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World Raid dashboard


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I don´t know if someone already asked it but: Does anyone know if its posible to upgrade the old T7 LCD (2019-2022)dashboard to the new World raid Dashboard? 
I know the bluetooth thing would be a problem, but would it be possible? Could you unplug the old one and (maybe with a conversion plug) plug the world raid dashboard?

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It would probably be cheaper and less hassle to sell your bike and buy a new one, which has the new dash, than try to get all the parts and get it working. 

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It won't work, the ECM is different, the wiring is different and overall it would be way cheaper to sell your T7 and buy a WR.

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Oh, ok
For a moment i was hoping that it would have a similar port and would be as easy as plug and play
thanks guys

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Sod the upgrade, get carbs on it, studded ice tyres, nitrous and a kick start. 😁🍺
sorry, I’ve had a couple. 

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