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air pre-filter on the T7


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Hi all,

In case of ride in very dusty or sand conditions, it can be interesting to protect the air intake...

I have mounted an air filter from a gasgas txt pro, it fits perfectly !

I have written an article about this ( with a link to a video )


Une solution simple pour protéger le moteur de la yamaha tenere 700: un pré-filtre à air pour les conditions difficiles ( sable, poussière ... )


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Find "mobylette rollers" on social medias ! 🙂

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English translation, with pics. 

The Yamaha T7 is an excellent "adventure" motorcycle that we also often see exploits in all terrain. It may be interesting to mount an air pre-filter on the tenere 700 for difficult conditions of sand or dust. For that, there are some simple solutions which can be installed very easily…

Why an air pre-filter?

It is true after all. The motorcycle air filter is there to play its role ... Yes. However, in particularly difficult conditions, whether it is sand or dust, pre-filtering air avoids loading the air box with dirt and preserving the original filter element.

Under normal road conditions, the air intake is not too exposed to the road and the value of this solution is limited.

On the other hand, when traveling or during very dusty off-road trips, it is frankly interesting. What's more, the air intake sleeve is easily accessible under the seat.

The "sand stop" sheet

First simple solution to implement: the sand stop sheet . It is a sheet which constitutes a very fine sieve which retains many particles. For all-terrain motorcycles, there are some that are put directly on the air filter for racing on sand.

You can also get a 200mm x 300mm sheet, which costs less than 20 euros. You will find it for example at Bihr here .

On the ténéré 700: it gives this:

  • DSC01564-1024x576.jpg
    sand stop sheet on the tenere 700
  • DSC01562-1024x576.jpg
    sand stop air inlet protection

Just fix it with a rilsan collar, an O-ring, an elastic band, whatever. In no time, you have very effective protection.

The air pre-filter on the air inlet

Second solution, still as simple and economical: mount a foam filter as on all-terrain motorcycles, but directly on the air intake of the Ténéré 700.

For that, nothing could be simpler: The air filter of the GASGAS TXT pro from 2002 (the most common trial motorcycles) fit perfectly on the air intake. You just need to get:

  • the air filter support at 3 euros: here
  • an air filter at 17 euros: here

The links are to the shop at Dherbey motos, the largest trial store in the world, which is also French! Cock-a-doodle Doo ! This is only an example (a suggestion of presentation, as the packaging of my cereal box would say…), these pieces are easy to find!

  • DSC01561-1024x576.jpg
    air filter support from gasgas txt pro from 2002
  • DSC01559-1024x576.jpg
    gasgas txt pro air filter
  • DSC01555-1024x576.jpg
    gasgas air filter mounted on the ténére 700

Like any all terrain filter, it is best to mount it with air filter grease so that the dirt sticks to the filter. This way you have the most effective protection for the lungs of your yamaha tenere 700!

Power loss and air-fuel mixture

As for these subjects, don't panic. It is the injection that manages the air-fuel mixture. You will not end up with a stifled or too poor engine, the air intake is not blocked either ...

For the loss of power, it is absolutely negligible. For having driven for a while like that, I didn't feel any difference. Even if it was 2 or 3hp, the maximum power is used 1, 2 or 5% of the time? in any case, I have no problem with riding with this pre-filter on the Ténéré 700.

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I would highly recommend using a pre-filter if riding with other riders and getting exposed to a lot of dust. They do a great job of keeping the primary filter clean and are a lot easier to switch out with a replacement prefilter when on the road.


It does highlight something though that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere. With the Uni prefilter fitted then the engine gets that snatchiness on partial throttle. I suspect this is a characteristic of the engine when the intake is restricted, and might explain why many reviewers noted it after riding in very dusty conditions (with dirty main filters). You felt there was no difference but worth testing this because it is quite noticeable for me.

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Found this article mainly for the Australian riders. I purchased about 2 months old. 1 Filter kit and 1 spare $42.50AUD that's about $27US . That's a bargain! When riding in the outback with all the Bulldust,when travel restrictions are relaxed that is. It's so easy to swap and take up less room than a main filter when carrying spares. You can keep them under the seat in zip lock bags.  


Unifilter have announced the availability of a new Tenere 700 pre-filter, a feature specific to Australian models, which comes supplied...


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I had a spare BMW F800GS prefilter. Let's see how it performs. Easy fitting just by removing the seat.




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Tried the BMW prefilter today. All OK at least for a while. Climbing to 1500 metres and maybe not OK. There was a point where it felt like the motor was starving for oxygen. I noticed it at elevated revs when climbing at a steady rate. Hmmmm, was it the prefilter or did I get a bit of water in the filter when I had a little lay down in a creek crossing ( another story ).

Stopping for fuel some time later I decided to take the prefilter out. Heading out on the highway I ran through the gears to about 150km/hr and hey presto, no hesitation. 

Being a tight arse sometimes doesn't pay! Unifilter prefilter is in the mail and should be delivered tomorrow.

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The Unifilter pre filter setup has more surface area than your surplus bmw  one. Didn't cost you anything to try it out. The Unifilter pre is quite cheap. 

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hi guys! my bike still at the dealer and don' have acces now. Is somebody know the size of the snorkle? I have possibility to buy a prefilter but not the uni. I don't know the outside diameter... thanks

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