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The reason why Yamaha USA called us all yesterday.


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Yamaha new we had a limited amount of bikes to get to the USA. They also knew that in years past where they launched a new bike dealers would submit fake orders for customers and end up just getting bikes sitting on the floor.


Some states people who pre-ordered wouldn't get their bike and another states dealers would take a lot of the stock just for floor models.


They did this whole pre-order thing and the phone calls yesterday to ensure that people who really wanted a T7 had a good chance of getting one.


The phone calls we all got yesterday from Yamaha USA after putting in our pre-orders? This was to ensure that dealers weren't ordering bikes just for floor models and taking out the stock. They were calling to ensure that none of these pre-orders were fake.

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Yeah thats pretty much what i figured my dealer said they wouldn't be getting any floor models till the winter time. 

I cant wait to pick mine up next week. 

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Two purposes.  Make sure we weren't straw purchasers.  Bump us to give our reservation number to a dealer so he could complete the order in the case that we didn't know that needed to be done.



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