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Springs only vs RR Open Cartridge Kit?



Hi all,


There is a big price difference between just upgrading to new springs vs going to RR Open Cartridge kit. 


Will the improvement in handling be worth going to the RR kit or springs alone? 


I do mostly street, gravel and dirt roads. No I am not looking to go single track or crazy jumps with the weight of the bike. I value quality parts so I am not questioning the price point of the RR kit. I fully believe you get what you pay for. Thanks!

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I ordered the Hyperpro front and rear spring kit from EPM.   I installed it in my garage with basic hand tools. I used a tusk spring compressor for the shock spring.  I used some small rope to keep the damper rod up while installing the top cap on the forks.   WAY WAY better than stock.  I set the suspension up initially the way that hyperpro recommended.  I ended up taking out 1 click of compression from the forks and adding 3 additional clicks of rebound. Next fork oil change I will use Motul 7.5W oil in the forks vs the 10w oil hyperpro included.  For the shock,  I added 3 additional clicks of preload over their  recommendation.  

I will ride my bike on the street, fire roads and BDR routes.  No big jumps or serious single track.  I have a yz250fx for that.   So far so good with the hyperpro setup on the T7!!



The Tusk Shock Spring Compressor makes motorcycle shock coil spring removal and installation a simple task. Spring coil...



Previous Next We are Motorcycle Suspension Experts: Top Quality Shock Absorbers and Steering Dampers with Expert Setup and Services for All Makes & Models...


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You cant really compare open cartridge kit vs just replacing front springs. 
the difference is massive. 

if you replace springs and revalve, then you are getting closer, but the RR open kit is still on a different level. 

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