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Hi guys,

I have had an XTZ750 Super Ten, R1200GS, TDM900 and XTZ660.   


Since bl**dy Yamaha are making life so awkward,  this is what I would like to do to my 2005 R1200GS which has 10,000 miles on de clock... 

Touratech Rambler.  They built 2 of them


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By the way, of those 4 bikes I mention above, each had its good points, but the overall best was - wait - the R1200GS.  Yup, I said it, wash my mouth out..  I've had 2 and ridden aboout 4 variants and its success is genuinely earned.  My record distance in a day was 1,450 km in Namibia on a rented R1200GS Adventure.

Let me elaborate:

XTZ750 - smooth and rideable but old and heavy. It would pull from 1500rpm

TDM900 - fantastic, rode all over Scottishland, but not the best suspension - a bit hard (the son was on a TDM850 with me at the time)  at the time an XTZ900TDM was an idea we had.

XTZ660 - nice and rideable but rough and uncomfortable as a cruiser.

R1200GS - wonderful cruiser, love the cardan shaft, but big and heavy.


So I still like the 700T concept....  but it doesn't even have switcheable maps in this 21st century...


I think one guy in the world fitted the CP2 engine to a WR450

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Just now, slawmir said:

Nice looking. What's the front suspension made by? WP or something else?

Front suspension was from a R1200R.  Check the link I sent (if you have the time and inclination) they fitted a R1200GS rear end to a R1200R front end cos it has ordinary forks, where the GS has their telelever system.


R1200R with forks only came out in 2017 so to build this bike will cost £12-15,000 in donor bikes alone + all the mods like tanks and panels.  Just go and buy a (rare) HP2 Enduro and cough up EUR15,000.  Or wait till you get old and get a 700T  ?


Or a Katoom 790 ADV ?


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