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Link to photo album https://sitdownman.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/TT-2018




Day 1  26/2/18 Longreach – Springsure                  Opening Speedo 66070km

With the Tenere Tragics ride starting in Hervey Bay and finishing in Dubbo it was a no brainer to ride to the start and ride home at the finish. With this in mind I planned to allow a week either side of the TT to get to the start and to return. Leaving Longreach on Monday the 26/2/18 my first overnight stop would be Salvator Rosa a National Park part of the Carnarvon Ranges. In Tambo while filling up I ran into a couple, Angus and Jeannie on a large Road Bike, who were from Sydney and had travelled out to Longreach to see the HSOF and Qantas for the first time. We enjoyed an early lunch together and whilst exchanging bike stories another group on Harleys arrived heading towards Longreach. It is amazing the number of people you meet that have an interest in bikes.

Turning off just after Tambo I hit firstly single lane bitumen then the dirt as I took the Mt Playfair road to where it joined the Dawson Development Road. It was soon clear that the rain that I had so far avoided had certainly been along this road and in some places water was still running down the wheel tracks. The ground was certainly different to the black soil around Longreach and there was no problem negotiating it as it weaved through the hills although there were fallen trees on some of the roads possibly as a result of the wild storm.

I wondered how much traffic actually used this road???

Merging onto the Dawson Development Road the conditions changed again with this road being a much better maintained formed gravel road. The turn off to Salvator Rosa was well signposted and I stopped for a quick picture. Once past the homestead at Lake Salvator the road again turned off into the National Park proper. It was here that I had my first misgivings. It was obvious that this road had not been used recently and recent rains had washed away all the previous tracks as well as leaving sections that were either eroded or muddy. Again I had to detour around fallen trees almost slipping the fully laden bike over as I negotiated around one of them. The scenery on the way in was great and the clouds were that low that they were obscuring the bluffs

Finally I arrived at the Nogoa River Camp site where I had planned to spend the night. I was of course the only one there – for some time I might add. Knowing that to take in the walks I had to continue on along the track I pulled up quickly when the river crossing had water in it and was still flowing. I could see to the right where the water had pushed the grass flat so it was obviously dropping. I thought about taking a walk and a recce of the crossing but looking at the dark clouds that loomed over head and realising that if something went wrong I was well and truly on my own I decided that discretion was called for. Turning around I headed back and it wasn’t long before the rain started albeit a drizzle.

Back at the main intersection I refuelled the bike from the bladder that I was carrying and immediately noticed an improvement in the way the bike was handling. It is amazing how much difference an extra 10 kgs at the rear makes. Pushing on I made Springsure around 4.30 and after refuelling set up camp out the back of the roadhouse on the grassed area. I was familiar with this place as I had camped here twice before on the Annual Qld Runs. There was just two tents in the camp and one caravan although it appeared that all the dongas were full (mineworkers I assume by their clothes and vehicles).

After I had set up camp I telephoned Luke who with his wife Debbie has lived in Springsure for quite a while and arranged to catch up. Declining the offer to head out for tea he instead invited me around for curried pork and rice and a drink. Obtaining directions I said I would have a shower and change clothes and head on around. I used this as an opportunity to test out my phone navigation inside the Ram mounted Aqua Box (waterproof and dustproof case) and successfully made my way to their house. Luke warned me that the weather forecast for rain and that there was a bed available at his their place if I wanted but I declined.

At 2.30 the next morning I was beginning to think I might regret that decision as down it came complete with a lightning and thunder storm the like I have not seen or heard for a while. The rain poured down and at around 4.30 eased off so I finally got back to sleep.

As I found out later they had received 120mm of rain in a little over 2 hours.

Day 2 27/2/28 Springsure - Eidsvold          

The next morning the drizzle had stopped so I arose and packed up, surprised that the tent had in fact remained waterproof – this justified the recent purchase in my mind.

