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Magura Hymec Review


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So my cable was getting old and crusty and against better judgement I went and ordered the Magura Hydraulic conversion kit.

I got it from an Australian reseller, but it's a complete kit offered by Magura, assembled, bled, and ready to bolt on.

Installation is straight forward and easy enough, the hose follows mostly the same route except near the steering stem where it runs through the 'triangle' and not where the cable runs.

Removal of the OEM clutch perch requires removal of the grip.

If like me you glued heated grips on so they would never come off, it's worth noting that a new clutch perch is about the same price as a new clutch cable. So simply cutting the old perch off might be a better approach.


For off road use, slow technical riding the Magura is a big improvement. The lower pull force is a clear advantage and the clutch is far easier to use with just one finger.

While the hydraulic system is auto-self adjusting, I've not found the T7 to experience excessive clutch expansion under moderate off road use anyway. So I don't feel this feature is of any particular benefit.


But for on road use, the performance is impacted. The friction zone of the clutch is now massive. So massive that a two finger pull of the clutch is barely enough to properly disengage it, and even to get at that point means squeezing the lever tight between your fingers. It's summer and I'm wearing thin gloves at the moment. You have no chance if you are wearing anything thicker than cheap MX gloves...

The longer travel of the lever also gives the bike that less sporty, more agricultural feel.


I measured the lever displacement and the cable displacement at the clutch arm as follows:

For 35mm of lever movement, at the index finger

The cable clutch moves 13mm

The Magura moves 5.7mm

That is a MASSIVE change. I expected there to be a leverage difference, just not this much.

It's no secret that Magura alter pull ratios to achieve a lighter pull, but my opinion is that they are barefaced lying to you when they even hint that the lightness comes from the hydraulics and lack 'cable friction'. Based on other measurements I would say the difference between cable/hydraulic is at best 10 percent, and that's with a worn clutch that is noticeably heaver than what the bike came with new.


Final thoughts? Don't bother with this kit if you are an experienced rider, have good clutch control, and ride at lot in traffic or roads with frequent clutch use/shifting etc.

Magura do make different size master cylinders. I believe the kit for the T7 comes with a 10.5mm piston, and from memory they do have something closer to 12mm available.

I think a larger master would be more appropriate for the T7 given the dual purpose nature of the bike.

The Camel one finger arm, or Righteous Stunt Clutch, or basically any cable based light pull alternative will have a much more modest leverage increase that better balances on/off road clutch use,  and won't cost you as much.


It's also worth noting that Yamaha put an assist/slipper clutch in the new R7, and a retrofit might be possible at a similar price to the Magura.

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