I wanted something different and the T7 gave the biggest smile, so here I am.


Offroad riding is new to me. I will take a course and will have a lot of questions. 

I hope to learn a lot on this forum and contribute my experiences. 

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Waar in NL als ik vragen mag?

And back to English so the rest also understands...
I have done 2 courses at adventureshield.nl in the north (Witteveen, Drenthe) and i'm thinking about doing the last one also.
Did the first with my Crosstourer and the second with my XT660Z.

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12 minutes ago, RedStrom said:

Where we still have some offroadable roads. 

I'm originally from Enschede but i live already over 17 years in Limburg and you need to know where to look but there is some offroad here too but not as much as in Drenthe.
Already looked into the TET?
If you like i can take you on some trails and give you some basic info.
At ride4life.nl you can see what i do with and on my bikes.

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Hello Ray. 

Nice to read your site and blog. Nice pics too. 

The TET is on my list, but first I will do some local roads.

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Yes! I picked up my 2021 T7 today. 

Did some ofroading and made it dirty. 

What a bike. What an allrounder. Great fun!

Me happy, me very happy 🙂

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I'm glad you have your bike and thanks for posting up a picture.  Congratulations, she looks great.  Now go stick things on it and to it so it suits you just fine.  😁

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