Once loaded I took the highway to Rolleston towards my destination Carnarvon Gorge. I had only got 20kms before being turned back by council workers who advised that the road was closed and would probably be closed at least a day as the water was still rising. By the time I returned to Town the council were out erecting the road closed signs on the outskirts. As I travelled through town I began to realise just how much water must have been flowing through the creek. There was debris all over the place and high up into the trees. At the crossroads in town two of the three roads were underwater and council employees were out and about directing traffic and erecting barricades. I took a couple of pictures and pointed the bike towards Emerald. I only got to the edge of town before once again I and a number of other vehicles were turned around by a road closed sign manned by both council and the local police. Whilst questioning the police officer on the likely time it would take for the road to be reopened (1-2 hours) I struck up a conversation with Ian.  Ian was a salesman for mining equipment and was also into bikes having owned a Ural outfit for many years but now with a v4 Yamaha outfit and a triumph. Realising that there was nothing to do but wait we decided we would have brekkie so I joined Ian in the restaurant of the motel which was right where the road was closed. They even let me park my bike in a carport out of the rain. Over breakfast we continued chatting and we realised that we had a mutual acquaintance Jock Adams who together with his partner Annie have a motorcycle retreat called Handlebar Haven where they host motorcycle camps, fund raisers etc. Ian knew Jock from this retreat and I knew him from the AQR where he rode a Tenere slightly earlier than mine.

The road finally opened and we were on our way and when I pulled over for fuel in Blackwater Ian pulled in right behind me. Ian continued on and when I stopped at Duaringa who do I run into but Ian waiting on his lunch order. I was almost through my chicken fillet burger when a bloke stopped for a chat and enquired where I was going etc on the bike. He also was a rider and was doing a Maschine ride later in the year on his BMW. He had heard of the Tenere Tragics and two of his mates actually ride teneres.

To avoid the coastal route I turned off the highway just after Duaringa and followed the roads through to Baralaba, Banana, Theodore and finally Eidsvold where I decided to pull up for the night. All afternoon I rode through showers of rain – mostly just drizzle but enough to make you wet as well as negotiated a number of water crossings only one of which was deep enough to make you slow right down. It was obvious that there had been some serious rain here as well. The creeks were all running and at Theodore the weir was spilling over.

At Eidsvold I made the decision to try and find a cabin so I could dry out and scored one for $85 at the council run park in town. For tea I hit the Star Hotel and was talking to the owner and discovered that he is good friends with Barry and Julie Eggerling from Longreach. Small World!!

Day 3  28/2/18 Eidsvold - Kilcoy

The day dawned and looking at the sky I initially thought that the rain was still around. After packing up and hitting the road however the clouds had broken up and the sun was shining.

Whilst the rain had stopped you could see that rain had fallen along the way with many causeways still having water in them. It was a relatively straight forward run although I did manage to find a lookout near Gayndah and a dirt road to Hivesville which broke the monotony.

In Esk I surprised Vic and Ellie with a quick catch up before continuing my ride towards Kilcoy via the scenic loop of Somerset Dam where I again snapped a few pictures.

I arrived at Kilcoy around 3.30 and hoping to surprise our teacher friend Fee. I found the school (it was right on the highway so this was not a difficult feat) and remembering Brennos words that Fee and Michael were living across from the school I rode around the block and low and behold spied their yellow Honda parked beside a house. I rang Fee then Michael but received no answer so decided to go and refuel and explore Kilcoy. Whilst parked up at the local park and nibbling on my outback nut mix Michael rang back and confirmed their address so we arranged to head back there and meet up with Fee. When I got back I surprised Trent who then gave me directions to Fees classroom. Walking through the school grounds I hadn’t got far before Fee came out to greet me – warned by staff of a strange man in motorbike gear in the school grounds!

That night we had tea at the local exchange hotel before heading back and catching up with all of the family and Longreach goings on since they had left over 12 months ago.

Day 4  1/3/18 Kilcoy - Cooroy

The next morning after breakkie with Fee I fired up the bike and headed towards Cooroy where I would be spending a couple of days with a mate and doing a day ride out through the nearby forestry. I again took in some back roads and detoured in to McCarthys Lookout and Baroon Pocket Dam. Coming out of Eumundi I managed to turn right on to the Bruce Highway instead of left so had a wait until to the next exit to turn around and head north towards Cooroy.

Arriving at Cooroy I took the opportunity to unload the bike and spread out my tent to dry (I had packed it up wet at Springsure) while waiting for Mal to return home

When Mal arrived back after his recce ride for Saturday we grabbed a bite to eat at the RSL before catching up and talking bikes until it was time to go out. We were heading to Noosa to try out the new Noosa Brewing Co a boutique brewery that had opened recently.  I would like to be able to say that the beers that we tried were great but I can’t – of the 5 that we tried only one was worth drinking and at $9 a schooner they were rather expen$ive!!

