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Reckless 80L review

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Hello fellow riders, 


After a lot of shopping and brain storming I finally decided to buy the Reckless 80L for my moto camping trips. I did a 10000km roadtrip in the USA where I spent 50% camping and 50% in hotels this summer.


First off my rear rack is a SW-Motech ADV Rack  (GPT.06.799.19000/B).


I received the package from Mosko Moto fairly quickly and everything was there. With the help of their youtube video, I was able to put everything together without any major issue. The pocket extensions were a bit more difficult to install but it might be a user issue.


Strapping the Reckless 80L on my T7 was so easy and quick. Once I got the hang of it, I would say I could do it in 120 seconds. When I was sleeping in hotels I would take everything out. Once the dry bags were out, I could unstrap the Reckless 80L in 60 seconds. So all in all its easy and fast to put in or out.


I was riding pretty loaded with my full camping gear and everything stayed in place. I did some offroad trail but nothing dramatic and the balance was great!


The top compartment is so useful. Its the great place to put extra layers you might need sush as a rain coat. I could also strap an extra small backpack and a camping chair at the top.


I got the pocket extensions and there are a must if you ask me. Its such a great place to have easy access to rain pants, store flipflop, water bottle and most importantly BEER. You can fit 2 big cans of beer per pocket.


The dry bags are robust and will keep your stuff dry. I rode for 2 full 7h days in pouring rain and everything stayed dry(I wasn't). There's some cosmetic scratches on my dry bags after my long trip but it still feel solid and waterproof.


I would recommend the Reckless 80L for those who do moto camping or for those who pack way more stuff than they need.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.








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