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My Tenere 700 - mods and impressions after 9600kms


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I had ordered the new Tenere 700 in Power Black and optioned it with the following genuine Yamaha parts from our local Yamaha dealer Centretune Motorcycles.

  • ·Akropovic Exhaust
  • Centre Stand
  • Crash Bars
  • Upper spot/fog light brackets
  • Radiator Guard


Brand new as delivered


In addition to this I added the following aftermarkets parts:

GB Racing

  • Clutch and engine case protection

Resin 4 bikes

  • Fairing sticker


  • Skinz Invisible Glass Headlight Protection Film


  • water pump guard

T7 Rally

  • Screen protector
  • tail tidy
  • side stand delete switch
  • Fork protector stickers

Off The Road

  • Billet adjustable clutch and brake lever
  • LED rear blinker/taillight/brake light combo
  • frame caps
  • LED front blinkers and adapter plates
  • LED flasher relay
  • Ermax tall screen
  • OTR rear rack

Longreach Auto Electrics

  • 11” Slim line LED light bar
  • Anderson plug
  • All electrical work and fitting of the tail tidy

Centretune Motorcycles

  • ·Barkbuster hand guards together with DRL and LED Blinkers
  • Racetech .65kg front springs
  • Racetech 8.6kg Rear Spring
  • Anakee Wild rear tyre
  • Mitas MC 23 front tyre
  • First service + grease suspension linkages and head bearings, fit and balance tyres

B & B Off Road

  • Alloy bash plate

Shock Treatment

  • Revalave front and rear suspension 

Sunshine Coast Motorcycle Seats

  • Comfort seat


5 mnths and nearly 10 000 kms later


Tenere 700 ride impressions

The good

·        The motor – smooth linear power

·        Handling – particularly in the dirt - very confidence inspiring and if you choose to stand and be more aggressive it responds in kind

·        LED Headlight – the best standard light I have had on any bike I have owned

·        Did I mention the motor

Could be improved

·        Fuel capacity – when pushed/loaded and on dirt I achieved only 283kms which is not really sufficient in an adventure bike

·        Standard Seat – could be more comfortable for those longer days - I have since installed a comfort seat

·        Wind protection – the standard screen directed wind directly to my face - the tall screen cured this

·        Speedo – the speedo overreads by at least 10% ie at 100 (GPS) the speedo reads 112


Link to photo album  https://sitdownman.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Tenere-700


Link to ride report - Tenere Tragics 2020 Gold Rush Run  4 states and 8638kms



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Just another Tenere Tragic

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How did you find the new seat? What did they charge to do that?

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2 hours ago, rumrum said:

How did you find the new seat? What did they charge to do that?

Have only done a short ride 200kms so far but happy with how it felt. The modification to the riders seat is $250 and if you get the pillion recovered at the same time an extra $50 which is what I did. I thought that this was quite reasonable as my seat concepts on my KLX 400 was $293 fitted back in 2014. Matt was good to deal with and was happy to change the colour of the stitching to match my bike.

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Just another Tenere Tragic

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Very good review about our bike.

Best sow far.

Great bike. 

I will look more about your led ramp 

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