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Helmets, gloves and boots, oh my! 



The Classifieds section is NOT FOR BUSINESSES! Classifieds are for Member to Member personal sales only! 


You must have 25 posts on the forum to be able to post in Classifieds. 


Please delete your post after item sells, or mark as sold. 


You must list location (city/country) in your ad, preferably in the title of your post. 


You must post at least one pic/image. 


You must post clear price.  Be clear on your shipping abilities. 


No Craiglist links!! 


BUYER BEWARE: The operators/Admins and Moderators of Tenere700.net are not in any way responsible or liable for  the sale/shipping or condition of anything sold in our classifieds section. All transactions are between the seller and the buyer. 


SELLERS BEWARE:  If you rip someone off, or fail to ship items as promised, we will send your ip address and any info we have on you to the seller and the authorities, if available. 


ALSO: Note that most sellers need the money, therefore they will usually sell to the first person that actually sends them money. Do not expect sellers to hold an item for you, or to give you first dibs until you can raise the money.  First person to send money will almost always be the one who gets to buy the item.  Don't be bugging a seller with a million questions unless you actually have the money to buy it. 

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