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Tenere OEM Pannier Racks or OEM Rear Rack?

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Just ordered and picked up the Tenere 700 rear rack today.  I had been deciding between getting panniers and the pannier racks or the tail rack, and opted for the tail rack because I thought it would be lighter, and perhaps, less weighty at the connection points on the subframe.  When I unpacked the tail rack, it felt fairly heavy, but in a good way.  It's definitely substantial and is well-made, with connection points extending forward to the passenger footpegs (I think!  I haven't installed them yet).  With the grab-rails mounted to the side, it's definitely got a purpose.  But my feeling is that the weight of it must be pretty close to the pannier racks as well, seeing that the tubing extends so far forward, and adds the grab rails.  Add the weight of the actual top rack, and I suspect that it's got to be quite close.  Therefore, I'm wondering if I should have gotten the pannier rack instead, as I may have had more carrying capacity.

That being said, I am trying to travel light on the Tenere, and I think the tail rack could still do the job better.  The rack, at its widest point, is twelve inches.  At its deepest point, it's about eight inches.  It looks like I can easily carry a 30 litre drybag on there, plus a smaller bag (12 litres) on the passenger seat, giving me 42 litres.  It also likes like I could mount a 30 litre bag crossways across the seat, using the rails to secure it on the sides, which means I would have the tail rack for adding a good-sized bag.  If I had panniers, i was going to go for the SW-Motech Sysbag system (medium/small), meaning that I would I would have a total of 23 + 16 = 39 litres.  Seeing that I wouldn't add the tail rack with the panniers if I go SW-Motech, I essentially have the same volume of carrying space, with the mass being a little higher up, but more centralized.  All-in-all, I think it's a fairly even trade-off, but I'd like to hear some of the other's experience as I could probably return the tail rack and get the pannier rack.  


My final concern is over-stressing the frame.  I'm not sure if the tail rack or the panniers are worse for this.  I assume, however, that the key is to not overload the bike regardless of the system that is used.  

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Plenty of examples on loading the bike up on here @Jayzonk, have a gander. Took me over a year to find what I wanted and I still look at other possibilities. 😁

just have a play with different set ups and see what suits. Not short of luggage opinions on here 😂😉

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