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Add the forum to phone homescreen like an app!


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Proud to announce that with the latest Apple OS and iPadOS 16.4 updates, you can save this forum to your iphone's home screen and use it like an app! This means that you can allow your phone to receive notifications from this forum, like your facebook app does!  This is going to make forums more relevant again, as the only thing that really made facebook groups grow was FB's ability to send live notifications to everyone's phones when someone replied to their posts or sent them messages.  

We now have these notifications available on or iphones and we are rolling it out here on the forum. This is a work in progress, and we will log changes in this thread as we progress. 


1. Update your Apple iphone or ipad to OS 16.4 in your phones settings. You have to do this first on iphone or ipad. Android users can skip this step!


2. While on this forum on your iphone or android, click the iphone or android "share" icon, on your  under this forum on safari. the share button looks like this 


(Pic of Share button to click when on this forum on your iphone.)


3. A phone menu pops up, scroll down to and click "add to home screen". 


A basic looking picture of this forum will now be on your iphone's  home screen. you can now click on this to get on the forum from your phone like an app! Use this to get on the forum!


4. Now, to turn on notifications to your iphone or android,  CLICK HERE  or , click on the three lines top right hand corner of the screen. Then click on Account" then click on "account settings", then click on "Notification Settings". Then adjust your notifications for each type of occurrence like someone replies to you , quotes you, sends you a forum message. Be sure to enable "push" for each occurrence that you want to get a phone notification for!! 


5. IMPORTANT LAST STEP!  Scroll all the way towards the bottom of the notification settings page and click on "ENABLE ON THIS BROWSER" under the word push. See below. An iphone or android window will pop up on your phone/tablet/computer and click yes.  You can do this for each device that you surf this forum on! see below picture for reference.

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 3.33.50 AM.png


More details coming soon!



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To recap:

To enable push notifications on iOS:

Ensure you are using iOS 16.4 or newer

Save the site to your iPhone's home screen via the share icon

Enable push notifications via the option at the bottom of the notifications options page

Ensure you have set some notifications to "+ Push"

Make sure you haven't disabled notifications via iOS Settings globally or for the app icon if you scroll down the settings list in iOS.


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1 hour ago, Tenerider said:

Very cool 😎

I have been waiting years for Apple to allow us to add the forum to their iphones like an app, and they even allow the phone notifications. It works just like you would see on facebook app, and you can adjust your notification settings to alert you when someone replies to a post, or sends you a PM or if someone mentions you. Tis might bring more of the facebook group people baqck to the forum. 

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I fekkin hate FB. I prefer a real forum in any way, privacy is one factor, but not the only one.

Glad you're still keeping things up-to-date here!

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If you f9llow the above easy steps correctly, you will get PUSH notifications on your phones home screen when someone mentions you, replies to your post or for any of the things you choose to get push notifications for in your forum notification settings.


Here is what a push notification looks like on my iphone




We have a working app boys and girls!! 

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If you have updated your phone to latest software update and followed the steps above but are not getting forum notifications on your iphone, you might need to adjust your iphones notification settings too. 


On an Apple iphone, go into settings, and click on "Notifications". Scroll down thru your apps until you reach Yamaha Tenere 700 Forum. Click on that. 



After clicking on Yamaha Tenere 700 Forum in your iphones notification settings, you then need to click "Allow Notifications"  for our forum. You can also adjust a bit while in there to suit your needs. 



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So far I have tested this works on safari and chrome browsers. If anyone has any questions let me know below! The silent forum notifications on phone are really convenient. I turned on phone push for most notifications  and turned off email notifications.

you can adjust notifications for each device that you use , Apple or Android. Again, update phone software first. 

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Having the forum send notifications to your phone makes the forum experience so much better. Its nice to know if someone replies to you post or question. Using Push notifications is so much better than littering up your email inbox. And its a silent, instant notification that simply pops up on your phone and disappears after you click on it. 

Having the forum on the home screen  of your phone gives you instant access to the forum. It keeps y0u logged in unless you purposely log out.   

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