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16t front sprocket


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any thoughts on changing to a 16t front sprocket. i mainly do road miles / touring.

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It's an interesting question. You could argue it's quite revvy at 75+, but the punch you get if you need it is still there big time. I like the stock gearing a lot for that reason, but I could understand if you do a lot of highways/high speed how you might want the bike revving lower.


Likewise, for what Cruizin will be doing (lots of off road by the sounds of it), 14 could be a great way forward




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1 hour ago, Cruizin said:

The MT07 (exact same engine) has a 16T front sprocket. 

I am on 16t at the moment with the 17 inch wheels which are almost identical in size with the mt07... I prefer this way as I can start pushing the throttle a lot earlier in corners and it gives me as a rider more confidence... Might not make sense but I'm faster 😅👍 with this setup... With 17 wheels and 16t is the same as stock. 


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"Horses for courses " if you are riding a lot of highway and NO excessive gnarly offroad conditions the 16T it's fine . If you are looking at riding rocky slopes 14T would definitely be recommended. I'm currently running a 16T because of the current conditions that I'm experiencing and expecting, but I wouldn't hesitate to switch to a 14T for expected gnarly conditions. 

It's a bit like tyre selection. You don't need nobbly tyres for the highway, but street tyres are no fun in sloppy mud. 

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I tried a 16T sprocket. It's good for touring but too long a gear for sporty driving, the bike feels lazy.

The 15T is a good compromise.

14T if you drive a lot offroad.

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