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Graphic design and colour choices of T7's


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Who else thinks the graphic designers of the T7 should be sacked?

I don't really like the look of any of the colour combos but I'm not a fan of black rims so I went with the blue one (ceramic ice). I think the black tank and lower tank cover should go on the blue one, I think a white tank and lower cover should go on the white one with gold or silver rims and the black one needs better looking stickers and gold, blue or silver rims.

They should ALL have better graphic stickers fitted, the piece of colour at the bottom of the radiator shroud looks like a last minute decision before it went out of the factory, and the blue one has no stickers at all on the side cover- tail piece.

While I love the blue colour with the black it just doesn't go with the rest of the bike (except for the rims), it looks a bit like when someone puts a second hand odd coloured door on a car to me.

The T7 is a good looking bike despite these stuff ups, and this is only my opinion and realise different people have different tastes.

I had a bit of a play photo shopping the T7 before I ordered one and was happy with the results.

I've got a new black side cover-tail assembly  to replace the blue one, i'm going to also remove the blue sticker at the bottom of the radiator shroud and black out the white- grey tank and lower tank cover with Plasti Dip to see what it looks like. If I'm happy with the results i'll get them vinyl wrapped or painted. I'm also considering getting the front peg mounts, rear footpegs, exhaust bracket and exhaust heat shields powder coated the same colour as the frame. 

Who is 100% happy with the look of their T7?



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I chose the Blue one. Will pic it up today at local dealer:)


After looking all the time of waiting at the bike I’m now rally happy with the blue one. It’s very simple designed colour scheme and fits perfect to the ”simple” soul of the bike. For me it is the perfect base. 


But maybe I will add some small stickers, too. 



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44 minutes ago, al700 said:

There is a dedicated thread for graphics and decal kits...


That's not what my post is about. Read the thread description you linked to and see if anything I said matches that description. If anything, I am only REMOVING graphics, not installing anything.

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