Day 5  2/3/18 Cooroy

Today was going to be an easy day starting with breakfast at Nanna Mcginnes Café in Kenilworth. After this we took the dogs and went for a swim in the Mary River at a nearby dairy farm that has diversified into a campground. The water was quite chilly and still flowing quickly.

Dropping the dogs back home we drove on to Noosa where we caught up with Joe from Jebtech. I was keen to know whether he was considering a fairing for a DRZ with a 17l safari tank. He was currently working on designing one but was running into problems and with demand for his existing fairings and his custom rally builds he was working 7 days a week.

After this we dropped into Euro Bikes and to check out the SWM Superdual X. As luck would have it they had one on the floor as well as the AJP PR 7 which is one of the other bikes I would consider if upgrading.

Lunch was taken down at the surf club which overlooked the beach and provided some great views – not just of the water!!.

In the afternoon once Fiona got home from work we loaded up the dogs and took them for a walk through the Botanic gardens then checked out the spillway at Lake MacDonald – Noosa’s water supply, which was at capacity following recent rains.

Tea that night was again at the local RSL where we had meals to rival the RSL at home.                   


Day 6  3/3/18 Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Today we would be doing a ride through the hinterland and leaving Cooroy at 6.45am. The four of us mounted on a KTM690, KTM1290, WR250R and me on the Tenere set forth – first stop Imbil for a coffee and breakkie where we were meeting Bruce on Honda CB500X adventurised with the Rally Raid kit from the UK..

After breakfast it was into the forest taking the back roads to  Borumba Dam where we stopped for a few pictures before continuing on to Kinbombi Falls. The western branch road had us crossing the Brisbane River 37 Times!!

 Lunch time saw us at the Linville Hotel where after a feed we refuelled the bikes at Hay before attempting to take the Monsildale rd to continue our journey.  Alas this was not possible as the penultimate water crossing was just a tad deep and we did not fancy dewatering any bikes. My Tenere was also giving me grief at the water crossings stalling out even though they were not deep and then being difficult to restart. We suspect it must be something to do with the Carb breathers as the water was not that deep and I had not splashed the spark plug.

Despite the setback we continued on and realising that the day was getting on hit the bitumen back roads that twist their way through the ranges back to Cooroy.

We got back around 5.15 having completed 453 kms.

Day 7  4/3/18 Cooroy – Hervey Bay

After Mal left for work I refuelled the bike and headed north towards Hervey Bay and the start of the Tenere Tragics Bay to Bush Ride. It was a straight forward run along the Bruce highway taking it easy all the way through to Maryborough where I called in at Maccas to surprise my sister. Unfortunately the surprise was on me as she wasn’t working and wouldn’t be back until Tuesday.

Continuing on towards Hervey Bay I wasn’t there long before Richard my mate from Longreach rang to say that he had also arrived having travelled up from Bundaberg where he had stopped to fit fresh rubber on his XT660Z and done the tourist thing including a tour of the Rum Factory. We arranged to meet at the entrance to the boat club before continuing to our accommodation - Mantra Hervey Bay. Mantra Hervey Bay is marina front accommodation offering sweeping views over the Marina and out to Fraser Island. Our room was on the 4th floor which meant we had to unload most of our luggage from the bikes, which would remain in the car park, and cart it up the lift. The room was as you would expect form a resort like the Mantra and the view from the balcony was great. Richard was a little concerned at the glass window to the shower/bath and ensured that the blind was drawn so he did not have to put up with seeing me taking a shower.

After registering and receiving our welcome pack including stickers, key ring, stubby cooler, shirts x 2, cap, route notes for day 1 etc we mingled with the other riders as the place slowly filled up with fellow tragics. The welcome dinner would be at the Boat Club just down the road so we were to be dressed and ready for a photo out the front by 5.15pm. Having received a call requesting that my bike be included in the photo I quickly took it to the local car wash to try and clean it up a bit. The car wash must have been saving money on detergent as there was not much coming out so it was not as clean as I would have liked.

At the photo shoot the group got a HUGE surprise - Australian Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally team Dakar Rally racer Rod Faggotter roared into the photograph, mounted aboard Yamaha’s Tenere 700 World Raid prototype!

The Tragics enjoyed an exclusive close-up examination of the much-awaited machine and social media went into melt down as Tragics eagerly shared their photos with friends and family.

