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      Share your review of your Tenere 700 here with the world! Pics encouraged. 

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      Helmets, Boots, Jackets, Gloves and Personal protection. ATGATT! 

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      Working on your T7? Take a second and some pics and write up a short DIY tech tip to help others learn how to work on their T'7's.  No question threads in here please. 


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      Learn how to wire a bunch of crap to your T7

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      Keep your build and maintenance records in here. When you list your bike for sale someday, post a link to your log in here and it will sell for top dollar! 

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      But, I weigh more than 75 kg's! 

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      Tenere 700 Rally racing talk goes in here. Race results, race builds, Racing pics and vids. 

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      A great place to discuss the tools we use in our shop!  

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  • 844 What Color did you order USA/Canada?

    1. 1. What color is your Tenere 700?

      • Matte Black
      • Intensity White
      • Ceramic Ice

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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Redbikejohn

      Redbikejohn  »  Camel ADV

      Any chance of making a proper front sprocket nut and locking tab washer like on the older bike ie xt660z?  
      The use once then buy again nut that you have to hammer in and out is pants.   I've always liked swopping gearing for weekend fun and for off road use then back to road sprocket for weekly commuting. 
      · 0 replies
    • matthiasm


      Currently driving a Honda CB500x.
      Since I've been looking for something a bit bigger in general, a buddy mentioned the Tenere 700. 
      Went for a test drive and looked around this forum for some more information.
      I'm 99% sure I'm going replace the CB500x with a Tenere 700
      · 0 replies
    • AZJW

      AZJW  »  Duch DD

      Hi Danny,
      Welcome to the forum. If asking a question,  you could post it ( in english) under General Discussion for better visibility and will help in getting your question answered.
      · 0 replies
    • Duch DD

      Duch DD  »  leclerq

      Ik ben ook nieuw op dit forum.
      Rijd al 40 jr motor
      Laatste 20 jr BMW GS
      Nu een R1250 GSA
      En een T7 WR er bij.
      Woon vlak bij Tiel in Gelderland.
      Veel ervaring met motor reizen er kamperen.
      wellicht kan ik je ergens mee helpen in de toekomst.
      · 0 replies
    • TenereMatt

      TenereMatt  »  Camel ADV

      Hi guys,  Met Corey at Blackfoot where I work and asked if the SW Motech pro rack  with softbags would work with the Enduro Bend exhaust.  I thought he said it would be ok but not 100% sure.
      Can anyone confirm?
      · 2 replies
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      Proud to announce that with the latest Apple OS and iPadOS 16.4 updates, you can save this forum to your iphone's home screen and use it like an app! This means that you can allow your phone to receive notifications from this forum, like your facebook app does!  This is going to make forums more relevant again, as the only thing that really made facebook groups grow was FB's ability to send live notifications to everyone's phones when someone replied to their posts or sent them messages.  
      We now have these notifications available on or iphones and we are rolling it out here on the forum. This is a work in progress, and we will log changes in this thread as we progress. 
      1. Update your Apple iphone or ipad to OS 16.4 in your phones settings. You have to do this first on iphone or ipad. Android users can skip this step!
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      5. LAST STEP!  Scroll all the way towards the bottom of the notification settings page and click on "ENABLE ON THIS BROWSER" under the word push. See below. An iphone or android window will pop up on your phone/tablet/computer and click yes.  You can do this for each device that you surf this forum on! see below picture for reference.

      More details coming soon!
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    • How to post pics and do other stuff on the forum
      It's easy to upload pics into a post, but your pic must be smaller than 1.5 MB.  
      1. bottom left of the new post, either drag in the pic or click "choose files" .
      2. If you clicked "choose files" it opens your pc's or phones files where you can navigate to your pic and then click ok or choose. 
      3.You will see the pic upload into a small window in the bottom left. After it uploads and you can see it, click the + symbol to upload it to your post. 
      Finish your post and click "submit" .  Wasn't that easy? 
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    • The Stock Rear Tire on the Tenere 700 is 150/70/18 .  But many people are choosing to go with the 140/80/18 instead. 
      Let's compare the two, shall we? 
      PRICE.  The most popular reason for going with the 140/80/18 size tire is that it costs so much less than the 150/70/18.  Take a look at the Continental TKC 80.  In 150/70/18 it costs $199.99.  But in 140/80/18 it only costs $106.96. That is a huge difference in price that allows T7 owners to put that extra money towards something else for their bikes. 
      Less Pinch Flats.  Looking at the chart below, the 140/80/70 tire has a 6.7% taller sidewall.  This reduces pinch flats when airing the tire down, and allows you to have a little more cushion as well. 

      Less width.  It's a proven fact that the more narrow the tire, the better traction one has offroad. The tire can more easily dig down and find more to grab onto. 
      DISADVANTAGE.  If you are height challenged and have a short inseam, the 140/80/18 tire will be a bit taller. IF you can barely get a foot down with the stock 150/70/18 rear tire, you might want to consider getting a low seat, or a lowering link. 
      It's not a HUGE increase of height, but tire height will go up from 26.27 inches/667.2 mm to 26.82 inches/681.2 mm. 
      Another possible disadvantage, this is not the tire size that Yamaha Recommends.  To some this is important, to some it doesn't matter at all. 
      There may or may not be some safety considerations, especially when riding long distances on highway and going with a more narrow tire. But for offroad purposes, the 140/80/18 seems to be the way to go. 
      Sound off below with your thoughts on this controversial but popular tire debate. 
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