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giant loop coyote or great basin?


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Has anyone tried the giant loop coyote on the T-7 ?

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Not on a 700, ...yet.


Mosko Moto Reckless 80. Thank me later for making your life so much better with such simple advice. Just kidding but really, Ive tried the Coyote and really couldn't stand it. First, not a fan of zippers for packable gear, it's an inevitable point of failure. 2nd, to get one thing out, you need to unzip and move a bunch of stuff around. If it's packed tight, that zipper is tough to move. And, it's only meant to carry gear. I ordered a Reckless 80 for a trip based on reviews and it far exceeds anything I though of being made for adventure riding. 


1: it incredible tough. Zero signs of wear. 2: it's easily the most versatile design ever. No zippers. Has waterproof dry bags that slip into saddle bags. Thus making it very easy to access just one side without affecting the other. Remove the dry bags and you can load it up with fire wood at camp (done this many times) Or run to the grocery store. Then there's the biggest benefit of the beaver tail. Ive put so much and so little in there. Shoes, chairs, stow jackets, hiking poles, fishing poles.....you name it. And if you dont want to have anything in it, all the saddle bags and beaver tail cinch down flat to not flutter in the wind. And if you're fully loaded, and get to camp and want to explore trail once camp is set up, quick release the 5 straps and off it comes. Less than a minute. Or the same when going to a hotel; unleash the straps and carry it on your shoulder to your room so it doesn't get jacked. 


There's a new version called the Revolver, and it looks sweet. But it's more $ the the V2 and I have zero complaints on the V2. If this thing ever does wear out, I'll buy another in a 2nd, I use it more than I ever thought I would. 


This is from a intended 1,400 mile trip of mixed dirt and pavement on my 690. As soon as my 700 gets here, on it goes. 


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Thanks for the recommendation , I'll check it out.

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