Before heading up to dinner I got another surprise. I was to be one of four people  interviewed by the European film crew that were shooting for the World Raid Tour that the Tenere 700 was undertaking and they would also be looking to film the same people riding with Rod and the new T7 tomorrow. Damn I knew I should have had a shave!!

The welcome dinner was the customary excellent food and credit to sponsors etc as well as an introduction for 16 new Tragics virgins who were attending the event for the first time.


 Day 8 5/3/18  TT2018 Hervey Bay – Kingaroy       439kms

It was a 5.30 start for us today as we met with the film crew and the riders who would be participating and of course Rod on the T7. It looked as though we would hit rain between the bay and Maryborough and sure enough we copped it although it cleared in time for our breakfast stop at a little take away place on the edge of Maryborough.

We followed the route until the edge of the forestry area where we waited for the film crew to set up for their shooting. The gear that they had was impressive to say the least with a gimble on the roof of the car controlled remotely and a camera lens almost a metre long worth around 100K. We repeated the scenes a number of times until they were happy and then rode to the morning smoko stop Bellbird Creek Café where fellow tragic Jerry Young had put out the Tragic welcome mat with tragic memorabilia on display. We did some more filming before continuing the route through the forestry and ranges to Kilcoy which was to be the lunch Stop.

From Kilcoy we hit the forest trails passing by Conondale and Jimna on the way to our overnight stop Kingaroy.

We checked in with Tania and collected our route sheets for the next day before heading to our accommodation at the Kingaroy Country Motel.

Day 9  6/3/18  TT2018 Kingaroy - Stanthorpe        431kms

The sky overhead was overcast and bleak and by the time we hit the Bunya Mountains it was drizzling rain with heavy patches of mist/fog. At Fishers Lookout on top of Mt Mowbullan we were at a height of 1107 metres and were actually in the clouds so the views were non existent.

Coming down out of the hills the rain stopped and we had a chance to dry out at the morning smoko stop – the Cary McCoy Café at Cooyar. The café is owned by Garry McCoy a Australian former professional motorcycle racer, affectionately nicknamed The Slide King for thrilling spectators and the press with his exciting rear wheel slide cornering technique, a style he attributes to his early years racing dirt track and speedway.

The rain continued to dog us and at the lunch stop at Allora organisers made the decision to cancel the afternoons stage which meant it was a straight run on the New England Highway through Warwick and on to Stanthorpe. At Warwick we stopped at the local motorcycle shop so Richard could replace his wet weather pants and I took the opportunity to get pants and jacket. We also made an impromptu detour to catch up with a friend of Richards who lives just on the outskirts of town before riding on to Stanthorpe where we were staying at the Vines Motel.

Day 10 7/3/18 TT2018 Stanthorpe - Tamworth       440kms

It was on with the wet weather again as we left Stanthorpe and made our way through the Girraween NP and crossing the border between Qld and NSW at Tenterfield where stopped for some border Photos and food at the local bakery.

Uralla was our lunch time stop and we joined other tragics at the Alternate Root Café for lunch before continuing our afternoon route through to Tamworth and the Best Western Sanctuary Inn where we would be staying.

We arrived in heaps of time so the opportunity was taken to visit the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum which houses a private collection of over 50 motorcycles in pristine working order from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. The collection of bikes includes Ducati, Triumph, Honda, Velocette, Laverda and an extremely rare limited edition F4 MV Augusta Series ORO.

Day 11 8/3/18 TT2018 Tamworth - Gulgong           439kms

Today whilst cloudy did not bring any rain and the skies cleared for us to enjoy some great riding through the ranges. We stopped briefly at Chaffey Dam for photos and somewhere during the ride my bike clocked over another milestone 70 000kms – I missed it by 2 kms but stopped for a picture anyway.

Although it hadn’t rained a section of trail from Woolomin to Nundle was deeply rutted and slippery with loose mud so once again this was cut out and bikes detoured back to the smoko stop at Nundle where the route could be picked up again.

As we made our way through the Goulburn River NP we couldn’t resist stopping at Lees Pinch Lookout where it was a 900m return walk to see some fantastic views from the three viewing areas.

All too soon we were in Gulgong so Richard and I explored the sights of town missing out on entering the Red Hill Mining Museum as it had just closed as we arrived but taking a  look on the outside as well as admiring the views from nearby Flirtation Hill.

Day 12 9/3/18 TT2018 Gulgong - Dubbo     430kms

Today was arguably one of the best days riding with a mixture of conditions including fast fire trails to steep rocky descents where a slip over the edge would not be favourable to riding on what was like small marbles (some sphincter puckering moments there I can tell you).

We varied from the route sheet slightly and had our morning tea at the Mudgee Bakery before making our way to Sofala and then onwards to Hill End a former gold mining own that in its hey day boasted a mile of shops and 28 hotels making it the largest inland town in NSW. Such is its significance it was declared a historic site in 1967. Although the stop was brief we did manage a quick walk through of the museum beside the store where we enjoyed a home made pie for lunch.

Backtracking slightly form hill End it was off to wellington and then all too soon Dubbo where our ride was complete.

The Cattlemans Country Motor Inn was where we were staying and this was as good as you get with Richard and I sharing a two bedroom apartment for just $150 per night.

The farewell dinners and awards were being held at the Dubbo Zoo so at 5.30 all of the tragics made their way to the rear of the Cattlemans where a bus complete with promo stickers was available to ferry us to the zoo.

The farewell photo included a range of Teneres owned by local Yamaha Dealer Dave Readford as well as a couple of the Zoos handlers with some of their animal exhibits. Tragics were offered the opportunity of a picture with one of the snakes and many people took that up including myself (reluctantly I must add).

Prizes for the various awards were handed out and then everyone had the opportunity to win something from the many sponsors in a lucky draw where I was fortunate to pick a Barkbusters LED running light kit.

As the night drew to an end the question on everyone’s mind was where is the next one – all that Clubby would give away was that it would start in a winery and finish in a brewery so who knows??


Day 13 10/3/18           Homeward Bound – Dubbo – Eulo

With a free breakfast on offer at Readfords Yamaha most of the tragics took this time to say there farewells as the 70 or so riders departed to various parts of the country. I had contemplated getting a new front tyre fitted before I left but decided that the existing one would last as I was now travelling home with Richard via the back roads rather than continuing on meandering my way back along the east coast.

Departing Dubbo around 9.00am our initial journey was straight up the highway to Bourke where we refuelled before turning off towards Hungerford via the Dowling Track as it is called. The bulldust on the dirt provided some sketchy moments and I regrated not replacing that front tyre.

At Hungerford and the famous “gate” on the border we took the obligatory photos before refuelling via the gravity flow pump from the overhead tank at the back of the pub.  We stopped briefly at Alroy camp grounds and again at the turnoff to Currawinya NP as we continued on our way to Eulo where we would stop for the night.

The Eulo Queen Hotel was a great set up with self-contained cabins, donga style rooms and grassed camping areas. We shared a cabin once again and had a great meal at the pub washed down with a couple of beers. After we had booked in I mounted the bike to move around to the cabin when much to the amusement of the on lookers the bike lay down beneath me - the stand which I use when getting on and off had snapped! Picking it back up I removed the stand and rode round to the cabin using the fence as a lean for the night.

The publican (Jacko) was very hospitable and contacted the local; store owner on our behalf to try and arrange fuel as it had closed when we got there and wouldn’t reopen until 9.00 the next morning.  He also confirmed with the new owners at Toompine that they were no longer selling fuel. Whilst at the bar the store owner came in so we arranged to get our fuel at 8.00am a little earlier than their usual opening so we could get under way.

 Day 14 11/3/18          Homeward Bound – Eulo - Longreach

I slept well overnight and for the first time was asleep before Richard as he continued to look at the map and work out route home to take more of the backroads.

Refulled by 8.00am as arranged we headed off towards Quilpie via Toompine, along the way Richard has a minor scare when a roo came out but fortunately he remained upright. Tenere = 1 Roo = 0

At Toompine we checked in and confirmed that the river outside Quilpie was over the road so we would have to detour around via Napoleon Rd.

From Hungerford all the way home we noted that the causeways and/or crossing had debris on them or even water in some cases and all of the creeks, gutters and channels had water in them and/or were flowing so there had been good rainfall hereabouts. The River outside Eulo was full and running as was the Cooper near Windorah and The Thomson at Jundah.

It was great to see the country starting to green up and come back after the rain.

At Windorah where we refuelled I made the decision to head back via the bitumen rather than the back roads as I was not sure if the tyre would make it and it was easier to get assistance on the bitumen if required.

Finally at 6.55pm I pulled the bike up at home – the front tyre had made it but only just!!


                                                                                    Final odometer reading 72150

                                                                                    Distance Travelled 6080kms

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